Declaration of human rights

“[W]ith no distinction given to their race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.”-Article 2 of UDHR of the United Nations, 1948. Historically, laws came before human rights, but it has been argued that one law which grants us rights, has been there since the … Read more

Consent in adolescence

The school nurse cannot give me – an adolescent girl- an aspirin for my headache without parental permission, but I have access to contraceptives without the same explicit permission. As long as they (physicians within the NHS) believe that I have “fully understand the information and decisions involved”. It is time to explore where and … Read more

The Magnificent Moon

The galaxy is made up of trillions of stars, milky ways, and planets, but the main predominate planets to earth are the Moon and the Sun. These planets have made an influence to the earth and its ability to sustain life for longer than any of us can remember. Not only have both the planets … Read more

History of Black Sabbath

Introduction In 1968 in Birmingham the band Polka Tulk Blues Company was established by Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, and Geezer Butler. After they were established they changed their band name to Earth, and then in 1969 they changed their name one more time which became Black Sabbath. Since Black Sabbath has been created … Read more

AI’s fundamental drives

The human brain is a complex system, or network, in which mental states emerge from the interaction between multiple physical and functional levels. What happens when you try to integrate the complexity of the human thought process into technology? The result is artificial intelligence— a popular friend or foe in science fiction media. With the … Read more


In class we discussed relativism. We primarily talked about life situations and how to apply relativism. Boghossian’s argument for relativism is a different perspective than what we have discussed previously in class. Boghossian’s argument stems from the three terms moral relativism, moral absolutism and moral nihilism. In all three of these terms Boghossian is able … Read more

San Jiang

Introduction The town of San Jiang, which literally means three rivers, is a part of the Xinhui District. San Jiang is a Dong Autonomous County that lies North of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in Southern China. There is one residential community and twelve villages located within San Jiang, with a total population of about … Read more

The cause of the Salem witch trials

The Salem witch trials are one of the most well-studied events of history. Yet, historians still have not concluded an absolute cause for the occurrences. Some historians, such as Lyle Koehler, believe that Salem witchcraft hysteria occurred because of gender relations. Since the majority of the accused were women, Koehler argues that the female accusers … Read more

Importance of Preventive Maintenance

If you’ve been involved in the boating, yachting, or shipping industry you have undoubtedly heard the acronym for B.O.A.T – Break Out Another Thousand. When you own anything on the water, you recognize that it comes with high maintenance costs. Planned maintenance often gets overlooked because the changes in performance are seemingly insignificant. However, the … Read more

Symbolism in Animal Farm

George Orwell symbolized Karl Marx, the founder of communism as Old Major who founded animalism. Old Major was thought to be the wisest animal at Manor Farm. George Orwell cleverly expressed Karl Marx’s ideas in the context of Animal Farm through Old Major’s speech to all of the animals at Manor Farm. This speech laid … Read more

Why my vote matters (USA)

The United States of America is the oldest existing nation with a constitutional government where the people elect their own representatives. A feat even our own founding fathers once considered impossible. They feared democracy would, with time, corrupt the nation. However, democracy prevails. For over two centuries, American citizens have used their voices to direct … Read more

Different trajectories taken by the Prairie provinces and British Columbia from the 1930s onwards

The four westernmost provinces of Canada cover 2.9 million square kilometers and makeup almost 29 percent of Canada’s land area. It is a region which has long been associated with new opportunities and fresh beginnings, upward mobility and potential wealth. Politically, it has been characterized as a region bound together by a series of common … Read more

African Americans role in the Union cause

When South Carolina bombarded federal troops at Fort Sumter in Charleston on April 12, 1861, Lincoln issued a call for seventy-five thousand volunteers to help put down what northern politicians called the southern rebellion. During the next four years, while the American Civil War raged on, African Americans played an increasingly important role in the … Read more

Hindrances to Effective Teams

It can be reasonably argued that the business environment in which organizations now operate is ever-changing, highly uncertain, and increasingly competitive. Because of this dynamic fundamental shift in the business environment, organizational leaders are recognizing that long-term success hinges on the ability of leaders to develop and maintain effective and high performance teams. The collective … Read more

Policing and digital technology

In policing, technological changes are driven by three related imperatives: to improve effectiveness and efficiency in work processes and service delivery, to meet the requirements of new forms of police organization management and accountability, and to satisfy external agencies demand for information. Police organizations, just like business organizations, have introduced information technology to further their … Read more

Women and leadership

“It takes a full-blown crisis for organizations to bring in women to key leadership positions. Either women don’t take risk or it all else man dominated society. Organizations wait until a crisis to bring women into positions of power because they realize the current strategy is not working and new approach is needed.” Caroline Fairchild … Read more