How the skills and attributes of teachers impact the quality of education of Primary students in the 21st century

Abstract This research is to study how the skills and attributes of teachers impacts on the quality of education of Primary students in the 21st century. A teacher’s role in the 21st century has changed with increasing complexity and with an unlimited supply of knowledge, a “one size fits all” approach is no longer applicable. … Read more

Why media management became such an important focus for the Labour Party

On the 12th of June 2007, former Prime Minister Tony Blair gave a brief speech on ‘public life’, through the international news agency Reuters. Blair offered some retrospective insight into his time in government, and expressed succinct concerns on the changing nature of the relationship between British politics and the mainstream media. In this, Blair … Read more

Leader-Member Exchange Relationships and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: The Role of Gender

Abstract Leader-member exchange (LMX) focuses on the unique relationship between leader and follower. The aim of this paper is to research what role gender plays in these dyadic relationships. Furthermore, it is investigated whether gender moderates the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and LMX. Literature on the topic is examined and reviewed. The results … Read more

Understanding Leadership & Change

Introduction There is a well-known saying that ‘the only thing that is constant is change’ this also means that change is unavoidable. Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard business states that ‘the world is changing, and the business environment is also changing which means that the business organisation must change so they can adapt to the … Read more

The Nuremburg Rallies

The seventh of September 1934, Nuremberg, Zeppelin field; Adolf Hitler steps up to a podium surrounded by microphones and swastika flags, singularly orating the Nazi ideology to an estimated 200,000 supporters (Wilson, 2012;42)- an iconic symbol of the Nazi state. The Nuremburg Rallies were large scale state rituals performed from 1933 to 1938 (Nuremberg Municipal … Read more


INTRODUCTION World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the international organization which deals with the rules of international trade and the conduct of trade in the international forum. The Organization enables in smooth and effective mechanism of the trade around the world. The WTO was established on January 1, 1995, created by the … Read more

Report on the manager and leader in operational management of Vodafone Group plc.

Introduction Vodafone Group plc is multinational telecommunication company headquarters in London. It was founded in September 1991 by Ernest Harrison and Gary Whent. Vodafone has expanded all over the world in its 27 years of telecommunication. Vodafone is operated in 25 countries and has 47 further countries. Vodafone is the 4th largest mobile network in … Read more

Leadership annotated bibliography – review of a range of books/articles

Caramela, S. (2018, August 27). How to Be an Ethical Leader: 4 Tips for Success. Retrieved January 15, 2019, from How to Be an Ethical Leader: 4 Tips for Success There is different definitions for leader and boss. There is also a difference in how the people below them feel about their titles. Leaders … Read more

Analyze impact of soccer program at rural high school and its impact on the social development of Hispanic descent adolescent females

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Theorists Teens in today’s society undergo many challenges that require adaptation. Psychological, intellectual, and physical changes attribute to the many obstacles adolescents are faced with overcoming. They must learn to cope with the overarching theme of responsibility that may include balancing acts of school, jobs, and extracurricular activities (Gholamzadeh, Jadidi, & Donyavi, … Read more

Steeple framework

Steeple is a framework that can be used to measure the 2 way relationship between an organization and the external environment. Through each factor, there will be impacts the internal environment must face. The framework has been broken down into two segments; outer orbit and inner orbit. The Outer orbit consists of Political, Economy and … Read more

2005 London bombings

Abstract The 2005 London bombings are one of the most notable disasters of recent times. However, disasters occur all too often in the current world, and therefore it is undeniably interesting to consider how we, as humans, react – likely socially – to having the misfortune of being a victim in such an event. The … Read more

Bernard J. Tyson

Bernard J. Tyson is the president and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, the largest U.S. not-for-profit health plan and healthcare provider. However, Tyson began as an administrative medical analyst. In the late 80s, Tyson transitioned to an assistant administrative role in The Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. From thereafter, he continually advanced through the ranks of Kaiser, … Read more

Hamel on Generation Facebook

According to Hamel, the people who invented modern management in the 19th century would be stunned in finding out that the inventions they made back then, are even today, bases of management in the 21st century(2016). The inventions made included; workflow optimization, which is a significant method of decreasing costs and providing improved services for … Read more

Human nature is the driving factor of conflict and cooperation within international politics

Human nature in itself does not solely explain patterns of conflict and cooperation within international politics, however it is the basis upon which all other forces of these patterns can be explained. Many will claim that interactions between ethnicities, pursuits of national interests or protection of a state’s citizens also allow for an explanation of … Read more


Rishikesh won the title of capital rafting in India. It is a preferred destination for all adventure lovers and rafting along the mighty Ganges every adventure enthusiast’s dream. You must not know how to swim, and no previous rafting experience is necessary. Only a few rivers in the world have the mystique of the Ganges, … Read more