The rise of China

With the largest population of a fifth of humankind, the fastest growing economy, the largest army, a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, a nuclear arsenal and numerous space programs, there is no doubt that China is rising. The country has played a crucial role in the international system despite there being a … Read more


COUNTRY PROFILE Nigeria is located in the south east of West Africa, sharing borders with Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Nigeria is 923,768sq km which is four times the size of Britain ( 2018). The country has a population of 192million people, it is the seventh largest country in terms of population giving it the … Read more

Tectonic plate boundaries

Describe the main three types of the Earth’s tectonic plate boundaries with examples of where they occur and explain the main cause of plate movement There have been many theories about plate movement, one of the first theories was by geophysicist Alfred Wegener. Wegener proposed the idea that the continents used to fit together like … Read more

Plate tectonics

Plate tectonics as a theory suggests states that the Lithosphere is split up into a series of rigid plates. At current, seven major plates have been identified, as well as a number of smaller plates. The boundaries were found to coincide with features upon the Earth’s surface, these include, orogenic belts, mid-ocean ridges, transform faults … Read more


Ice volcanoes which are commonly known as cryovolcanoes are the types of volcanoes that occur in the solar system’s frozen regions. A regular volcano is made up of molten rocks or lava, whereas the ice volcano erupts volatiles compounds such as water, ammonia, methane, nitrogen that is accompanied by gas driven fragments, this process is … Read more

Indonesia vs. Malaysia territorial dispute

I. BACKGROUND Southeast Asia location is very strategic which located between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. As a consequence, Southeast Asia nations generally have a very distinctive maritime nature. On the other hand, Southeast Asia countries also have a long history of colonialism. Therefore, when its gain or was given independence, dispute of territory … Read more

America’s Water pipes

In 2014, Flint, Michigan switched its water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River in order to save the city $200 million over 25 years (NPR, CNN). The tradeoff for saving money in this way was switching the city’s water source to a polluted river, being 70 times harder and 19 times more iron … Read more

East Timor

Since 2002, East Timor is a recognized southeastern Asian country, but it previously fought for many decades to get its independence. Until 1974, East Timor was a colony of Portugal but in 1975, after of a military coup, Portugal allowed its colonies to seek independence. Three political parties formed in East Timor and after a … Read more

Nigerian building collapses

In Nigeria today the issue of buildings collapse is disturbing, this problem has been frequent for the past few years. Over two hundred cases of buildings collapse have been recorded within the past fifteen years all across Nigeria, just recently in September 2014 a new constructed building not older than two years collapsed in the … Read more

Negative impact of globalization

Many elements of globalization have an overall positive impact on our world economy. Though some positive aspects may take time, there are still several aspects of globalization that impact the world economy in a negative way. Now that we have explored that positive aspects in the previous paper. It is important to now reflect on … Read more

APTERR Framework – Promoting Food Security in the ASEAN + 3 States

It has been recognized by the literature that the changes occurring to the climate have implications for food security. It has also been argued that an increase in the world’s temperature will negatively affect agriculture, water security, and the development of pathogens and pests. Likewise, it has been discussed by the literature that economic crises … Read more

South Africa’s income inequality

To what extent has post-Apartheid South Africa’s income inequality increased despite its transition to democracy and its economic growth?   South Africa is a country renowned for its stark contrast in social, ethnic and economic (income) inequality. Introduced by the National party in 1948, the Apartheid system established the barrier between different appearances, known ancestries, … Read more


About selected country: Canada Canada is the second largest country on earth. It has three ocean borders: • the Pacific Ocean in the west • the Atlantic Ocean in the east • the Arctic Ocean to the north Canada borders the United States in the south and in the northwest. Canada has many different types … Read more


The success of Geisinger is contingent on the area it serves. This means that “one thing depends on the other, and one way is not necessarily better than the other” (Daft, 2016, ch. 1, p. 28). Geisinger is in a unique demographic area. While its main stronghold is located in Scranton, PA which a large … Read more

Oil exploration in Nigeria

For about 50 years are the big multinationals and the Nigerian government exploiting the Niger delta. Companies like Shell earn lots of money with this. The country earned billions with it, but the majority of the civilization are suffering from the exploitation of the Niger delta. Their social and economic rights are ignored and many … Read more

Impact on Finance – Malaysia

Malaysia suffers a huge capital flight due to the global financial crisis 2008. All the financial institution in the US solely focused on their own country’s market and choose to reduce the business from international. Malaysia having a decrease situation on the GDP Growth Rate over the few years and the capital inflows of Malaysia … Read more

Tanzanian population

Population increase, agricultural productivity and environmental degradation have characterized many developing countries including Tanzania. These trends have negatively impacted on development and natural resources, amidst the increasing demand for resources in the wake of ever increasing population. Environmental degradation in several parts of Tanzania not only affects biodiversity but also has a direct impact on … Read more

