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Lloyds bank analysis (inc. Porter’s, PESTEL)

1.0 Introduction Lloyds bank originally formed in 1765. In 2009 however Lloyds banking group was formed and is the UK’s largest leading provider of current accounts, savings, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages with over 30 million customers. Currently they employ around 75,000 employees and operate a multi – brand strategy with their main brands … Read more

EE/telecoms market entry to New Zealand (PESTEL, Porter’s)

Introduction Globalisation and the ease in trade have led to the expansion of many new businesses across the globe and therefore understanding the business environment in a global scale has been an important aspect of studying in order to understand the organisational behaviors. In the following report, I have conducted a comprehensive study regarding the … Read more

Analysis of HSBC’s ‘Impact Invest’

Sector overview Performance The largest global business: RBWM ( Supports approximately 37 million customers worldwide) outperforming all other business sections. Retail Banking and Wealth Management financial performance Adjusted profit before tax increased by 24% than theist year, indicating a strong revenue growth from deposits and wealth management (includes investments) Retail Banking and Wealth management is … Read more

Relayer Coach Tours and Bus Services Limited analysis

Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyse case study based on Relayer Coach Tours and Bus Services Limited and provide recommendations for improvements within people function at the Company. The structure of the report will be divided into six main sections. The first section will deal with external context in which the Company … Read more

Medtronic analysis inc. PESTEL

Business Context – Company Background “FROM A REPAIR SHOP TO A GLOBAL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LEADER”, Medtronic was established in 1949 as a restorative gear fix shop by Earl Bakken and his brother-in-law, Palmer Hermundslie. The first extraordinary treatment — a wearable, battery-fueled heart pacemaker — was the establishment for some more Medtronic treatments that utilize the … Read more

Michael Kors financial performance

Introduction The award winning company, Michael Kors was established in 1981. The company designs luxury clothes and accessories. Today, it is manufacturing a variation of goods under the signature Michael Kors Collection and labels. Some of these goods include footwear, watches and jewellery. Though the company started in 1981, it was not until 2006 that … Read more

A PEST Analysis of Jaguar Land Rover: Opportunities and Threats in the Next Five Years

Introduction Understanding the macro-environment and its impacts upon business operations is imperative for all organisations to retain competitiveness in the industry they operate (Capon, 2011). The external environment is frequently changing, thus analysing the environment using a PEST analysis can outline the factors that may affect or influence their future strategies. The external environment cannot … Read more

New Look market analysis

Founded by Tom Singh in 1969 as a single fashion store, New Look became a leading fast – fashion brand, with its 593 stores in the UK and 302 across Europe, China and Asia. The brand boasts more than 5 million followers on social media (1,9 million on Instagram and 3,2 million on Facebook). Its … Read more

Volkwagen analysis (including Porter’s 5 Forces)

INTRODUCTION It was dubbed the “Dieselgate” scandal. In September 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered that numerous models of Volkwagen cars being sold in America contained “defeat device” software in diesel engines that was able to detect when they were being tested for emissions, changing the drive performance accordingly to improve results (Hotten, 2015). … Read more

HR issues to incorporate into development strategy of Paul Jones Ltd.

The aim is to investigate about the HR issues that require addressing and incorporating into the general development strategy of Paul Jones Ltd. SWOT Analysis has helped to understand the strengths, issues, weaknesses and helped in categorizing it into internal and external factors that the organization ought to consider. The parts of HRM issues and … Read more

Spend on cleaning supplies (Stevenage Borough Council)

1. Introduction Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) is a small local authority, covering an area of 10 sq. miles in the East of England; with an influenceable spend of approximately £38.5million in 2015/16. Like most local authorities, SBC continually seeks to identify savings and/or added value opportunities. The Council recently rolled out an e-tendering system for … Read more

Zara analysis: entrepreneurship in a global context

Executive summary Introduction: a renowned Spanish retail industry owned by the sixth wealthiest man in the world. International strategy: The brand has used different strategies in marketing and entry in each market based on cultural and geographical conditions and factors. Swot analysis: the industry is known for its quick supply chain and reactions to the … Read more

Analysis of expansion into foreign country (Bongousse Bap Burgers – Australia)

Executive summary With key global marketing theories and practises, this market entry presents Australia as a prime candidate for expansion. Specifically looking at what information South Korean company Bongousse Bap Burgers, (translation: tasty bites rice burger) will need to know prior to expanding into a foreign country (Haemil, n.d). In assessing the various environments within … Read more

Explain ‘responsible businesses’, using ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’

Businesses show responsibility through corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate responsibility (CR) (Brookes, Altinay and Ringham, 2014; Carroll, 1999). As these terms can be considered the same impression as a responsible business, in this report, responsible business will be explained by using CSR. In recent years, consumers have been developing their understanding of the environmental … Read more