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Essay: Bakery start up

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The clients are very important to a business. They are the ones bringing in all your income so it is only right that they are taken into consideration. A good relationship with your client should always come first. My clients will be able to share the same interest and love I have with baking. High selling product will always be kept in stock and low selling stock will be looked at for approval. But to get to these goals I need to keep my clients happy so I can have feedback in return. I want my clients to be involved in my business as much as I am.
Being able to cater for all my clients will ensure they are always coming back and not looking for other places to go for what I can provide. It is important to take note of all competition in the area. I can from there see areas of improvement I would like to always have better product in my business than any competition. Competition is good for always wanting to do better. Any business in the same line of work I do always be considered as competition. Viewing the competitors’ product will force my business to bring out new better product.
The location of my business will be in a highly populated area where a good patisserie is in need. The more people that want the product is better for income. I would have my business on a popular road or in a busy center. The more people that see my shop is better for publicity and income. A center would be ideal because of the people walking by. It will be easier to be seen by people walking by then fast cars driving by and people not getting to see my shop.
The entire product will be homemade with the best ingredients. Classic well known pastries will be sold as well as special and unique pastries. There will be a complete variety of flavours to please all my customers with a wide range of product. To cater for all some sugar and gluten free products will be available.
My prices will be cheaper than any local patisserie due to the local produce from the areas resources. This will decrease import costs and the price my customers will pay so my business can make a profit.
Good promotion will bring more customers to my store. Weekly sales will be advertised as well as competitions with monthly prizes. Food stalls will be available at certain events with free tasters. This will get our name out into the community and bring customers. A large part of the promotional strategy will count on ‘word of mouth’ this is the fastest type of promotion and customers will trust their friends and family to come to my shop.
Cost is very important. Using local resources to supply my product will decrease my monthly expenses. All products will be made in the patisserie with the best and regularly cleaned equipment. Stock to make the products will be delivered to the patisserie by suppliers or picked up by a refrigerated delivery vehicle. All stock will be controlled by manual stock take on a daily basis.

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