Dan Pink’s TED Talk about Traditional Business Methods

In Dan Pink’s attack on traditional business methods, he reveals credible information that has long been neglected in the world of business today. Against our natural instincts, we find that incentives do not necessarily automatically mean greater efficiency. In cases involving intrinsic motivation, incentives diminish the lense of the creative mind. In the experiment of … Read more

Job Satisfaction and its effect on Work Motivation

In this contemporary era, it is still widely believed that motivation dominantly lies from external factors such as incentive, high salary and punishment. Consequently, extrinsic motivation become the main motivator that employer do to motivate their employees, believing it will increase their productivity and job satisfaction. This is due to their misunderstanding of defining success … Read more

Company Market Failure Analysis

DATA COLLECTION A working plan has been created for the initial investigation to keep track of the research. The working plan shall record all developments of the research. The working plan initially covers a period of 135 days and is divided into four phases. These are the preparatory phase, the structuring phase, the writing phase … Read more

B2B ECommerce Companies

“Maybe next year,” has often been said in reference to B2B e-commerce, and we hear that again and again at conferences. Unlike the intensely developed B2C area, the B2B space has been left behind and in many cases, manufacturers offer buyers no online purchasing option at all for fear of causing conflict across its other … Read more

Steeple framework

Steeple is a framework that can be used to measure the 2 way relationship between an organization and the external environment. Through each factor, there will be impacts the internal environment must face. The framework has been broken down into two segments; outer orbit and inner orbit. The Outer orbit consists of Political, Economy and … Read more

Bernard J. Tyson

Bernard J. Tyson is the president and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, the largest U.S. not-for-profit health plan and healthcare provider. However, Tyson began as an administrative medical analyst. In the late 80s, Tyson transitioned to an assistant administrative role in The Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. From thereafter, he continually advanced through the ranks of Kaiser, … Read more

The triple-A supply chain by Hau L. Lee.

The triple-A supply chain is an article written by Hau L. Lee. The article is about three key dimensions that will help companies building a better supply chain than their competitors. These three key dimensions are agility, adaptability and alignment. According to the author, only companies which include those three dimensions to their supply chain, … Read more

Business ethics

What do you mean by ethics? According to the textbook, ethics is the study of right and wrong behavior; whether an action is fair, right or just. Ethics is tied to the well-being of a society (the rights, wrongs, and rules to follow) because without it, everything will be chaotic. Ethical people always try to … Read more

Employee’s perception of Starbucks’ company values vs espoused values

Introduction Starbucks is the largest worldwide coffee chain and retailer with 27,000 locations and 238,000 employees. Established in 1971 by Howard Shultz, their values and mission to “inspire and nurture the human spirit, one person, one cup, and one neighbor at a time” continues to promise their customers The Starbucks Experience. This includes a friendly … Read more

Is there a correlation between companies using ethical practices and purchasing patterns of consumers? (dissertation proposal)

Introduction At present, the fashion industry is facing negative responses by consumers regarding ethical issues, with this more than half of consumers agree that people should boycott companies that behave unethically (Mintel, 2015), which can show that company profits can be affected massively due to companies not being ethical (Worcester, 2007). It has been said … Read more

Richard Branson

Business Career Richard Branson is an entrepreneur behind the Virgin brand. Starting with the Virgin Records in 1972, now he has more than 60 companies which employs around seven thousand people. His companies include airlines, communications, hotels, radio stations, Formula One team, and space tourism company. A net-worth of $5.1 billion making him the richest … Read more


INTRO PSEG is an electric and gas company serving three out of every four people in the state of New Jersey. Ranked 272 on the Fortune 500 list with 13,000 employees, they boast 4 million customers with an added 1.1 million customers using PSEG Long Island’s electric transmission and distribution services. In 100 years of … Read more

How coaching can contribute to an individual’s or organisation’s performance

This report is going to focus on how coaching can contribute to an individuals or organisations performance. According to a survey carried out by the CIPD (2015) just over three quarters of businesses offer coaching and/or mentoring to their employees. “Coaching is a human development process that involves structured, focused interaction and the use of … Read more

Influence of research and development intensity on integrated reporting

1. Introduction Organizations change their way of disclosure according to the expectations of their stakeholders. However, these expectations are also changing over time due to the rapid development of technology, economic uncertainty, and the financial crisis. While historically the stakeholders focused the financial statements, there is increasing attention to the nonfinancial perspectives such as environmental, … Read more

Implementing a stakeholder strategy / Customer Relationship Management

Book Report Reading 1 – Implementing a Stakeholder Strategy: Jack Springman Various Harvard Business Review commentators have proposed the case for more emphasis to be put on the stakeholders of a business. This includes the likes of employees, customers, suppliers, and society. This case has been backed up by research that states better long-term results … Read more

Financially analyse the automotive industry, using Ford as a sample company for the analysis

1 Automotive Industry Overview The aim of this report is to financially analyse the automotive industry, using Ford as a sample company for the analysis. The Automotive Industry is comprised mainly of passenger automobile and light truck manufacturers. Most companies have broad dealership networks in developed as well as emerging countries through which they sell … Read more

Easyjet ratios and financial assessment

INTRODUCTION EasyJet a British aircraft working under No-ornamentation show as a minimal effort transporter. The EasyJet airlines was established in 1995 to challenge the staggering expense of movement that was being charged by the inheritance airlines. Since its starting, the organization has been putting forth most minimal charge to explorers fundamentally in Europe. Besides, EasyJet’s … Read more

Occupational sexism

Occupational sexism refers to any discriminatory treatment based on a person’s gender that occurs in the workplace. The effects of sexism in the hospitality industry have become more than noticeable to female cooks, chefs and managers trying to make a difference in their workplace and their chosen field. For hundreds of years, our society has … Read more

Review of corporate misconduct articles

In Simi Kedia and Shiva Rajgopal’s article, “Do the SEC’s enforcement preferences affect corporate misconduct?” asks the question, “Does proximity and other limitations of the SEC affect the misconduct of corporate reporting?” Kedia nad Rajgopal investigate the SEC’s capability and influence on local firms as well as the restatement of firms outside its normal reach. … Read more