MEMS based flow sensor that simultaneously measures flow rate and direction

Abstract: A micromachined cantilever-based flow sensor is designed, depending on the detection of surface strain on the cantilever caused by the mass flow. In the continuous flow mode, the deflection of cantilever is directly proportional to the flow rate. The working mechanism of the strain beam in the flow sensor is analyzed using INTELLISUITE as the finite … Read more

application of PSO to ELD problem

Abstract- This paper describes a successful adaptation of the particle swarm optimisation (PSO) algorithm to solve types of economic dispatch (ED) problems in power systems. Economic load dispatch is a non linear optimization problem which is of great importance in power systems[1]. Economic load dispatch (ELD) is the scheduling of generators to minimize the total … Read more

Essay on auto intensity street light control

CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. SCOPE OF STUDY 3. METHODOLOGY OF AUTOMATIC STREET LIGHTING SYSTEM 3.1 Design Architecture 3.2 Hardware Specification 3.3 Software Development 3.4 System Working Principle 4. AUTOMATIC STREET LIGHT SYSTEM CIRCUIT DESIGN 4.1 LDR 4.2 Infra Red Proximity Sensor 4.3 Voltage Regulator 4.4 Comparator 4.5 Darlington array 4.6 LEDs for Street lights 4.7 … Read more