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Using fuzzy logic to analyse blood pressure data

Admitting in expert system and fuzzy logic imprecision in truth. However, Aristotle’s said that is so significant today; the quote that follows uncertainty. It is an admonishment we should need that; we should make balance between with the certainty and uncertainty that exists. This thesis is mainly dedicated to the characterization and quantification of uncertainty … Read more

Computer forensics

There are few types of investigation methods using for computer forensics Digital forensics is investigation method used for investigating crimes which is related to digital devices such as computer, mobile phones and presenting it to the higher courts accordingly so that legal actions could be taken. Now a days mostly digital devices are using in … Read more

MapReduce for knowledge management

The explosive growth of knowledge is making important challenges for several firms. Challenges embrace physical storage, lack of knowledge quality, and also the escalating prices of managing, storing and process massive, growing information sets. Organizations would like the flexibility to investigate and gain insights from huge amounts of maintained information for a range of business … Read more

Direct methods and knowledge modelling

Direct methods are those that enhance the understanding about the domain obtain directly from the expert through interviews, case studies and prototyping, so the required information is obtained by asking direct questions or from direct observation. While in indirect approach the needed information is not requested directly example are Document analysis, Questionnaires. The benefit of … Read more

Hierarchical knowledge structure

‘Hierarchical knowledge structure’ should be build between AI decision system and physical device. The concept of a hierarchical knowledge structure is to decompose a complicated decision into series of smaller decisions of increasing level of details. In other words, many small separate decisions can contribute to solve a complex over all decision. The operation of … Read more

Simulation and Modeling of 512 bit Keccak Hash Function for Encryption in FPGA Devices

Abstract: This paper presents two implementation of keccak hash family algorithm that has selected as one of the SHA-3 competition finalist. Many cryptographic primitive those are used in crucial cryptographic schemes and commercial security protocols utilized function. In this paper 10-round unrolled architecture of the complete keccak algorithm is presented, implemented in Xilinx virtex-7 FPGA. … Read more

Dissertation: Attackers Detection Using Honeypots

Problem Description The mode of this study and this dissertation is to identification, detection and isolation of unknown worms, attacks by sundry attackers on existing work network at various or particular places. Abstract This thesis describes a project that utilizes honeypots to detect worms, attacks and attackers. A detailed description of existing worm, attacks and … Read more

Data privacy

5.1 Introduction Each of the techniques presented so far adds noise either to a numerical attribute or categorical attribute. We now present a Model that combines these techniques for adding noise to all the attributes of a data set. The Model adds noise in such a way that original data set are preserved. Additionally, our … Read more

Comparison of LEACH and PEGASIS Hierarchical Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract’The efficiency of wireless sensor network largely depends on the routing protocol used. Routing is a major challenge for sensor networks as it presents a trade-off between responsiveness and efficiency. Hierarchical class of routing protocols introduces a structure on the network to achieve stability, energy efficiency and scalability. There are various protocols existing in this … Read more

Essay on intrusion detection systems

Intrusion Detection Systems have become an important part of software applications. They are integrated into the applications so that the network activities can be monitored and any incongruous behavior with respect to the given requirements can be detected in time. Cloud Computing provides the user with a variety of uses, one of them being the … Read more

A Survey on Security of Database

Abstract’ for the last few decades, security had become a real concern in all aspects of life. As the world is becoming more digitized, organizations had to maintain several databases for their routine work. The concept of database was not in count for past some years, but now multiplicity it is growing. Permitting users to … Read more

the digital signal processor

ABSTRACT There are several types of filters used world widely. The filters may be an analogue filters or a digital filters. The analogue filters will only deal with the analogue signals to remove the noise signals and to manage the bandwidth of the input analogue signals. The digital filters will sample the input signal(Analogue signal) … Read more

Essay on recommendation systems

Recommendation systems can be considered as a valuable extension of traditional informa??tion systems used in industries such as travel and hospitality. However, recommendation systems have mathematical roots and are more akin to artificial intelligence (AI) than any other IT discipline. A recommendation system learns from a customer’s behavior and recommends a product in which users … Read more

Essay on Network Mapping

Contents LAB 1 Network Mapping 4 Introductions 4 Evaluation on Networking Mapping 7 LAB 2 RPC and NFS Exercise 8 Introduction 8 UDP NFS Versions: 2-4 (RPC # 100003) 9 Analysis and Evaluation 11 LAB 3 RSH and Rlogin 12 Introduction 12 Evaluation of Rlogin 12 Lab 4 X Window System Exercise 14 INTRODUCTION 14 … Read more

Dissertation: Performance characterization in Virtualization Based Environment

Abstract Many service provider today using virtualization because of its various benefits. Virtualization is useful for resources utilization, testing purposes and better server management. Several application are being consolidated to virtual environment using various virtualization techniques. One of the most popular use of virtualization is cloud computing where service providers can provide continuous service to … Read more

Dissertation: An integrated approach for visual cryptography schemes using compressed random shares

  ABSTRACT Visual cryptography is one of the most secure techniques that allows the user to encrypt the secret images by transforming them into printable transparent sheets and these sheets can be distributed to different intended person through various mediums (physically, internet). On receiving the intended person may regenerate the original image by stacking all … Read more

Survey on Clustering Schemes in Vehicular Ad-Hoc

Survey on Clustering Schemes in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks(VANETs) Abstract’Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks(VANETs) are special kind of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network which has significant role in the applications related with traffic safety and traffic efficiency. The process of clustering of nodes in VANET improves the performance of VANET structure by performing data aggregation. There are several clustering schemes … Read more