AI’s fundamental drives

The human brain is a complex system, or network, in which mental states emerge from the interaction between multiple physical and functional levels. What happens when you try to integrate the complexity of the human thought process into technology? The result is artificial intelligence— a popular friend or foe in science fiction media. With the … Read more

Main Characteristics And Features Of Object Oriented Programming

1.1 What is Object Oriented Programming? The following task clearly explains the descriptions of the features and characteristics of the features of the object oriented programming. There are twelve principles of oop which is stated below. The Object oriented programming is one of the newest and most powerful paradigms. The Object-Oriented Programming mentions to the … Read more


INTRODUCTION The advancement in technology leads to the reduction in size and power consumed by the devices used to perform real world operations including of which are like sensor networks, RFID Tags, controllers, smart cards and deployment of embedded system etc. The functionality of all these systems consists of storage, manipulation and transmission of some … Read more

Intrusion detection systems (IDS)

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Computer networks are playing a principal role in lots of areas. The increasing measurement and complexity of networks result in the growth of complexity of their protection analysis. Viable fiscal, political, and different advantages, which can be received with the aid of cyber assaults, lead to tremendous increase of the quantity of … Read more


(10) Presented evolutionary algorithm as efficient techniques used to take care of optimization faults, in which the search is divided into three groups: evolutionary programming, genetics algorithm and evolutionary strategies. These heuristics have been generally utilized because of their relative preferences to other optimization techniques, for example, they don’t require a predefined kind of objective … Read more

Develop low cost solution for monitoring transformer health condition and controlling its parameter

ABSTRACT Transformer is an electrical static device which transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another circuit without changing the frequency through electromagnetic induction. It is very important device in transmission and distribution of electricity. It is necessary to monitor it, before occurrence of any problem. There are some critical parameters for e.g. Voltage, current, … Read more

CRISPR-Cas for bacterial communities

There is an academic demand to drive research into the use of genetic engineering techniques in metagenomics for enhanced biodegradation Yu2013 of micropollutants in wastewater, especially using the novel CRISPR-Cas (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats and CRISPR associated) system for genome manipulation in bacterial communities. The CRISPR-Cas systems requires a custom single-guide RNA (sgRNA … Read more


Nowadays online process systems are utilized everywhere throughout the web. One of the online process systems is the online sales and inventory system. It became convenient in every aspect of businesses. Every process data are required details of the costumers such as Items purchased, price list and date, using sales and inventory system can benefit … Read more

Design a system to extract ontology from unstructured information sources for enhancing user search results

Abstract With the fast growth of information volume through the World Wide Web causes an increasing requirement to develop new automatic system for retrieval of documents and ranking them according to their relevance to the user query. There are many search engines available out there. Most of the search engines are hit based which is … Read more

Data mining and Twitter

INTRODUCTION Data analysis for twitter using clustering and classification involves different techniques of data mining, web mining and algorithms used. Data mining is also called knowledge discovery in databases (KDD). It is commonly defined as the process of discovering useful patterns or knowledge from data sources, e.g., databases, texts, images, the Web, etc. The patterns … Read more

bio-metric authentication systems

Abstract: Distributing software and hardware components of a bio-metric authentication system over hosts linked by a network introduces additional challenges compared to developing a centralised system. Among these, fault tolerance and network transfer resilience are of particular importance. Specifically, transmission of data over IP networks is not without flaws: overflowing router queues, parallelised data streams, … Read more

Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract A Wireless Sensor Network is the gathering of vast number of sensor nodes, that are technically or financially doable and measure the encompassing condition in nature encompassing them. The distinction between common wireless Networks and WSNs is that sensors are delicate to energy utilization (energy consumption). The majority of the consideration is given to … Read more

Face tracking

Abstract: – Face Tracking is an important & challenging research area in the field of computer vision & image processing. Tracking is the method of identification, the position of the moving object in the video. Identifying the face is much more challenging task & then tracking the facial features in a moving video. Facial features … Read more

AI Classifiers

INTRODUCTION My task is produce an output decision based on a dataset that I was given. I am going to use machine learning to experiment with the data using various classifier and then report on the best classifier approach. This report will be about comparing classifiers and offering an insight into why I have taken … Read more

Cyber attacks – attribution

The development in any attribution documentation for cyber related attacks, is to review all information from collected digital evidence to any other pertinent facts founds. While the topic is broad in nature, we will review a cyber attack that was perpetrated from ally countries and third world countries. However, after further investigation found to be … Read more

Artificial intelligence

INTRODUCTION Technology is one of the most important things in human civilization. In this modern era, the development of technology is growing rapidly. In everyday life, people are increasingly in need of technology assistance in their activities. Therefore, in technological development, artificial intelligence required as a supporting component to realize the desired technology. According to … Read more


Spectre relies on a generalised idea of memory management, instead of targeting on specific feature of the processor. For example, when speculative execution is performed that accesses memory, it could depend on private data, which could cause the data cache to become vulnerable for attacks through a side channel. The attacker can use timing attack … Read more

HUMAN action recognition

I. INTRODUCTION HUMAN action recognition has become one of the very important topics on the field of pattern recognition especially due to its continually growing use in modern applications in everyday life. Automated crowd surveillance, smart houses and assistive environments, gaming, automated sport analysis, human-machine interaction and others are examples of such applications. The problem … Read more

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