Hand Image based Personal Authentication System

Abstract. Hand geometry is widely accepted biometric modality for identification of human beings. This is considered as safest biometric indicator due to its strong resistance against the unauthorized access and easy to use modality from the user point of view. This chapter presents an approach for the personal authentication using geometrical structure of hand images. … Read more

Enhanced Load Balanced Min-Min Algorithm in Cloud Computing

ABSTRACT Cloud computing provides the applications and services presented over the Internet. These services are offered from the data-center all over the world. By using the environments of cloud computing many tasks are requires to be executed by available resources to achieve best performance, to reduce minimum response time, minimum completion time and utilization of … Read more

Integrated Application for Caller-Identification System

ABSTRACT This is an Integrated Application for Caller-Identification System (Caller-ID System). It is the service where the CLI (Caller Line Identity) is sent to the admin. CNAM (Caller Name) is the character text field used in caller name service. Caller-ID System typically consists of the caller’s contact number with contact information. The information made available … Read more


Recently, deployment IPTV or Mobile TV by telecommunication providers worldwide become major issues as well as be the intensive interest topics in research, is expected to be the key income generators in the future and the efficiency of video streaming over 4th generation technology. Several modulation schemes have been specified in IEEE 802.16e standard; namely, … Read more

Online Resource Sharing

Abstract ‘ The purpose of ONLINE RESOURCE SHARING is to apply traditional high-performance computing power, normally used by multinational organizations and government sectors, to perform tens of trillions of computations per second, in consumer-oriented applications such as financial portfolios, to deliver personalized information, to provide data storage using cloud computing and virtualization techniques. ‘ Basically … Read more

Establishing an IT policy for Colloge using COBIT 5

Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Topic: Establishing an IT policy for Colloge using COBIT 5. Objective: To find out the possible ways of managing Security pertaining to IT related goals in an educational Institute and perform information classification, risk assessment, and risk analysis to identify threats, categorise assets, and rate system vulnerabilities so that they can be … Read more

Enhanced college management system

ABSTRACT College Management Systems are applications that control, moderate and manage the activities that are carried out in an educational institution. Many of these systems are used marginally as most of the work is done manually or based on paper document collation which are then manually imputed into the system by individuals who have access … Read more

New security primitive relying on unsolved hard AI problems

INTRODUCTION Security means protecting the information perfectly.Security primitives are based on hard mathematical problems.Since security primitives are used as building blocks,they must be very reliable.Since creating security routines are very hard.It involves security primitives are, 1. Designing a new security primitive is very time-consuming and very error prone,even for exports in the field. 2. Security … Read more

Context aware apps

1 Introduction and Background 1.1. Introduction In recent years, the usage of mobile phone is increasing significantly across the world. According to statistics as of 2013, 73% of internet users accessed the internet resources via a mobile device and this percentage projected to nearly 90% by 2017[1]. Mobile phones numbers and other types of integrated … Read more

Classification in data mining

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Classification Classification is a supervised data mining technique that involves assigning a label to a set of unlabeled input objects. Based on the number of classes present, there are two types of classification: Binary classification ‘ classify input objects into one of the two classes. Multi-class classification ‘ classify input objects … Read more


Chapter 1 Cognitive Radio 1.1 Introduction Cognitive wireless [1] is an a promising technology that can be utilized to enhance the utilization efficiency of the wireless spectrum, by permitting secondary user (SU) webs to co-exist alongside Primary user (PU) webs across spectrum sharing. A key necessity is that SU transmission will not adversely alter the … Read more

Outlier Detection from Time-series Data Stream by Leveraging Change Detection

Motivation: Outlier detection is one of the most interesting areas in the context of data mining. It has many applications such as intrusion detection, medical anomaly detection, sensor anomaly detection etc. Detecting outlier is challenging in various new data types such as data stream, spatio temporal and time series data. Effective and efficient methods are … Read more

Email classification

Abstract’ This paper presents our research in Email classification using different classification methods.In todays world, people are so much inclined towards Social Networking due to which it has become easy to spread spam contents through them. One can have access to the details of any person easily through these social networking websites. No one is … Read more

security & surveillance system

With the rapid development of security awareness and embedded system society have a higher demand for security & surveillances. The majority of scientific research institute & manufacturers have attached more importance to the design of intelligent security & surveillance system for improving monitoring capabilities and securities of the office & remote places. Closed-circuit television monitoring … Read more


It is a combination of OSPF and EIGRP routing protocol including security of the network. The elements considered in this secure hybrid algorithm for routing are Initialization Information from neighbor Link state protocol Link state database Shortest path calculation Neighbor Table Neighbor Discovery Recovery Mechanism Topology Table Reliable Transport Protocol Feasible Distance calculation Feasible condition … Read more

Cloud storage

Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction Remote backup solution is provided by CLOUD storage on demand. However, by using such as having a single point of failure and vendor lock-ins with single cloud service providers. As suggested in this system, a logical solution is to stripped by data across different cloud providers. By exploiting the diversity … Read more