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Sweet potato vines known as cassava, huwi boled (Sunda), tela vines (Java), sweetpotato (United Kingdom), and the shōyō (Japan) is an important source of carbohydrates in our food security system. In addition to its main content as carbohydrates, sweet potatoes also contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals (antioxidants) and fiber (pectin, cellulose, hemicellulose).
Sweet Cilembu is one of the leading agricultural products for Government Sumedang. It is said to produce a sweet taste that can not be planted in any place, only in certain areas. Sweet ivory-skinned cilembu, veined, and long, while the resin would melt like honey when baked. This very cute sweet and sticky sweet, in contrast to most. The sweetness of the sweet Cilembu will be more felt in a sweet burned in the open, especially when raw ubi have been stored for more than one week. This sweetness is a source of energy for people who consume it.

Cilembu Yam is rich in fiber and vitamin A, it had a sweet special minerals, namely iron, folate, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D and vitamin E is good for the skin. Although with the content of carbohydrates, but remains a good food to diet.

The benefits of Sweet Cilembu for health:

1. Prevent Cancer

Sweet that has a red orange color to yellow-brass contains a lot of vitamin A and betakaroten. It is believed these bulbs can help prevent oral cancer and lung cancer. It is also evidenced by the existence of research carried out by the “Harvard University” that by researching 124 people are sufferers of lung cancer, it turns out that 32% of whom have already started to improve his condition due to routine eating tubers like sweet cilembu.

2. Prevent Diabetes

Someone is likely to increase in the blood sugar levels when consuming excess carbohydrates. It is no wonder that many people suggest that consuming sweet steamed or grilled way and do not add sugar or any sauce, that can control the sugar levels in the blood that flows in the body.

3. Prevent heart disease/heart attack

As already in the review on nutrient content information about the table above, that ubi has vitamin B6 which helps prevent heart attacks. In addition the presence of deposits of potassium will help normalize blood pressure back so as not to drop drastically.

4. Coping with stress

The uniqueness of this tuber is also not to worry about, if you have a problem, whether it comes to work, study, family, love, relationships or whatever then experiencing stress, you can take a moment while you relax and enjoy this sweet Sweet, so there was tension of mind and muscle can be more quiet.

5. Prevent premature aging/Anti aging

Ubi has vitamin A which helps to boost the immune system of the body, also helps nourish the skin and helps prevent premature aging due to vitamin C which is quite high. In addition to helping the body produce healthy collagen. Collagen is responsible for the skin’s firmness. If you want to eliminate the wrinkles on the skin then the body must produce collagen amount appropriately.

6. Benefits for pregnant/pregnancy/baby

Content such as iron and vitamin D sanagat important for a woman who wants to quickly get pregnant because it helps the thyroid gland is working normally. The thyroid gland is very influential on the pregnancy of a woman who could help nourish the body of pregnant women. Vitamin D is also believed to stimulate the hormone that pregnancy can trigger overall and in particular help organ heart, nerve, skin, teeth and bones remain under normal circumstances.

7. Be able to Diet

It turns out ubi cilembu is also believed capable of aiding in the diet program, other than a boiled potato aka Sweet food is frequently used as a substitute for rice diet. Here it may be recommended for women who want to live rutinan diet program seriously, then waib for you guys to mengkonsusmi Sweet Cilembu.

8. Maintain eye health

The content of carotenoids such as beta carotene is helpful for maintaining the health of our eyes, our immune system attack against various diseases are also strengthened. And there are magnesium include to maintain health and bone density, which can keep the nerves, muscles, the heart, the blood and arteries to always stay healthy.

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