Problems encountered by large technology companies

This essay explains the issues that Samsung encountered following the release of their newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, on 19th August 2016. The problems they encountered after their recall and second release regarding the batteries of their smartphone will be discussed and evaluated more 1. INTRODUCTION Samsung first released their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone … Read more

Security Mechanisms of Virtual Private Network

III. Security Mechanisms of Virtual Private Network To prevent leaking or stealing of private information VPNs typically allow only authenticated remote access using tunnelling protocols and various encryption techniques. VPNs cannot make the user completely anonymous in the internet, but they can usually increase anonymity and confidentiality of the information. To prevent disclosure of private … Read more

Snobby Bank’s Public Access Banking PCs – devices and networks

Module Name: Devices and Networks Scenario: Snobby Bank’s Public Access Banking PCs Devices and Networks Introduction: Snobby Bank is a very well-known company with an aim of attracting more young customers by offering in a house access to computers and equipment for their banking activities. This report will be outlining the user requirements needed to … Read more

Variable voltage regulators

5.5 723 Variable voltage regulators The 3 terminal regulators have the following limitations : (i)No short circuit protection. (ii)Output voltage (positive or negative) is fixed. These limitations have been overcome in 723 general purpose regulator, which can be adjusted over a wide range of both positive (or) negative regulated voltage. This IC is inherently low … Read more

Waveform generators

3.6 Waveform generators 3.6.1 Triangular wave generator A triangular wave generator can be formed by simply connecting an integrator to a square wave generator. The resultant circuit is shown in Figure. This circuit requires dual op-amp, two capacitors, and at least five resistors. Triangular wave generator The frequencies of the square wave and triangular wave … Read more

AC characteristics

2.4 AC characteristics For small signal sinusoidal (ac) applications, one has to know the ac characteristics such as frequency response and slew rate. Frequency Response of an OP-Amp Ideally an open loop op-amp has infinite Bandwidth. It means that, if its A0L = 90dB with dc signal its gain should remain the same 90dB through … Read more

Error coefficients

There are two types of error coefficients such as: 1. Static error coefficient 2. Dynamic error coefficient Static error coefficient Ability of the system to reduce or eliminate the steady state error is static error coefficient. It is of 3 different types. 1. Position error coefficient:- Here the reference input signal is a constant (step … Read more

Arithmetic and logic functions

UNIT II ARITHMETIC OPERATIONS ALU – Addition and subtraction – Multiplication – Division – Floating Point operations – Subword parallelism. 2.1 ALU Let us discuss about the Arithmetic and logic functions: The arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The logic operations are AND, OR, NOT, EXOR. The different arithmetic and logic functions are … Read more


COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN Concept of CAD as drafting and designing facility, desirable features of CAD package, drawing features in CAD – Scaling, rotation, translation, editing, dimensioning, labeling, Zoom, pan, redraw and regenerate, typical CAD command structure, wire frame modeling, surface modeling and solid modeling (concepts only) in relation to popular CAD packages. 1.1 Concept Of … Read more

Multipath propagation

1.3 Multipath propagation Effects of multipath propagation in cellular network: 1. Multipath Propagation: For wireless communications, the transmission medium is the radio channel between transmitter TX and receiver RX. The signal transfers from the TX to the RX via number of different propagation paths. In some cases, a Line Of Sight (LOS) connection might exists … Read more

Non-orthogonal Multiple access and FULL Duplex in Acoustic Underwater Communications

1 Introduction Underwater technologies has recently gained an increasing research attention. This is mainly due to the recent increase in exploitation of natural resources underwater along with the ongoing trend on collecting big data from underwater enviroments through Internet of Underwater things (IOUT) [kiko,Gussen,Jiang]. Also, such technologies would support multiple ocean applications such as: oceanographic … Read more

Universal Second Factor (U2F)

There is a critical need for improving the authentication standards because of breaches being caused by weak usernames and passwords. With more than 60% rise in credential thefts and violations occurring across global major corporate organizations, second factor authentication is a must cite{Ref1}. To address these concerning issues, the FIDO alliance launched a new protocol … Read more

Multimedia Compression Techniques

Abstract Multimedia data, increasing in the modern era because multimedia are the major source of information. Multimedia data required storage capacity and transmission bandwidth. These factors we need for multimedia compression technique. Uncompressed data required more storage and transmission bandwidth on the other hand, we have limited storage capacity and transmission bandwidth. But improving in … Read more

Creating security awareness

This thesis is about the topic security awareness. In fact it is about creating security awareness. As described in the research employees find themselves abroad working on engineering projects for Tideway Offshore Solutions. Rules and regulations for safety and security are strict on board ships and in port facilities. During travel in land abroad these … Read more

Software requirements

Abstract: Right around a quarter century later, eliciting, representing and organizing software requirements remains one of the most challenging problems in software development. Numerous prerequisites slips are passed undetected to the later periods of the life cycle and remedying these blunders amid or after execution have been discovered to be greatly excessive. Concentrated on have … Read more


CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW Multicast is internetwork service that provides delivery of data from source multiple recipients. It communicated to the large groups, a bandwidth efficient technique for delivering group-oriented applications over the internet. These applications such as video conferencing, interactive group games, video on demand (VoD), and mobile TV services. Multicast content distribution … Read more