Management information system

1-INTRODUCTION In a competitive era which is lead by globalization and technology in the last few decades has increased the need of information system. Because of this Organizations have started to use information systems in various functions and department. Human resources management is one of the departments that mostly use management information system. Human resource … Read more

Student Organization Website for the Student Organization of Urdaneta City University

Chapter 1 PROJECT OVERVIEW Background of the Study One of the goals of higher education is to prepare students for their profession or occupation. In addition to the traditional classroom environment, there are other opportunities that can help students in promoting their professional interests and developing professional skills (Patterson, 2012). Furthermore, Student Organization has many … Read more

The Role and Responsibility of the External Auditor towards Cloud Computing

The Role and Responsibility of the External Auditor towards the Cloud Computing (An Empirical Study) Prepared by Hxxx Hxxxxxx Mxxxxxx 1.Chapter one: General Framework 1.1 Introduction and Background The cloud computing represents one of the challenges, which faces both accountants and auditors since some organizations have changed to adopt cloud computing. The cloud computing has … Read more

Data access control

Data access control is an helpful way to make sure that data security in the cloud. Unpaid to data outsource and untrusted cloud servers, it can access control becomes a exigent matter in cloud storage systems. Cipher text-Policy characteristic based Encryption is regard as one of the most fit technologies for data access control in … Read more

What is version control?

A version control system or VCS is a software tool which allows you to manage multiple revisions of the same file, i.e source code files. Version control software helps keep track of modifications made to the file over time. Files are regularly pushed to repositories online as the users continue to update the file. This … Read more

Multi-core processors

Introduction In this paper the we will talk about multi-core processors, specifically the Intel Core i7 processor. We will discuss what a processor is, what it’s used for in computer architectures, look at some different types of intel i7 processors and see how the cache component is implemented within intel i7 processors. First let’s discuss … Read more

Preventing congestion by combining traffic shaping and network border monitoring and control mechanisms

ABSTRACT Congestion is a known problem for packet switching networks like the Internet, and customarily, congestion occur on the Internet as packets traverse shared-networks. It is not uncommon for packets to arrive in bursts from sources in a network. Typically, congestion occurs when packet arrive in a burst or when sources are sending more data … Read more

Harnessing energy through knowledge – business development strategy of e-commerce companies

Introduction The forefront for business today is e-commerce. It remains for electronic business. It implies managing in merchandise and administrations through the electronic media and web. On the web, it identifies with a site of the merchant, who offers items or administrations straightforwardly to the client from the entry utilizing a computerized shopping basket or … Read more

ICON technology

Product Description: The age of smart technology is here. Today we have smart phones, smart watches, smart apps and much more. ICON smartech which is based out of Silicon Valley has come up with ICON dashboard which enables the consumer to make their home a smart home. The focus of ICON is to create a … Read more

The system development life cycle

The system development life cycle is a series of steps that are ordinarily executed before, during, and after an information system is implemented. Simply put, the life cycle is a series of five steps: initiation of the system planning process, system acquisition and development, implementation, operations and maintenance, and disposal (Radack). It is critical for … Read more

Informatics and Technology in Nursing

In nursing Informatics and Technology are defined as “specialty that integrates nursing science with multiple information and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom in nursing practice, consumers, patients, the interprofessional healthcare team and other stakeholders in their decision making in all roles and settings to achieve desired outcomes” … Read more


INTRODUCTION 1.1MODULATION: In electronics and telecommunication , the process of varying periodic wave forms called carrier signal with a signal which contains information to be transmitted called modulating signal is known as modulation. Generally it is the process of delivering the message signal. In modulation process, amplitude, frequency or phase of the carrier wave is … Read more

Cyber bulling

Part I: What I Know, Assume, or Imagine Cyber bullying has become a crippling issue in the 21st century. Over 5 million teens have been a victim of some sort of bullying online. However, with the internet reaching all over the globe, the victim number could be even bigger. After researching cyberbullying for my Exploratory … Read more

The Prevalence of Visual Culture and Graphic Design

2.1.2. Defining Graphic Design 2.1.3. A Brief History of Graphic Design 2.1.4. Innovations and Relevant Issues 2.2. (Graphic) Design Education 2.2.1. The Need for a Comprehensive Curriculum 3. Methodology……………………………………………………………………………. 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Sample Description 3.3. Research Method 3.4. Justification of Data 3.4.1. The Great Debate 3.4.2. Crouwel: Abstraction and Organisation 3.4.3. Van Toorn: Visual Editing … Read more

Review and Summary of Cornell’s “PageRank” Algorithm

Everyday, billions of entries are typed into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. At an incredulous speed, thousands of suggested websites and journal articles are generated that are most closely related to the keywords entered by the user. However, deciphering an algorithm that would take certain keywords and output the “best” suited websites … Read more


Introduction It was in the year of 1984 that Apple released the first affordable personal computer for the general public consumer called the Macintosh. From that day to this, Apple have grown from strength to strength. The operating system used by Macintosh personal computers and laptops has changed greatly since its infancy and is now … Read more

Asymmetric Cryptography

Research Paper Residency Weekend Group Project Asymmetric Cryptography Explained All at Once Submitted to Dr. Donald Grimes by Residency Group 4 In partial fulfillment of course, requirement of EMSISS ISOL535: Cryptography University of the Cumberlands Spring 2018 Abstract In today’s technology, securing a system is an essential issue. Numerous procedures are given to secure system. … Read more

How gamification can be incorporated into a mobile app

1.1 Aims and Objectives The projects aim is to explore how gamification can be incorporated into a mobile app which motivates pro-environmental behavior. Through examining existing ideas using gamification as a tool to motivate, the project aims to identify what contributes to the success and pitfalls and techniques to be applied when motivating environmental behavior. … Read more