ATM interface

The last assignment talks the following points: ‘ Existing user interface of the ATM machine, ‘ The different problems and challenges faced by the user ‘ Some improvements in the user interface of the design . There is always a scope of improvement to any new design that has been developed. So here the target … Read more

Transmission systems

From the earlier days, interconnected systems are being used worldwide for the transmission of electric power. Generation of electric power and its utilization can be far away with transmission line. There will be transmission losses in the form of heat energy along the transmission line because the lines are not perfectly conductor. The total power … Read more


A TCAM has three major components (a) 8T BCAM cell that contains the stored data implemented using the cross coupled inverter and compare unit is implemented using pass transistor logic which compares the stored data with search data. Depending on the different applications, the compare unit can be implemented as XOR or XNOR functions. (b) … Read more

Manufacturing in the mid-18th century to mid-19th century

Introduction During the industrial revolution from about mid-18th century to mid-19th century, almost every part of the manufacturing was changed or improved. Three very important technological developments that boosted the revolution were in the textile world, in the use of steam power, and in the making of iron. The industrial Revolution had some kind of … Read more


Fracking is a fairly new method of extracting natural gas. Fracking can be defined as a method to remove natural gas from the ground. Another way to describe fracking also known as hydraulic fracturing is the process of creating fissures in underground formations to allow natural gas to flow (Natural Gas Extraction – Hydraulic Fracturing … Read more

Energy- Efficient Continuous Context Sensing Engine

Chapter One Introduction In recent years, the usage of mobile phone is increasing significantly across the world. According to statistics [1]as of 2013, 73% of internet users accessed the internet resources via a mobile device and this percentage projected to nearly 90% by 2017. Mobile phones’ number and types of integrated sensors, processing capacity, battery, … Read more

Requirement engineering

The role of requirement engineering phase in the development of software product servers as a strong base for the successful completion. There have been numerous models presented so far, in this phase, to improve the mistakes that are supposed to be the part of requirement engineering process. It is also to make the further development … Read more

Frost damage

Water can be found in concrete as product of the hydration during the mixing or as a result of filtration induced by cracking and structural joints. When this water freezes, it creates pressure in the pore network of the concrete and generate tensile stresses that produce more cracking, surface scaling and possible loss of the … Read more

Construction costs

Building Design and Construction is the process of creating a plan and adding structure to real property or construction of buildings. In the modern industrialized world, construction usually involves the translation of designs in to reality. A formal design team may be assembled to plan the physical proceedings with the other parts. The design usually … Read more


Helicopters are extremely useful pieces of flying equipment, with the ability to both take off and land vertically. This along with being able to hover in a given place and fly in any direction, including backwards and to either side, means that they have a huge amount of uses worldwide and in many different environments, … Read more

Engineering – baffles

Many engineering applications with baffles such as thermal regenerator, Shell and tube type heat exchanger, Internal cooling system of gas turbine blades, radiators for space vehicles and automobiles, etc. are applied to enhancement the heat transfer. Baffles are applied as turbulence promoters. Baffles are one method that used to increase the thermal performance. Thermal boundary … Read more

Thesis: Performance evaluation of welding process in EPC project using grey relational analysis

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In recent years, the construction industry has been a visible shift from owner managed construction projects to EPC project with independent but different disciplines of construction. The EPC contractor takes the responsibility of completing the project in a given cost and time frame and acts as a single point interface between the promoter … Read more

A reverse engineering approach for product development

ABSTRACT: Recent technological developments have made easier the application of reverse engineering. In this paper, a reverse engineering approach for the development of the products has been presented, This approach has been based on the scanning of the initial product, followed by the redesign of the initial product, the manufacturing of the redesigned product through … Read more

Hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic jacks are widely used in the automotive industry to lift and support vehicles to facilitate repairs .Hydraulic jacks are also found in a variety of specialized application including lifting racing cars ,semi-trucks ,airplanes and forklifts .This jack are widely used across the globe and have outweighed the use or application of screw jacks in … Read more

Lean manufacturing for Indian automotive companies

Our initial results showed positive response from a majority of companies that we surveyed. However, a subsequent follow-up study of the inner working of these companies presented different scenarios and therefore helped us to understand the real problems facing these companies. Our in-depth research shows that among Indian automotive companies, there has been a remarkable … Read more

Systems engineering

Problem 1: 1. What are the principle points the authors are attempting to make’? This is an assimilated work of different authors on the topic ‘Systems Engineering’, it tries to explain what systems engineering means, how it came into existence, it’s evolution with time, its interdisciplinary applications, different models and their diverse roles in systems … Read more

Harmonic currents and their effect on distribution transformers

Literature review Introduction This project examines harmonic currents and their effect on distribution transformers. Details of transformer losses associated with harmonic currents will be discussed. Data from a residential distribution transformer will be used to illustrate the amount of harmonic current present. Harmonic currents have existed in electrical power systems for many years, but have … Read more

Power quality problems

1.1 INTRODUCTION Source current distortion has become a major power quality problem in industries and utility power system because of higher usage of nonlinear loads in the system. Voltage harmonics in power distribution systems arise due to current harmonics produced by the nonlinear loads. The non-sinusoidal currents through electrical systems and the distribution-transmission lines, additional … Read more