Cambodia economy

In Southeast Asia, Cambodia is one of the poorest developing countries. The environmental problems in Cambodia lower the value of and access to productive resources as well as create health issues, especially for the poor, which increases vulnerability and complicates economic development and the fight against poverty.   In the year of 2015, according to … Read more

Kassena-Nankana West District

3.0 The Background to the Study 3.1 Location and Size: The Kassena-Nankana West District is one of the thirteen districts in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It was carved out of the Kassena-Nankana Municipal in 2007 and initiated on Friday, 28th February 2008. The Local Government Instrument which established the region is Legislative Instrument … Read more


LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 2.0 Introduction This chapter will cover the literature review of this study. It will include relevant scholarly work related to regional integration. It will also encompass the theoretical framework on which this study is based. The review of scholarly literature on the topic currently being researched is done using the … Read more


Africa, a unique continent, has unique cultural values which helps in the sustenance of the practice of development. This is embedded in its communal way of life that preceded colonial rule and has continued to resist the onslaught of globalization. African culture “values” communalization rather than privatization which is what the Western Culture values. The … Read more

Topic: Frankfurt, Germany

Introduction Frankfurt is that the business and monetary center of European nation and therefore the largest town within the German state of Hesse and therefore the fifth-largest town in Germany, with a 2014 population of 717,624 among its body boundaries. The geographic area referred to as metropolis Rhein-Main features a population of two, 221,910. Town … Read more

How to write a geography essay

Geography being a science that encompasses the study of earths physical characteristics, that is rivers, mountains and their formations as well as human life such as ecology and adjustments and influences we have upon our natural surroundings. Seeing that geography is a wide ranged discipline makes it a tricky essay to embark on hence it requires vigilance when writing it. Having the two main divisions: Human Geography and Physical Geography to choose from, which in turn have many subdivisions under them you need to make an informed choice on your topic.

The following sections offer fundamental guidelines on how to write a geography essay.

Due to a range of topics to choose from, you first of all have to be well informed on the topic of choice. If you chose to venture into ‘human geography’ which is already a broad sub division on its own, you will want to specify your scope of study to maybe linguistics geography or language geography which are subdivisions of human geography. Be sure to make a good judgement on your choice of topic to ensure at the end you come up with an interesting essay. Having prior knowledge on the choice of your topic is also an added advantage as it will ease your work and mind while researching as you will be adding knowledge to what you are already familiar with just more detailed.

Once you acknowledge your scope of study, commence on your research making sure you don’t stray into other subdivisions. Make use of the available course books at your disposal, carry out online researches from known geography scholars and published journals. Geography being a wide discipline is advantageous as research materials from other humanities can be used to cement you research materials.

  • In your research, ensure the materials provided are detailed and factual. This will enhance the credibility of your research as well as providing enough materials to refer to throughout your study and it will be a clear outline of your own personal understanding and knowledge on the scope of your study. Carry out critical analysis on the information from the research before putting it down into writing as this research will be the ultimate foundation of your essay.
  • When compiling the essay from your research materials, it is advisable to use bullet points and short paragraphs when expounding on your points to make it easy to read as well as putting out your ideas clearly. Make sure every paragraph introduced has an independent idea but that overall it backs up your main scope of the study by providing back up information and strengthening your argument or angle of your essay. Use clear language as well as geographical terms when explaining.
  • Time management is an essential quality needed as you embark on research to gather necessary materials and information. Due to its diversity, geography research needs to be given ample time to ensure you come up with the necessary materials, credible sources and supporting materials. Bear in mind that you may need to indulge in other humanities disciplines to get materials from. Make sure you have a clear outline of the time allocated to deploying each task.
  • Have a clear outline of what your study is meant to achieve at the end. This outline will be an ultimate guide to you as you do the research. It will emphasis the essential parts and areas you need to focus your research on. It will also act as cement to your time management program as you will already have a clear understanding of what you want. It will also allow you to stay in focus so as not to stray while researching.
  • Being able to know how to write a geography essay well is an important skill if you want to achieve high grades. It’s not all just about writing the essay though, you need to make sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s which inevitably means re-reading your work. If you are looking for a specific type of writing strategy then take a look at our writing strategy guide.
  • After writing your final copy of the essay make sure you go through your work taking caution to point out any mistakes you make have made. You may need to adjust the flow of your research if you haven’t outlined your ideas systematically. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will need to be amended also.

Geography being wholly characterised factually; be sure to devise ways to make the essay interesting and appealing to the reader while at the same time execute the thesis of your study.

By bearing in mind the guidelines outlined above guide on how to write a geography essay, you are on your way to achieving the grades you deserve.