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Essay: Methodology: Research into leasing business in Mauritius

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This chapter is devoted to the methodology which will be adopted in carrying out a study about leasing business in Mauritius. It will consider the methodology of a study among the Mauritian population possessing a vehicle.
4.1 Research Process
According to Kotler (1996), research is the systematic collection, analysis, reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific situation.
This research has involved five steps:
‘ Formulating the research problem
‘ Developing the research plan
‘ Collecting the information
‘ Analysis and interpretation of data
‘ Presentation of findings
4.2 Formulating research problem
The goal with this research has been to investigate about:
i. the evolution of the leasing business among the individual of Mauritius
ii. to see all the factors affecting both the lessee and the lessor
iii. to compare the benefits of leasing vis a vis other sources of finance
iv. to see if the leasing business is famous among Mauritian population.
4.3 Developing Research Plan
4.3.1 Data Sources
Data has been retrieved from both primary and secondary sources. Primary data has been obtained from questionnaires which were set for the Mauritian people possessing a vehicle. Primary data was collected directly from firsthand experience. Secondary data was acquired from books, internet, financial magazines and the statistics from the Central Statistical Office (CSO).
4.3.2 Research approaches
This is a descriptive research which describes data and characteristics about the population and the phenomenon being studied. Writing a descriptive research is to conduct a survey investigation.
Primary research is carried out for original data. There is great control on how information is collected. Primary data can be collected in four ways: focus group, survey, observation, experiments. As for this project, a survey research has been carried out, involving the use of a questionnaire, to collect primary data because a survey is a more systematic way of collecting and gathering data from the respondents.
4.3.3 Research instrument
Research instrument can be used in collecting primary data. In this case, the questionnaire has been used for this project. (Appendix 3)
Questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions for the purpose of collecting information from respondents. It consisted of questions that respondents have to answer in a set format. Questions were flowing logically from one to another. The 3 types of questions used for this research range from structured to unstructured ones. The questionnaire consists of:
1) Open- ended questions
a. Allows for wider range of answers
b. Respondent formulate his own answer
c. Tend to be more objective
d. No choice of answers
e. Take a long time to process and analyse data
2) Close- ended questions also known as multiple choice
a. Selection from multiple choices
b. Easier for respondent
c. Choice of answers
d. Easily analyzed and more specific
3) Dichotomous questions
It is a fixed alternative question which can be answered in one of the two indicated ways. For example; yes or no; true or false.
4) Likert questions
It is a survey question that allows the user to choose the response that best represents his or her opinion to a series of statement.
Before any questionnaire is ready, it needs to satisfy certain conditions under the field. A pilot testing was used to see the reaction of some of the respondents while filling in the questionnaire. As such, the final 50 questionnaires were given to the public.
The questionnaire contain two section: Section A and Section B
Section A contains the questions related to leasing business: whether the population has taken leasing as a source of finance or not and what are the reasons they have opted for it.
Section B contains the general details of the respondent.
4.3.4 Sampling Plan
The sampling plan consists of the sampling unit, sampling size and the sampling procedure.
‘ Sampling unit
There is very rarely enough time or money to gather information from everyone or everything in a population, the goal becomes finding a representative sample. The sampling unit, that is, ‘who is going to be surveyed’, is taken from Mauritian population who possess a vehicle.
‘ Sampling size
The Mauritian population possessing a vehicle is huge; therefore, according to CSO, at the end of June 2013, out of the 432331 population who has a vehicle, a sample of 50 was taken.
‘ Sampling procedure
For the procedure random sampling has been chosen. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the survey.
4.3.5 Contact methods
Data has been collected through face to face interviewing as it was judged to be the most appropriate method given that money matters were considered sensitive among individual. Questions can be clarify and sequence of questions can be changed
4.4 Collecting the information
Information was collected from individual possessing a vehicle in various places and by formulating a questionnaire online as it is less time consuming and less paper work. .
4.5 Analysis and interpretation of data
This analysis has involved editing, coding and tabulation and graphical representation using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. After processing, analysis was done using the SPSS 20 (Statistical Package for Social Science). Analysis consisted of the calculation of frequencies and the cross tabulations of some questions.
4.6 Limitation of survey
‘ For people who have not used leasing as a source of finance, it was difficult to get their point of view about leasing.
‘ Some individuals were unwilling to answer the questions and they were reluctant to reveal any information.
‘ Some persons have avoided some questions as a questionnaire is time consuming to be completed.
‘ Some questions were even misinterpreted by some individuals.
‘ Response rate was a bit slow.

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