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Example legal opinion

Legal Opinion To: The Law Society From: xxx Re: Mary/violation of standards of professional ethics. Date: 4 May 2016 I. Statement of facts. Mary Smith is an attorney in general practice and accepts the mandate of Sibongile, a client, who has a claim against a property development company, Twin City (pty) Ltd. Mary accepted the … Read more

Critically evaluate the theoretical and clinical underpinnings of the SPICC model

INTRODUCTION The aim of this essay is to critically evaluate the theoretical and clinical underpinnings of the SPICC model. The learner will include a comprehensive analysis of the manner in which the contained models, Client-Centred, Gestalt, Narrative, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Behavioural Therapy relate to the process of therapy. The learner will include an in-depth … Read more

Othello Character Analysis

The play Othello by William Shakespeare is one of his greatest plays that is revolved around drama. It talks about friends and how not everyone can be trusted. Shakespeare wanted to tell a story of how no matter how close you are to someone you can never truly trust them. The research of characters in … Read more

Use of the supernatural forces in Macbeth

The supernatural forces are used to great effect in Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth.” From the beginning until the end of the play, the forces generate fear, tension and suspense, heightened by the superstition at the time at which the play was first performed in 1606 when even the King, James I, was a firm believer in … Read more

Jealousy in Othello

Jealousy is a disease that is built upon hatred and insecurity, forever present in an individual but simply awaiting a trigger. It is evident in William Shakespeare’s Othello that envy is a common human characteristic and that “jealous souls are not ever jealous for the cause, but jealous for they are jealous. It is a … Read more

Gender in William Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 130’ and ‘The Friday Everything Changed’ by Anne Hart

Gender is expressed in various ways and in William Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet 130’ and ‘The Friday Everything Changed’ by Anne Hart, this chosen identity is expressed in the form of femininity and equality of gender roles. Although both texts demonstrate the generational differences between genders it also shows implications that society has set expectations onto women, … Read more

Migration in and out of Libya

Migration in and out of Libya is neither a new nor a recent phenomenon. Libya has been both a destination and a transit country for migrants for decades. Today it is increasingly becoming only a transit country due to its proximity to Europe and internal situation. This paper aims to assess and provide policy recommendations … Read more

Human Resource Management (HRM) – does it ensure equality and diversity objectives?

Human Resource Management (HRM) holds the most responsibility in ensuring equality and diversity objectives are achieved in the workplace. Diversity objectives are aimed at integrating different characteristics – such as, gender, race and age – into the organisation (Geber, 1992; Noon and Ogbonna, 2001). Equality objectives are to avoid discrimination and to treat all the … Read more

Napoleon Bonaparte – Heroic Tyrant

A power hungry, ruthless killer and the saviour of France all in one? The rumoured short ruler with a long legacy, Napoleon Bonaparte, is arguably one of the most uniquely influential historical figures in European history. From his savvy army tactics to his ability to control a country with just words, there is no doubt … Read more

Proceduralist judicial processes and systems – minority rights

Proceduralism justifies the operation of rules, decisions and institutions by reference to the validity of the process through which they are established, as opposed to the substantive outcome of the process ; adherence to established procedure in a proceduralist system is of paramount importance. Proceduralist judicial processes and systems are ones that derive their sense … Read more

The stages of protein synthesis from DNA

A gene is a segment of DNA which is used for an amino acid sequence which then creates polypeptides. Protein is synthesised through a process in which the DNA is decoded and then the amino acids are then generated from this. This is called gene expression. There are some components needed in order for DNA … Read more

Contract did not need to be signed to be effective

Graeme Grant (Claimant) v Russell Bragg (Defendant): (1) Russell Bragg (Part 20 Claimant) (2) Premier Resorts Limited (Part 20 Claimant) v Graeme Grant (Part 20 Defendant) [2009] EWHC 74 (Ch). 1. Mr. Graham Grant and Mr. Russel Bragg were both directors in Premier Resorts Limited, a firm which performed sales and marketing activities for holiday … Read more

Legal history on criminal attempts (project outline)

Introduction As cited in Macbeth-II, “The attempt and not the deed confounds us” , such was quoted by Shakespeare and may be appropriate to the law of attempt too. The law of criminal attempt falls in the category of inchoate crimes, most of the time known as ‘non-consummate’ or ‘anticipatory’ crimes . The law of … Read more

Governance in Kenya

Kenya is a developing country in the sub-Saharan Africa that is classified as a low middle-income economy by the World Bank. The country is governed under a constitution promulgated in August 2010. The governance system is made of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary (The Attorney General 2012). The Executive is led by a … Read more

Freedom of Expression during World War I

Soon after the United States formally joined World War I, the government passed the Espionage Act which stated that whoever, in time of war, shall wilfully cause insubordination or disloyalty would be punished by a fine of $10,000, or imprisonment, or both. A year later, the Sedition Act of 1918 specified that it would be … Read more

Juggling – skill aquisition

Juggling is a fundamental motor skill that has been around for many years. It has been part of many ancient cultures and is still used today. (Wall, 2019) Not only is juggling used for entertainment purposes but also to improve one’s movement, learning and control. Juggling is not a natural skill. It takes thoughtful consideration … Read more

Japan – economic stability

Bank of Japan’s (BOJ) assessment to adopt a negative interest rate to encourage borrowing, spending and investment has failed to have the intended effect as the Japanese government continues to accumulate a debt of 233% of GDP in late 2018. Lower interest rates imposed by the BOJ to revive the economy has failed to intensify … Read more

Positive and negative effects of watching television

The shows on the television that most watch today has had a lot of positive as well as negative effects and influences on our society and culture. Television is beneficial for many because it gives out information, various forms of education and entertainment. The TV allows the viewers to see the latest news, weather, and … Read more


1. Which glands and which associated organ(s) create and secrete this hormone. As appropriate describe the structure and important features of these tissues as they pertain to hormone production. (i.e. is it in a particular part of the gland? A special cell type? Etc.) Prolactin is a hormone created primarily in the anterior portion of … Read more

Life During the Slave Trade

In Alexander Falconbridge’s book, ‘An Account of the Slave Trade on the Coast of Africa,’ he described how the slaves were treated when they were first on board the ship. Falconbridge explained that they are “fed only twice a day,” but in most ships they were only fed with their own food once a day. … Read more

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