A world without war

Imagine a world without war. All the nations are at peace, humanity has moved on to entirely renewable resources and people are happier than ever. One of the biggest problems in our world today is people being ignorant of each other’s struggles. If humans would learn how to simply be less selfish and see conflicts … Read more

The Dangerous Myth of Orientalism, and Xenophobia in the West

After 9/11 terrorist attack, the reactions against Muslims in American society have changed drastically in America. Extreme security measures in every aspect of American life (communications, transportation), stereotyping visible Muslims as terrorists and the opening of Guantanamo Bay (which is itself a symbol of post 9/11 measures) all happened after the terrorist attack on the … Read more

Kam Wah Chung

In the documentary Kam Wah Chung, which took place in the 1800s, thousands of miners who were Chinese immigrated to Eastern Oregon (John Day) on the lookout for gold. In the opening scene of the documentary sits a building with a sign out front saying “Kam Wah Chung”. This little building is now a historical … Read more

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder/manic depression, is a serious mental illness. This disorder leads to risky behavior that can damage relationships, careers, and even cause suicidal tendencies if it is not treated. Bipolar disorder is characterized by aggressive diversity in moods that range from manic to depression that can be anywhere from … Read more

The Pearl – Steven Steinbeck

‘A plan once made and visualized becomes a reality along with other realities – never to be destroyed but easily to be attacked.’ Despite the fundamental dichotomy between reality and dreams, they are often perceived as indistinguishable by humanity. Dreams fuel humanity’s intense desires for the seemingly unobtainable whilst reality encourages reason, logic and moral … Read more

Error and Accuracy

Error is as valuable as accuracy in the production of knowledge? In this stringent Indian society that I belong to making a mistake in life is considered as a ‘sin. In most of the typical and archaic South Indian families, pursuing liberal arts is considered as an ‘error’ because becoming an engineer or a doctor … Read more

Friendships and Romantic Relationships in Older Adults

There are many misconceptions of older adults and their friendships and romantic relationships. People in older adulthood still can maintain friendships though the potentially could differ from those friendships of someone in early adulthood. Friendship is important throughout all aspects of life as is sexuality and intimacy. Friendships don’t have an age limit. Many people … Read more

Mark Twain

Mark Twain was an American author that became well known around the world for his satirical and humorous writing. The piece that launched the beginning of his successful career was written in 1865 and is titled “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”. This story centers on a Western man recounting a tall tale about … Read more

Demographic change in Canada

Over the past several decades, unbelievably swift demographic change has transformed Canada especially its largest cities. In countries like Europe, comparable change has resulted in riots and cultural tensions that have tarnished the concept of multiculturalism there. Unlike Canada these changes despite many challenges were accomplished by continuing to remain peaceful, positive and productive. Multiculturalism … Read more

Causes and consequences of World War I

I chose to write about the major causes and consequences of World War I because I feel like World War II is more widely familiar and well-versed in history lessons. There were many causes that led to World War I, following the era of industrialization in Europe. Competition continued to rise among existing European nation-states, … Read more

Intimate partner violence

This essay will talk about how the legal system works when it comes to intimate partner violence. Victims are able to file restraints against their abusers, though if the abuser is mentally unstable a protective order may do nothing more but infuriate them. This is when people can step in and begin to help the … Read more

The Alchemist

Personal Legends serve as the only means by which an individual can live a satisfying life in The Alchemist. In fact, the universe can only achieve perfection if all natural things continuously undergo a cycle of achieving their Personal Legend, evolving into a higher being with a new Personal Legend, and then pursuing that new … Read more

Children care surveys

Many studies have focused on the uninsured in the United States and in Florida, but few have concentrated on the children. Most of the studies have used national survey data. One of the national surveys’ that was used is the US Census Bureau data collected through the current population studies (CPS) (US Census, 2010). The … Read more

Household dept

In United Kingdom(UK), in March 2012, total household debt stood at £1,518.5bn in today’s prices compared with £1,630.1bn in March 2017. So in the past five years household debt has increased by an inflation-adjusted rate of 7.3%. (Inman and Barr, 2018) As of December 2017 average household debt is 57,830 pound and this figure is … Read more

ICON technology

Product Description: The age of smart technology is here. Today we have smart phones, smart watches, smart apps and much more. ICON smartech which is based out of Silicon Valley has come up with ICON dashboard which enables the consumer to make their home a smart home. The focus of ICON is to create a … Read more

Unplanned pregnancy

Women get pregnant without meaning to. Pregnancies are not always planned. For some women and teenagers, it is really bad timing and they are not at all interested in having the child. Other women, however, will have the unplanned baby because either they don’t want an abortion, or they were planning to get pregnant soon … Read more

Medical hygiene

Many obstacles still remain when it comes to saving patients and giving them the best treatment outcomes possible in the field of medicine. One of the major limitations to receiving supreme healthcare is the potential for exposure to healthcare associated infections within hospital and acute healthcare centers. The 4 main types of healthcare associated infections … Read more

Improving management

Daniel Oliveira is the new store manager of Clothes & Accessories in Vitoria, Brazil. His job is to stop the declining of the store as well as increase the store’s performance. “I know everyone and they know me, so I can start changing things, right?” (Cates & Riederer, 4). Unfortunately, it is not that easy. … Read more

Cineplex marketing

Introduction Section: There are 5.2 million Netflix users in Canada (Zadikian, 2018). This has taken away significantly from businesses in the entertainment industry. Because of easy access to movies at home, Cineplex Inc. has suffered losses in revenue (Annual Report, 2018). Netflix allows users to access movies and shows for a cheaper price from the … Read more

The Book of Salt

The Book of Salt written by Monique Truong expresses a narrative of main character Binh from Vietnam who ventures into his identity and his ability and love to cook. Through living in Paris, he cooks for Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Tolkas while being reminded of his past life in French-colonial Vietnam. Throughout the novel, … Read more

Donald Trump and the media

Donald Trumps and the media Possible Angles: ” What affect is trumps use of social media having ” Get people questioning trumps use of social media ” What role did it play in his election Gun laws in America. ” Are the current Laws Satisfactory? ” What changes could be made ” Should America have … Read more

Donald Trump and the media

Donald Trumps and the media Possible Angles: ” What affect is trumps use of social media having ” Get people questioning trumps use of social media ” What role did it play in his election Gun laws in America. ” Are the current Laws Satisfactory? ” What changes could be made ” Should America have … Read more