Design Criteria in Architecture

Aesthetics Global Competitiveness Intricate planning of spaces with the consideration of accessibility, circulation, flexibility, segregation, comfort and design of the building in consideration of aesthetics, daylighting and ventilation, sustainability and temperature or humidity. The Philippine research institute for archaeology and anthropology will also feature laboratories with the necessary equipment’s for surveying, mapping, analysis, data gathering, … Read more

Roman villas and what they tell us about Roman leisure time

‘Under the influence of the Greek culture the elite and well-educated Romans had an idealised concept of symposium, involving intellectual and philosophical conversations, reciting literature and having performances at their dinner parties’ (Lovatt, Audio CD, 2008, Track 8). The concept of leisure is nebulous; there has never been a singular definition. While some might seek … Read more

Modernism in architecture

Modernism in Architecture began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has made a movement that revolutionized the shape of our environment. The evolution of modern architecture has started just after the evolution of building materials in 19th century and it has inspired many architects to take a chance of a new way … Read more

Comparison of Classical and Middle Ages Architecture

Humans have always needed basic shelter for survival, but the architecture that inspired the structure can be considered art. This paper will discuss the architecture art style from human history that compares both the Classical and Middle Ages architecture art style. The discussion will involve any social implications that might have influenced the building style … Read more