Under IFRS, consolidation is appropriate when an entity has the ability to govern the financial and operating policies of another entity to obtain benefits. Control can be represented when a parent owns more than 50 percent of an entity’s voting power. If the parent does not own more than 50 percent, however, a legal or … Read more

Stock markets

Stock markets play a vital part towards the economy of a country. The stock market most important role is supporting the growth of the industry and commerce in the country eventually affects the economy of the country to a great extent. That is the reason that a rising stock market is the sign of a … Read more

Leasing companies in Mauritius

Mauritius Leasing Company Related essay: Methodology: Research into leasing business in Mauritius It is the principal and number one player in the Mauritian market as leasing company. In 1987, the Mauritius leasing had incorporated as the first leasing company in Mauritius as joint venture with Government to offer leasing facilities to businesses. In 27 February … Read more

Prospect theory

Prospect theory will always be defined as a behavioral economic theory that people value gains and losses and make decision which concerning on perceived gains rather than perceived losses as fundamental. According to journal of ‘Prospect Theory and Coercive Bargaining’ by author Christopher K. Butler, Prospect theory has been applied in order to solve the … Read more

"Annuity Purchase, rather than ARFs, should be the default option for retirees" – do you agree?

Introduction The provision of financial security in retirement is vital for society and individuals. However basic knowledge on options for retirees is still lacking in the majority of the population. Pension systems around the world are coming under increasing pressure with rising life expectancies, uncertain economic conditions and increased sovereign debt. Therefore it has never … Read more

Capital markets

Capital markets provided a platform to investors for trading the financial securities such as bonds, stocks etc. The traders can be both individuals and institutions. Capital market is an important part of financial market, as a corresponding concept to the money market. Capital market is more focus on long term financing activities, it always refer … Read more

Microfinance and MFIs

From the time of independence unemployment and poverty has been two major characteristics and challenges of India. The major cause for the above two has been the unavailability of sufficient credit facilities for the poor and unemployed. These two factors have become the most challenging roadblock in the path of sustainable development of the country. … Read more

Research proposal: The new global determinants of FDI flow to developing countries: the importance of ICT and democratization

Introduction The purpose of this research in summary is the determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in the Developing countries. The research comprises of a central theme known as Foreign Direct Investment. Before companies take part in participating in the foreign markets, some type of investment are considered. Such as whether the participation in foreign markets … Read more

Flow of funds

The Federal Reserve released the Flow of Funds numbers on September 18, 2014 for the second quarter of the year. The report has provided an opportunity for people to be able to inquire about the debt levels which are outstanding in the economy of the United States. Judging from the recent release of the Flow … Read more

'Basel II'

‘Basel II’ – the revision of the Basel Accords was published in June 2004 at first. It is a proposal on banking laws and regulations and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision carried it out in 2007,. It is trying to amend the crude risk buckets and differentiate risks in more detail Under Basel II. … Read more

Financial Crises

According to IMF, financial Crises can defined as a situation in which the value of financial institutions or assets drops rapidly, it may occur following phenomena: substantial changes in credit volume and asset prices; severe disruptions in financial intermediation and the supply of external financing in the economy; large scale balance sheet problems; and large … Read more

Introduction to finance

INTRODUCTION TO FINANCE: Finance is the integral part of business. The economic development of any country, depends upon the ‘existence of a well- organized financial system. It is the financial system, which supplies the necessary financial input for the production of goods and services, which in turn promotes the well-being, and standard of people of … Read more