Essay: Limiting video games for children

According to the Dictionary, video games can be defined as the visual images were controlled by the gamers in front of the display screen and it was an interactive game. The average age of the gamers who are also known as the children are the age of between 12 and 18. In the 21-century, this type of video games became more and more famous in the between of the people all around the world. Children are spend o lot of time to playing the video games as the games are more attractive and challenging to children. However, children should not spend a whole day to play the video games as these games will negative effect to the development and the growth of the children. Although some people may argued that video games can allow people make a new social connection, video games still will affect children’s behaviour, attitude and obviously the health of the child.
The main reason to limit the time of playing video games as it will change the attitude of a child. Firstly, according to the positive and negative effect of the video games (n d), children keep on watching and playing the violent video games will encouraged the aggressive behaviour on them. Moreover, because of the images and audio are repeat continuously on the display screen, so this considering as a teaching lesson for children to learn violence and make it become real in their real life. The action of violence are command and encounter by the children, so these will make the sensation, behaviour and cogitation become more hostile. Furthermore, there are some negative effect of video games which contain the violence on the children’s development. According to Anderson & Bushman (2001), kids who assume additional vicious feature diversions need aid less averse with bring expanded hostility thoughts and feelings because of the diminished of the pro-social aiding. Overall, children are missing out the chance to learn how to handle their anger and be more rational in school because of spending too much time to play video games.
Furthermore, video games also may lead children to become socially isolated. According to the Hughes (2014), she stated that children will lost their own community life due to the spending too much time in front of the display screen. Children will adverse and missing out an uppermost opportunity to interact with and get to know to other people. According to the Raise smart kid preschool article (n d), children who are still studying in school will become less focus on the school’s lesson and the results are the homework or task given by teacher are not be completed. The children’s study in school will be affected because of the excessive amount of the time to play the video games. These will make them become poor in their own academic and lead to the poor result in school.
However, some people may argue that video games allow people to make a new social connection. Gamers who known as children can communicate to each other by experience the multiplayer. For example, they can use the online chat system to share their opinion to their online gaming friends by using the Steam and Garena. This argument is weak because the internet still cannot beat the relationship that maintain by the face to face contact with someone .If children play excessive amount of video games, it will affect their health. According to CRegal (2017), there are several negative effect of playing video games on the children’s health. Firstly, it can caused the muscle solidness, change the children’s physical appearance and also the body posture. These problem caused by the children’s uncontrolled playing video games, it will develop the dark ring in the skin under the eye and experience the ill effect of the removal of the shoulder. According to the Arshi (2017), children will neglect the exercise which can make them become healthy and this will make them suffer in the problem of the fatness, change of the body posture, physical appearance of children, video-incited seizures and other health problem. In the result, if children spend a lot of times in front of the display screen their health will be affected.
In the nutshell, video games which contain the violence will bring the disadvantages or negative effect to the children’s development such as the aggressive behaviour and lead children become socially isolated. Although playing video games will give negative effect to children, video games still can give benefit to the growth of the children. For example, Treasure Mountain, Gizmos& Gadgets and so on. These type of video games can help the development of the children’s brain. Children should not spend excessive times to play the video games, parents can set a time limit for playing the games. Otherwise, parents are playing the important role on the children’s growth. So, parents can lend their children to take part in the social activities such as join the basketball club, soccer club, chest club and so on. Social activities can make children become more competitive in their own life but it is in a right way to compete with each other. Moreover, social activities also can maintain and build the relationship between the friends, learning a new skills and improve health. Last but not least, government also can set up some motivational campaign about the negative effect of video games.

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