Cryptography algorithm using data structure using C concepts for better security

ABSTRACT: For secure communication we always use different security algorithms e.g. Caesar cipher, modified Caesar cipher, IDEA, AES, RSA algorithm etc. and in data structures using C we have Linked list, stack ,queue ,tree and graph. In graph we have graph traversal i.e. BFS (Breadth First Search) or DFS (Depth First Search). This paper presents … Read more

AES Encryption

1. Introduction AES is a block of cipher algorithms originating from Rijndael algorithms (from the surnames of its inventors, two Belgian cryptographers: Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen). Rijndael is a family of ciphers with different key and block sizes. In June 2003, the US government announced that AES could be used to protect classified information, … Read more

Speaker identification and vertification

Keywords: Speaker identification , Speech recognition , support vector machine , melfrequency cepstrum coefficient . Biometric System Can be either identification or verification system there are a lot of the type of the biometric system like face recognition, fingerprint, voice recognition…etc. In my project I will use the voice recognition in order to identify and verify … Read more

Automated Security Testing for Web Applications

Nowadays, the dependency on Web Applications is enormous. From bank transactions to online shopping to online data maintenance(cloud storage), everything runs on web based applications. On the other hand, the hackers are becoming more sophisticated and organized to break into these web applications. This Research Project attempts to find out the test automation tools for … Read more

Threshold Multiple signature schemes

ABSTRACT Threshold Multiple signature schemes includes the various the striking features of threshold group-oriented signature and Multiple signature schemes so that ultimately it is able to derive a signature scheme that can provide a property by which various members of the software groups can collaborately sign an anonymous and arbitrary message for communication between different … Read more

Embedded systems software testing

Overview Over the past couple of decades product manufacturers have been increasingly adding instrumentation to everyday items, coffee makers, light switches, and garage door openers to name a few. Alongside the addition of digital instrumentation to household items, there has also been the recent explosion of small, internet connected smart devices introduced to the consumer … Read more

Secure Group Message Transfer Stegosystem

Abstract: Grid environment is a virtual organization with varied resources from different administrative domains; it raises the requirement of a secure and reliable protocol for secure communication among various users and servers. The protocol should guarantee that an attacker or an unidentified resource will not breach or forward the information. For secure communication among members … Read more

DRAP Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

Nowadays in general the WSN used mainly for communication in emergency situations. Malicious activities in WSN will degrade the performance by increasing the energy consumption and changing the bandwidth variantly, and hence the overall network performance will decrease. Researchers are focusing on the prevention of malicious nodes and its activities in the earlier stages for … Read more

Block cipher

INTRODUCTION A block cipher could be a technique of encrypting text (to manufacture ciphertext) within which a cryptographical key and rule are applied to a block of information (for example, sixty four contiguous bits) quickly as a gaggle instead of to one bit at a time. the most different technique, used a lot of less … Read more

Allotment of secure data for energetic groups in cloud

ALLOTMENT OF SECURE DATA FOR ENERGETIC GROUPS IN CLOUD ABSTRACT: In the field of infrastructure, the cloud computing technique comprises tremendous growth sections and permits the consumers to make usage of applications lacking installation. For vibrant groups in the cloud, we suppose to merge the group signature and encryption methods of dynamic broadcast. Because of … Read more


LEACH is completely distributed, requiring no control information from the base station. Nodes do not require knowledge of the global network. It runs with many rounds. Each round begins with a set up phase. When the clusters are organized, it is followed by a steady state phase when data are transferred from the node to … Read more

Hashing & Pruning

Hashing & Pruning is very popular association rule mining technique to improve the performance of traditional Apriori algorithm. Hashing technique uses hash function to reduce the size of candidate item set. Direct Hashing & Pruning (DHP),Perfect Hashing &Pruning (PHP) are the basic hashing algorithms. Many algorithms have been also proposed by researchers like Perfect Hashing … Read more

Improved Algorithm for Blob Detection in Document Images

Abstract’ With the evolution in the field of image processing, its many application areas have been identified. These areas include Character Recognition, Pattern Matching, Finger Print Recognition, Document Analysis and Verification and many more. All these applications are based on extracting useful information from image. Image objects needs to be detected and extracted in order … Read more

Global Optimization

Global optimization uses that sort of strategies that allow the designer to discriminate between global optimum point and several local optimum points in a specific area under investigation. Global optimization problem generally follows unconstrained optimization i.e., without any bounds. Conventional global optimization methods can generally be classified into two types which are: Deterministic methods Stochastic … Read more

Using fuzzy logic to analyse blood pressure data

Admitting in expert system and fuzzy logic imprecision in truth. However, Aristotle’s said that is so significant today; the quote that follows uncertainty. It is an admonishment we should need that; we should make balance between with the certainty and uncertainty that exists. This thesis is mainly dedicated to the characterization and quantification of uncertainty … Read more