Image compression techniques

Related essay: Image processing CHAPTER-3 IMAGE COMPRESSION TECHNIQUES 3.1 NEED FOR COMPRESSION Compression is necessary in modern data transfer and processing whether it is performed on data or an image/video file as transmission and storage of uncompressed video would be extremely costly and impractical. Frames with 352 x 288 contain 202,752 bytes of information. Recording … Read more

Network security

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Security Fears Beyond the Wide Utilization and Growth of Social Networking

1.0. Introduction Nowadays, the applications of online social networking are not only surrounding the personal life but also their professional life of the population. It is also quite obvious that social media is providing more and more function and benefits worldwide, because the number of people from many countries with varied economic development, that are … Read more

Energy Aware Sensor Node Design With Its Application in Wireless Sensor Networks

  Abstract Wireless sensor network (WSN) have been identified as one of the most important technology for 21st century. But the energy consumption is the major problem for the implementation of wireless sensor network now days. This paper presents the design and software based implementation of an energy aware sensor node which helps to solve … Read more


Internet telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a product that is quickly changing the telecom industry and how people communicate. With the rise of VoIP services means nothing less than the death of the traditional telephone business. VoIP is an emerging technology that utilizes the Internet infrastructure to make phone calls as opposed … Read more


There have been many authentication methods that have been proposed by researchers for authentication. Some of the most prominent of them have been discussed here. Initially there have been some techniques where user based mechanisms are used to authenticate server. Automated Challenge Response Method (ARM) [19] is one such authentication mechanisms where challenge generation module … Read more

Graphical passwords

CHAPTER 3 AN ENHANCED MULTILEVEL AUTHENTICATION SCHEME USING GRAPHICAL PASSWORDS Now-a-days there are several types of technologies to avoid online attacks . Still there are some limitations which are leading to violation of the security. This results in attacks in which the intruder can claim the user’s confidential information. 3.1 Traditional Password Authentication In the … Read more

PLC controllers

Introduction: The PLC – logic controllers or programmable –¬†Is an electronic device used in automation in industrial systems Kaltgm mechanism of action of the production lines at the plant what , and unlike systems traditional computer has been designed to suit the conditions more difficult in terms of the areas of bearing temperatures and dust … Read more

Essay introduction: Digital watermarking scheme

ABSTRACT Digital media application, multimedia security, copyright protection are becoming important in today’s world as its distribution over network is increasing rapidly, indeed left a concern for the owner about their ownership protection. For the copyright protection of the digital applications, digital watermarking is introduced that enables to mark the digital image with undetectable secret … Read more

The Differences of Functionalities Between Database Management System And Information Retrieval System

Nowadays, modern organizations usually use database management system or information retrieval system in order to store and retrieve their information and data efficiently. Both systems have their own advantage and disadvantage. Database Systems work with relational database but Information Retrieval System works on unstructured data. The main data structure was used in Database System is … Read more

Data stream in clustering based outlier detection

The rest of the paper, is described out the combined process of Hierarchical and Partition hybrid approach of (BIRCH with CLARANS), (CURE with CLARANS) clustering process and finding the outliers in data streams, it is followed by new enhanced hybrid approach techniques(E-CURE with E-CLARANS) for data stream clustering algorithm for detecting the outliers, discussed in … Read more

Implementing Swifinet

ABSTRACT Use of wireless sensor networks (WSN) has resulted in many revolutionary changes in human life. WSN has gain significant concentration from scientist and end users. ‘SWiFiNet’ is task distributed reusable system architecture. In this architecture complex functionality has been transfer to the second tire devices of the system. Second tire devices are provided with … Read more