The Prince

The Prince, seemingly a fairytale about a prince finding true love or going to war to protect his loved ones, in reality a guide to ruling as a prince, politically speaking, or some may say, a guide on how not to rule. Niccolo Machiavelli was a man of controversial ideals, especially involving the role of … Read more

The Women of Brewster Street

The Women of Brewster street falls under the different type of stereotypes such as the men are always irresponsible and dominant, the women fall under weakness and vulnerability. The women of Brewster Place each tell of their experience while living in Brewster Place. Each character falls into women stereotypes such as submissive, dependent, emotional, etc. … Read more

1984 by George Orwell

1984 is a novel written by George Orwell and was published in 1949. It features a dystopian society in which Big Brother is the face of the ruling party. The Party is compelling the usage of an imagined dialect called Newspeak, which endeavors to anticipate political disobedience by dispensing with all words identified with it. … Read more

Daisy Miller by Henry James

Society is a community of individuals with common geographics, traditions, and beliefs. In the Victorian era, European society had a high regard for status and social class. In Daisy Miller, Europeans look down upon Daisy Miller, an American, because of her reckless behavior in searching for men. Higher social classes specifically condemn her actions and … Read more

Fences by August Wilson

Fences Topic Essay Fences, a play written by August Wilson examines Troy Maxson’s development as a character, husband, and father stemming from his traumatic transition from childhood into adulthood, being stripped away from adolescence effectively putting him in a place filled with complacency coming from the oppression of his times and infecting the lives of … Read more