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Presentation skills

There are many ways that presenters can improve their presentation skills. First, the presenter should plan and prepare the purposes for the presentation. it means that before creating the presentation, presenter should ask “what is purpose for creating the presentation?. Second, the presentation body should involve strong examples to prove the main discussion which means … Read more

Nokia-Microsoft Alliance

Introduction: The review of the Case Study the Nokia-Microsoft Alliance in the Global Smartphones Industry provides insight into how Nokia and Microsoft announced their strategic partnership to concentrate on the growing smartphone industry. The partnership will improve the bionetwork for both companies by enhancing Microsoft’s mobile device strategy and lessening Nokia’s vulnerability in a market … Read more

Merit goods

Merit goods are goods which will be under-provided by the market, therefore they will be under-consumed. They are thought by the governments to be good for the populations and so the governments want them to be consumed to a great extent. They increase the private and social benefits and cause the social benefit be higher … Read more

The importance of employee engagement in an organization

1.4 Literature Review Mark Kilsby and Stephen Beyer (1996) ‘ Engagement and Interaction : A comparison between supported employment and acts’. This research study was conducted with the help of interaction and commitment patterns of 13 supported employees and 38 regular adult training center attainders of the organization. Direct observation was used as method of … Read more

Business notes: Creative problem solving

1 Unit 1 – Creative problem solving 1.1 Introduction A business leader is expected to identify problems, implement solutions and find business opportunities. To do so, they must learn to plan, analyse situations, identify and solve problems (or potential problems), make decisions, and set realistic and attainable goals for the business/unit. These are the fundamental … Read more

Control and organisational behaviour (pengendalian dan perilaku organisasi)

PENGENDALIAN DAN PERILAKU ORGANISASI PERILAKU ORGANISASI Untuk membuat dasar yang nantinya dapat digunakan manajemen dalam menyusun system pengendalian manajemen, maka kita perlu mengetahui lebih dalam mengenai perilaku organisasi. Berikut ini adalah beberapa penjelasan mengenai teori akuntansi sebagai bentuk pemahaman terhadap organisasi. Definisi Organisasi Secara umum, organisasi diartikan sebagai sekumpulan orang yang melakukan kerjasama demi mencapai … Read more

Research design

2.7 RESEARCH DESIGN USED : The conception of research design plan is the critical step in the research process. The design ,of the study constitutes the blue print for the collection, measurement and analysis of data. In other words the research design is a conceptual structure with in which,h research is conducted. 2.8 DATA COLLECTION … Read more

Money markets

Money market refers to the investment in short term because the assets which are bought and sold with maturities within a year. Normally, they can be converted into cash easily. The examples of money market’s instruments are bank deposits, certificates of deposit, interbank loans, money market mutual funds, commercial paper, treasury bills, and securities lending … Read more

Essay on open service innovation

Abstract The concept of open service innovation captures the rising propensity of companies to work across their traditional restrictions of operation. In the past, this phenomenon has been studied from the perspective of manufacturing businesses whilst services have received much less attention regardless of the predominant role they play in advanced economies. This study focuses … Read more

Essay on key account management

Abstract. Due to the worldwide modernization in market and the ininvasions of huge global companies in Egyptian market we have been faced with several new business method and approaches turn around haw to educating the Egyptian market with those new methods and approaches through those multinational organizations. With notes that the wholesale and retail trade … Read more

Essay on Karim's Grocery Shop

Task 1 Myself, MD. Shamser Azam Suzon and Mr. Karim appointed me as the Business Analyst of his forthcoming business ‘Karim’s Grocery Shop’. Sir (Mr. Karim), you have asked me to assess the core business functions of your grocery shop to be more focus on the functions and told me to evaluate the business aims … Read more

Essay on the book It's Your Ship (business)

Research Paper This paper is going to be based upon the experiences of a crew on board of a dysfunctional ship belonging to the United States Navy. These examples are going to be taken from a book titled, It’s Your Ship, which was written by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff. This book is going to give … Read more

Essay on strategic marketing

Strategic Marketing is that which takes to the process by which organizations, groups and individuals get what their desire and want by identifying value and delivering the thing to others. The nucleus concepts of marketing are customers desires related to products, exchanging things, communications and relationships. Marketing is strategically referred with the way and scope … Read more

Essay on Walmart stores

Walmart Stores, Inc., branded as Walmart, is an American multinational retail corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962, incorporated on October 31, 1969, ‘Save money. Live better’ is the slogan of Walmart. The company has over 11,000 stores in 27 countries, under … Read more

the role of multinational corporations in India

Introduction The modern world is developing very speedily. What currently one of the main issues in the society and government of fast-growing regions is the emergence of new multinational enterprises, its domestic impact on the country where subsidiary companies are supposed to be allocated and its potential consequences of operation on the economic perspective of … Read more

Essay on Samsung Electronics

Hi, Good afternoon! Nice to meet you all. I am the assistant manager of Samsung Electronics. I am here to provide training and guidance to you about the importance of HRM as part of my role. So let’s get started. There is not much difference between personnel management and HR management. Difference between Personnel management … Read more

the TO BE business model

Contents Insight to the Company: 2 General Overview of Existing Business Model in PC- Schematic 3 As is Business Model 3 Brief Analysis of Current Business Model 4 Patterns of the Current Business Model 6 Business Model Environment 7 Brief Conclusion: 8 Swot Analysis Swot Analysis 9 STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS 9 OPPORTUNITY AND THREAT 10 … Read more

Essay on inflation targeting

1. WHAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND BY INFLATION TARGETING? ‘ It is a monetary policy strategy used by central banks for maintaining prices at a certain level or within a specific range. Inflation targeting is an economic policy in which a central bank estimate and make public projected, or target inflation rate and then attempts to … Read more

Essay on Kraft Foods Group

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. faces a tough decision. Once the market share leader in the coffee industry, Kraft has seen its profits steadily decline in recent years. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is a fast-rising company that currently holds the highest percentage of market share in the coffee industry. Kraft must decide whether or not to … Read more

Essay on employee relationships

ABSTRACT Employee relationships are always crucial to a firm. These relations decide the firm’s effectiveness. In order to achieve good relations with the employees numbers of behavioral studies are done by the researchers. In this research, we are trying to find the factors which help the firms to develop good relationships with their employees. For … Read more

Essay on West Bridge Foods / PESTEL

1.0 Introduction: The assignment requires designing a marketing plan for the new launch of a food product that is based keeping the UK market as a target. In designing the plan, the researcher would perform a proper PESTEL analysis to analyse the current market scenario for the industry, highlighting the key issues the company is … Read more

Essay on McDonalds strengths and weaknesses

1. LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT Leadership can resembled as an art of marching an organization in the path of success or progress. It is confined to the skill and competence of a leader who may be an individual or a group. Leadership is the skill of being at the center of everything that an organization faces … Read more