To what extent is Thomas Middleton’s A Game at Chess a play for the audience of its time and space?

Thomas Middleton’s A Game at Chess as a critique on the contemporary socio-political events of Early Modern history. Middleton’s revolutionary English History play, A Game at Chess, was the greatest box-office hit in Early Modern London, filling the Globe Theatre for 9 consecutive days in August 1624 before having its license revoked and Middleton and … Read more

To what extent did the FARC take advantage of the black market in Colombia in order to carry out and eventually achieve their Marxist/Leninist political goals

Introduction Drugs, kidnapping, violence, success. Usually it is the first three words that are supposed to go together excluding the fourth one, but the world is a peculiar place where no amount of logic or reasoning can truly break down why seemingly contradictory things happen. To what extent do these things work together and why … Read more

Behavior of structures

Collapse load of steel frame works allowing for the effect of strain hardening, M.R. Horne and I.C. Medland , (1966). Concerned with an investigation into the behavior of structures composed of the new high yield-stress steel to B.S. 968 and the applicability of the plastic theory to the design of such structures. As part of … Read more

Creating security awareness

This thesis is about the topic security awareness. In fact it is about creating security awareness. As described in the research employees find themselves abroad working on engineering projects for Tideway Offshore Solutions. Rules and regulations for safety and security are strict on board ships and in port facilities. During travel in land abroad these … Read more

Semilogy and advertising

“There can be no word without Images” – Aristotle DEFINING OF SEMIOLOGY Semiology is the discipline, concerned with meaning-making, the study of sign processes and sensible communication. This also involves the study of signs and the processes, indication, designation, analogy, metaphor, symbolism, signification and communication. Semiology as a Science is connected to the word Semiosis … Read more

Data analysis

METHODOLOGY 3.1 Introduction In this chapter is discussed about methodology for this project. The process for the production of the final result of the project must be clearly understood of the project processing to the production of final outcome must be clearly understandable. There will give more effective way in order to give the best … Read more

Digital simulation of closed loop controlled boost converter for solar installation

Review Of Literature Overview: In this present work, we studied the various reference paper that are mentioned with proper discussion. The reference paper are shown as per the below: 1. S.Daison Stallon, K.Vinoth Kumar, Dr. S.Suresh Kumar, Justin Baby ‘Simulation of High Step-Up DC’DC Converter for Photovoltaic Module Application using Matlab/Simulink’.published there paper in I.J. … Read more

Software requirements

Abstract: Right around a quarter century later, eliciting, representing and organizing software requirements remains one of the most challenging problems in software development. Numerous prerequisites slips are passed undetected to the later periods of the life cycle and remedying these blunders amid or after execution have been discovered to be greatly excessive. Concentrated on have … Read more

The rise of China

With the largest population of a fifth of humankind, the fastest growing economy, the largest army, a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, a nuclear arsenal and numerous space programs, there is no doubt that China is rising. The country has played a crucial role in the international system despite there being a … Read more


CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW Multicast is internetwork service that provides delivery of data from source multiple recipients. It communicated to the large groups, a bandwidth efficient technique for delivering group-oriented applications over the internet. These applications such as video conferencing, interactive group games, video on demand (VoD), and mobile TV services. Multicast content distribution … Read more

Hazardous mycobacteria in the piggery environment

Aims of the study 1) Examination and quantification of environmental samples from piggeries for the presence of hmycobacteria. To develop and apply DNA and rRNA-based methods for the detection of potentially hazardous mycobacteria in the piggery environment. 2) Sequencing (16S rDNA) and typing (RFLP, MIRU-VNTR) of the mycobacterial isolates from porcine origin and compared them … Read more

Video games

On October 18, 1958 the American nuclear physicist William Higinbotham introduced the first two-person electronic game Tennis for Two during a Brookhaven National Laboratory open house demonstration ( Tennis for Two consisted of a two-dimensional side view of a tennis court that was projected onto an oscilloscope screen which was similar to a black and … Read more

Analyze the website requirements (both functional and non functional) of the XYZ bookstore

Introduction With the development of internet technology, many people choose to shop online instead of going to the old fashioned bookshop. E-commerce (B2C) today has a lot of advantages as people feel more relaxed shopping home nowadays as its very easy and convenient. Online bookstore website is frequently used as a platform for selling books … Read more

Composite materials

A composite material is a macroscopic mixture of two or more distinct constituent materials, all of which are present in reasonable proportions and have different properties so that the composites property is noticeably different from that of each of the constituents. Out of two distinct constituents, one being reinforcement phase which is usually stiffer, stronger … Read more

Metropol Parasol

In the fall of 2005 a global competition with the theme ‘sustainable construction’ was launched by the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction (further written as Holcim Foundation). The selected building ‘Metropol Parasol’ designed by Jürgen Mayer H., architect from Berlin, and Carlos Merino, engineer from Madrid won the third price in 2005. According to the … Read more

Agile development

One of the requests from the collaborating companies to the usability and UX methods were they should fit the Scrum development rhyme. To understand agile development, we have to understand what it breaks with. If a software project adapts a traditional development framework e.g. the waterfall approach, the requirements have to be defined upfront. Nowadays, … Read more

Radiation effects on semiconductor devices

1. Introduction Radiation effects on semiconductor devices are among one of the areas that are actively studied by researchers worldwide. For example, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has established a Center for Radiation Engineering and Science for Space Exploration (CRESS) at Prairie View A & M University that focus on reducing NASA astronauts and … Read more

Students Perception Towards TMIMT Infrastructural Facilities

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TEERTAHNKER MAHAVEER INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY (TMIMT) has been working for attainment of a mission to develop highly skilled and professional human resource for industry and business. In TMIMT the management leaders of tomorrow daone their skills is well planned and spacious. The campus has develop excellent infrastructural facilities day by day … Read more