Environmental migrants

“Environmental migrants are persons or groups of persons who, for compelling reason of sudden or progressive change in the environment that adversely affects their lives or living conditions, are obliged to leave their habitual homes, or choose to do so, either temporarily or permanently and who move either within their country or abroad (IOM, 2007)” … Read more

Factors affecting women in India

Abstract: Women in India lack support and power for accessing their fundamental rights. Women in India have nutrition deficiency and are less healthy as compared to men, further they are sexually and physically abused. Their literacy level amongst women is less as compared to men and are lagging behind in acquiring any professional or technical … Read more

Nuclear accidents

On February 28, 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) published its health risk assessment from the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. This report concluded that for the general population inside and outside of Japan, the predicted risks are low and no observable increases in cancer rates above baseline rates … Read more

The Bengawan Solo River

The Bengawan Solo River has been famous in Indonesia for centuries and is often mentioned in folk story and traditional literature. A large number of researchers have studied the Bengawan Solo River and its basin in different aspects including hydrological, socio and cultural aspects. Java Island, where the Bengawan Solo river basin is situated, typically … Read more

Famine in Somalia

Abstract : In this report I am going to discuss the worldwide issue which is hunger in Somalia, this issue had a global attention but it wasn’t enough to solve it or to save Somalis people and children from death. I searched for reasons, causes and real grids of Somalia famine and the reason that … Read more

Aging population in Indonesia

Indonesia is recently facing major age-related issues as the elderly population continues to grow. As such, aging will soon become a policy concern that will require attention from the government. To ensure that the elderly receive adequate support during their old age, recently several new laws have been passed [1]. One of the main consequences … Read more


Peru Task 1 1. Introduction Peru is a developing country that is rich in their physical resources. Due to its geographical location and climate conditions, it is suitable to set up vineyard in the country. The continuation economy growth in Peru, give foreign company an opportunity to go into Peru to invest. This report will … Read more


1.0 Introduction 1.1 Introduction to the report This report is going to describe the main features of Mexico, including background information, geographical features, politics, economy and social indicators. 1.2 Background of Mexico Mexico is the cradle of various highly developed Amerindian civilizations, including the Olmec, Maya, Toltec, and Aztec (Country Watch, 2014).It is also the … Read more

Essay on Native American Culture

This unit is an introduction to several aspects of Native American culture, for grades second through fifth. In this unit the class will learn about Native Americans way of life through the books selected. I have chosen these books because they teach and have examples of Native American history. In this unit the class will … Read more

Essay on Giurgiu County

Judetul Giurgiu se afla in partea de sud a tarii , pe cursul Dunarii, strabatut de paralela 43?? 53′ latitudine nordica si de meridianul 25??59′ longitudine estica, situat la o altitudine de 23-26 de metri. Judetul Giurgiu este amplasat pe malul Dunarii pe o lungime de 72 kilometri , avand legaturi cu tarile riverane si … Read more