America’s Leaders

Leadership, the ability to inspire others to follow solely through the individuals actions and beliefs. It’s not everyday that great leaders are born especially ones that have an everlasting impact post death. In the near 1809 one of America’s greatest leaders was born. Hardin County, Kentucky, February 12th 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born and the … Read more

The Mine Fire of Centralia

In the year 1866 a mining town by the name of Centralia was founded in the state of Pennsylvania. At the high of Centralia’s prosperity in the 1890’s its population was around 2800 people. When the mid 1950’s hit the towns economy took a hit because of declined demand for coal energy. The main substance … Read more

French Colonisation

As a person of Arab origin and identity, I always found it fascinating how every arabic-speaking country has its own dialect, and even more so, the fact that some of these dialects sound like completely different languages to me. One of these is the North African Arabic dialect, specifically Tunisian, Moroccan, and Algerian dialects which … Read more

Animal Cruelty in Testing

In 2014, Ryan Moore adopted three 8-week-old bunnies from the Freedom + Rescue Project, a nonprofit organization that rescues animals from laboratories once they were done being experimented on. One of the bunnies died just after a month later, and another one after two to three years. Four years later, Moore noticed that his third … Read more


Prejudice is an evil, fearful thing. Prejudice is when you make a preconceived opinion on someone, based not on actual experience or reason. Prejudice is extremely common today and people are being prejudice without even realising. An example of prejudice is if a black man walked into a store, grabbed an item and went to … Read more

The Hate U Give

As the sole witness, Starr, is faced with the killing by cop of her best friend Khalil and pressured into giving a statement of what had occured that dreadful night. If that wasn’t enough she then faces a jury to testify under Khalil’s behave. This starts the beginning where both her worlds begin to fall … Read more


ENDANGERED ANIMALS Animals that are endangered are exactly what you think it mean. Those animals are in danger of becoming extinct in other words nonexistent;there won’t be anymore of that kind of animal. The question is why are they becoming extinct what is happening to them. Well that is easy they are dying. Now why … Read more

What is Education?

In my eyes, education is the road to success. By having an education, it provides you with the pertinent knowledge and skills which are obligatory, in order to excel in a professional, working environment. Many people have different areas of expertise in their chosen field of work and by having this characteristic, it provides them … Read more

Breeds of Kiwi

The Southern Brown Kiwi (Tokoeka) is a species of Kiwi found in the far South of New Zealand. It is grouped into 2 subspecies; the first is somewhat common (population of 20,000) and is found on Stewart Island, and the second is found in the southwest of the South Island, with a population of 7,000 … Read more

Privacy Rights in America

The landmark case that set precedent for school prayer was Engel v. Vitale. The argument originated in the Herricks school district and was decided by the Warren Court in 1962. The conclusion was that public schools are not allowed to hold prayer, regardless of whether participation was required or not or religious affiliation. The policy … Read more

The Benefits and Hazards of Vaccination

Despite the high ability of vaccines to protect people from dangerous diseases, or significantly reducing the morbidity cases of certain diseases, some society are now starting to focus on its risks. The focus on immunizations risks has been fueled by misconceptions existing in the community and a just a few cases that resulted to allergic … Read more

Influence in Literature

Influence is a vast aspect of literature; both classic and contemporary writers are constantly influenced by the great canons in order to explore the boundaries of their work. Many argue that the influence past writers have over others with their work, is a crucial step in creating successful and engaging pieces of writings. Others, however, … Read more

The Value Of Having Knowledge

Gaining knowledge should be more than just memorizing facts. The brain does not obtain knowledge by just memorizing facts. The brain can only hold so much, causing it to make many accidents. When memorizing the focus on not primarily on understanding what you know. In “The End of Remembering”, Foer states that “the brain is … Read more