Ancient History Practice Essay – Peloponnesian War

“Assess which city holds the greatest responsibility for causing the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War.” The Peloponnesian War that occurred from 446 to 399 BC transpired mainly due to Corinth, Sparta and Athens. Corinth holds accountability for the city’s interference with Athens’ affairs and because of their threat to Sparta. Sparta is partly responsible because … Read more

History of women's shelter

Battering women was a common thing until the first battered women’s shelter open in the United States, specifically Tucson, Arizona, and St. Paul, Minnesota. There are many cases where women were mistreated by their husband or raped and never got the help they should. ‘During the 1970s, in Chicago and many other cities, married battered … Read more

President Lyndon B Johnson

In time of tragedy, President Lyndon Baines Johnson provided greatly needed stability and continuity to United States. He became the 36th President of United States following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Lyndon B. Johnson is considered one of the most brilliant and expert Politian of his time. Among innumerable misfortunes in his young … Read more

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great, or Alexander of Macedonia as was his rightful title, was born in 356 BC. His parents were Philip the Second and Olympias of Epirus. Alexander was an only child and therefore the only heir should his father die. When his father married another woman, his family split with Alexander and his mother … Read more

The Crusades

As I started to read different articles; I wondered what the difference was between a crusade and a crusader. I found out that the medieval crusade was a holy war, and for it to be an officially crusade, it had to be ordered by the pope against groups of people that hated Christendom. Only Jerusalem … Read more

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald is regarded as the person who assassinated one of our most beloved president. Oswald in New Orleans, Louisiana was born. Oswald would serve in the United States Marine Corps. He would later after discharge from the military defect to the Soviet Union where he would try to renounce his American Citizenship and … Read more

Racism and bigotry

Racism and bigotry is among the most unsavory of realities in United States history. The injury inflicted on America’s soul will forever be a slowly healing wound as a result of the acts of violence and persecution minorities and homosexual communities alike have endured both in the past and present day. In Jasper, Texas a … Read more

Racial relations

In the previous chapter, the reader has been familiarised with race relations after the end of the Civil War. Certainly, it was shown that in the post-war years, racial prejudice against African Americans was a serious problem. Apart from segregation, many acts of discrimination could be enumerated. For instance, in 1943, the blacks who wanted … Read more

Slavery in Virginia

Slavery was introduced in Virginia in late August of 1619; a Dutch ship arrived in Jamestown, Virginia with about twenty or more Negroes onboard. The shipment that was exchanged was the ship with the Negroes on it in exchange for food. They were first introduced as indentured servants. An indentured servant is a person who’s … Read more