Pro-environmental behaviour

Pro-environmental behaviour has become a crucial part of today’s society, it is defined as “behaviour that harms the environment as little as possible, or even benefits the environment” (Steg & Vlek, 2009, p. 1). Due to climate change and ongoing exploitation of natural resources, the importance of humans acting environmentally reasonable has become increasingly vital. … Read more

Politics of bodies and the standards of beauty

Essay Outline The environment in which individuals learn about the politics of bodies and the standards of beauty are saturated within society and institutions (Poran, 2002). The norms that define beauty are socially and culturally constructed and through the process of socialization learned and passed on by individuals of all ages, races, and nationalities (Poran … Read more

Cost of Pharmaceuticals

(Draft) Throughout the years, the United States has experienced a disparity in the prices paid for pharmaceuticals when compared to the rest of the world. In a study conducted in 2011, the United States comprised 45% of pharmaceutical profits while the remaining countries made up the a total of 55% (True cost). The increasing cost … Read more

Childhood obesity

DEFINITION: Obesity occurs when more calories are consumed than are expended over time. Children < 2 years age: Obesity is defined based on weight for length for children <2 years age. The sex-specific weight for supine length ≥97.7th percentile on the World Health Organization (WHO) charts (1) is defined as Obesity. Children > 2 years: … Read more


  Internet / electronic voting helps democratic countries to turn the voter turnout in higher numbers. Internet / electronic voting is still under development and ample research and analysis have been done on this subject to prove that implementing internet / electronic voting is not difficult and not in-secure if implemented in a meticulous way. … Read more

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Rabindranath Tagore’s The Home and The World

Ostensibly, Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Rabindranath Tagore’s The Home and The World are two texts that are disparate in form and subject matter, each dealing with the consequences of a rapidly changing world in different ways. However, both texts share a concern with exploring the diametric relationship between the home and the outside … Read more

Roman expansion

Rome is commonly known as one of the most powerful empires in the ancient world with territory and authority spreading throughout the Mediterranean. Rome falls into a grey area of history. Often it is thought that Rome expanded aggressively, that it was an established goal that Rome set out to conquer Italy and large amounts … Read more

The importance and success of the printing press within the scientific revolution

The scientific revolution was the arrival of modern science during the early modern period, with significant advances in physics, astronomy and mathematics helping lead to a transformation in societal viewpoints about nature and life itself. With this advancement, the scientific enlightenment emerged, and the Renaissance was born. A radical change in art, science and culture … Read more

The Dangers of Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world today. Used for fun and getting away from problems in life, it is getting more and more popular among today’s millennials. What most people do not know is that for every action comes an equal or opposite reaction. Much too often people view … Read more

Conflict over energy resources is a result of complex political conditions underpinned by economics

The economic significance of energy resources will inevitably result in conflict as it exacerbates political tension to the point of conflict. Through examination of water and oil, the two most significant energy resources, and the role they play in causing conflicts in Yemen and Venezuela respectively, this essay shall prove that conflict over energy resources … Read more

Distal Biceps tendon ruptures

# INTRODUCTION Distal Biceps tendon ruptures still remain challenging to diagnose in clinical practice for many physicians. Especially diagnosing if it is complete or partial distal biceps tear in clinical setting in some cases is still difficult even for many experienced clinicians. Doing that without having proper imaging like Ultrasonography or MRI is even more … Read more

Restaurant Service Process Flow

Process maps provide an overview of the sequence of all process activities and tasks involved in the creation of a product or in the delivery of a service (Heinrich, Henneberger, Leist and Zellner 2009). For managers and decision-makers, process maps provide a way for analyzing and assessing the service delivery process (Kubiak 2007). In relation, … Read more

Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

Throughout time mother/daughter relationships have been tattered as woman’s liberation has taken place. Many mothers have the “old fashioned” opinion about what a woman should be. The short story “Girl”, by Jamaica Kincaid, is a prime example of this relationship. The theme in “Girl” strongly suggests that a woman should be domestic and there is … Read more

Effects of the Equality Act 2010 on SEN students in mainstream schools

Immediately, after passing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 by the General Assembly, the educational privileges of those with mental or physical disability have been receiving ever increasing attention around the globe. As per Alexander & Salmon (1995), to make sure that special education is children’s privilege to receive an education which … Read more

Internet Safety For Children

Internet safety for children has become a rising concern to parents all around the world. Every day we hear and watch some sort of disturbing news regarding children who fall victims to dangerous predators, who have found a new and easy way of preying on their victims by the use of the Internet from the … Read more

Cloning of TROVE2 transcript variant 1 into pBluescript Plasmid in E. coli

Abstract: Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) remains as a malignant clonal disorder featured by virtue of hyperproliferation of myeloid cells localized in peripheral blood, spleen as well as bone marrow [1]. many cases of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) are recognized amid blood tests did for another reason. patients with Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and BCR-ABL T315I … Read more

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