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Essay: The sections of an academic research paper

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The purpose of this paper is to explain the main sections that should be found within the layout of an academic research paper according to the criteria of a good research paper in the business world. This means that a proper systemic research must have been conducted in order to be obtained information about business and management. However, when such investigations are made, must be taken both practical and theoretical point of view (,M. Saunders, P. Lewis, A. Thornhill, 2012). The first part of the paper will explain the main structure of the research and the second one will analyze the strengths and limitations of the research paper by A. Stainton, J. Johnson and E. Borodzicz on the topic ‘Education Validity of Business Gaming Simulation: A Research Methodology Framework’.
The first part of an academic research paper is the ‘Abstract’. This is probably one of the most important sections because on some occasions this is the only thing that is read and because of that it should summarize the main points reviewed in the paper. Moreover, it must answer the questions: ‘Why the paper was written? What method was used and what are the main findings’?. Second is the ‘Introduction’, which main characteristics are to give a brief explanation of the predominant topic and why it is worth reading. Next is ‘The Literature review’. The main function of that part is to show the place of that study within its broader context and represent how the research enhances the knowledge on that topic. Respectively, the research questions and any specific hypothesis may be stated. After the literature review part is ‘The Methodology chapter’ which must be a transparent look of the methods used and their accountability. All the graphs, tables and any qualitative or quantitative data collected should be included in ‘The Findings chapter’. However, in order this information to be useful, it must be interpreted, which is reflected in ‘The Discussion chapter’. Here, all the findings are related to the objectives, questions and hypothesis previously mentioned in the introduction. Incredibly important is to show your analyzes of the strengths and limitations of your work in that chapter. Additionally, is ‘The Conclusion chapter’, vastly important here is not to present any new knowledge on the topic, but to conclude the main aspects of the work. Finally, is the ‘References’ part where should be included all the resources used for the project, written in appropriate format and style. However, there is one more chapter which may be included in such academic research paper, which is titled ‘Recommendations’. In this section, the writer suggests an areas for further research or improvements, because each project is somehow limited by some constraints ‘ for example ‘time’ and ‘resources’. (M. Saunders, P. Lewis, A. Thornhill, 2012)
The analysis of this academic research paper have shown that the author have shown relatively good structure which is from vital importance when writing academic paper work, despite few confusions. Throughout the whole project the focus on the research questions and objectives haven’t shifted as well as the fact that clear and precise language is used makes the text easy to understand. Furthermore, the writer has shown good evaluation skills – criticizing the information obtained from the resources used: ‘The existing educational validity literature does not provide an adequate research methodology for business gaming simulation. Instead, past studies have tended to focus on the reporting of findings rather than to propose a basis for conducting validity investigations.'(papera-journal, zadanieto) Having such critical thinking makes the text not only more interesting for reading, but also shows to what extent the writer understands the topic. However, one weakness is the lack of proper explanation of how the author has searched for the literature which has been used. Transparency is vital especially if the Systematic Review methodology is used. Another limitation is the lack of any further suggestion for future researches on particular section or on the topic as a whole. Such suggestions are given in order more accurate and unambiguous statements to be presented. Additionally, in this text there is excessive amount of key words ‘ fifteen. In such texts the maximum amount of key words is considered to be six. (M. Saunders, P. Lewis, A. Thornhill, 2012)
To sum up, this research paper is academically sound because it has relatively good structure and proper language used. However, the above analysis shows that there are also some limitations like for example lack of suggestions for pursuit of future investigations.

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