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In a very demanding business world today, an association’s aggressive edge entirely depends on how well it can oversee and send its corporate resources. These advantages can be classified into substantial and elusive resources. Customarily, substantial resources like plant, inventory, equipment and financial capital are considered the most basic corporate resources. Intangible resources play an almost no or obscure part in any association in any case from which industry it originates from (Vorbeck, Heisig, Martin and Schutt, 2001).
Therefore, knowledge management is currently becoming to be an obviously important component in an association’s immaterial resource. The nonstop change in business desires and the requests for new products have been steadily replacing the capital and work escalated firms by knowledge escalated firms, and routine work by knowledge specialist.
Knowledge is the principle component that enlivened the knowledge administration activities in any segment. The knowledge-based time forced the banking institutions, to put knowledge as one of the principle competitive advantages. The issues talked about in organization are some way or another important to keeping money establishments because as Davenport (1998, ISIS, 2002) says, ‘It gets tougher in financial landscape because it is such a knowledge-oriented environment’
Banking segment realized the crucial part of knowledge management in gaining competitive power but still there are laggards in acquiring of knowledge management usually because of so called ‘wait and see’, which means that banks don’t rush adopting KM and see from early acquires its pitfalls and true benefits. According to an International Data Corporation’s (IDC) surveys that were conducted among more than 600 banks in Western Europe, only 20% of them apply knowledge management principles (Blesio & Molignani, 2000). The more banks are aware of importance of knowledge management, the faster situation will change in the future and KM will become precedency for banking sector, IDC expects.
When large volumes knowledge gathered, a new dimension in the form on information technology in managing of knowledge comes into play. With appropriate strategies, IT could help to carry out and boost the advantages of a number of the management activities, including knowledge management.

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