Cyber bulling

Part I: What I Know, Assume, or Imagine Cyber bullying has become a crippling issue in the 21st century. Over 5 million teens have been a victim of some sort of bullying online. However, with the internet reaching all over the globe, the victim number could be even bigger. After researching cyberbullying for my Exploratory … Read more

The Prevalence of Visual Culture and Graphic Design

2.1.2. Defining Graphic Design 2.1.3. A Brief History of Graphic Design 2.1.4. Innovations and Relevant Issues 2.2. (Graphic) Design Education 2.2.1. The Need for a Comprehensive Curriculum 3. Methodology……………………………………………………………………………. 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Sample Description 3.3. Research Method 3.4. Justification of Data 3.4.1. The Great Debate 3.4.2. Crouwel: Abstraction and Organisation 3.4.3. Van Toorn: Visual Editing … Read more

Review and Summary of Cornell’s “PageRank” Algorithm

Everyday, billions of entries are typed into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. At an incredulous speed, thousands of suggested websites and journal articles are generated that are most closely related to the keywords entered by the user. However, deciphering an algorithm that would take certain keywords and output the “best” suited websites … Read more


Introduction It was in the year of 1984 that Apple released the first affordable personal computer for the general public consumer called the Macintosh. From that day to this, Apple have grown from strength to strength. The operating system used by Macintosh personal computers and laptops has changed greatly since its infancy and is now … Read more

Asymmetric Cryptography

Research Paper Residency Weekend Group Project Asymmetric Cryptography Explained All at Once Submitted to Dr. Donald Grimes by Residency Group 4 In partial fulfillment of course, requirement of EMSISS ISOL535: Cryptography University of the Cumberlands Spring 2018 Abstract In today’s technology, securing a system is an essential issue. Numerous procedures are given to secure system. … Read more

How gamification can be incorporated into a mobile app

1.1 Aims and Objectives The projects aim is to explore how gamification can be incorporated into a mobile app which motivates pro-environmental behavior. Through examining existing ideas using gamification as a tool to motivate, the project aims to identify what contributes to the success and pitfalls and techniques to be applied when motivating environmental behavior. … Read more

ICT infrastructure in libraries

Many studies have been conducted regarding the use of ICT in libraries. For instance in India, Sampath Kumar & Biradar (2010) observe the use of information communication technology (ICT) in 31 college libraries in Karnataka, India by analyzing the ICT infrastructure, status of library automation, barriers to implementation of library automation and librarians’ attitudes towards … Read more

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter; Huawei) is a Chinese multinational provider of information and communications technology solutions that is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. At its early stages, Huawei only focused on manufacturing phone switches but has now expanded to building telecommunication network and also designing smart phones for the consumer market around the world. This … Read more

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the principle that every point on the network can connect to any other point on the network, without discrimination on the basis of origin, destination or type of data. This principle is the central reason for the success of the Internet. Net Neutrality is crucial for innovation, competition and for the free … Read more

Operating systems

Introduction At the most fundamental level, an operating system serves as an intermediary—that is, a middleman—between a computer user and computer hardware (Bower, 2015). It is an extensive and complicated group of system programs that oversees the many operations of a computer and handles the management of computer resources (Garrido, Schlesinger, & Hoganson, 2013). Furthermore, … Read more

Quantum resistivity of cryptography

This paper investigates the Quantum resistivity of cryptography and provides an understanding towards building a cryptosystem that can survive cryptanalytic attacks carried out using quantum computers; such attacks are called quantum attacks. Quantum resistivity of cryptography refers to the ability of cryptosystems on which cryptanalytic attacks using a quantum computer cannot be performed. Both symmetric … Read more

Social Media in Crisis: A Literature review

Recent technological advancements has made technology (devices, internet and information) available to a large population across the globe. In this literature review, we will investigate the relevance of social media during crisis. In particular, we will look at how existing technologies are being exploited by various stakeholders (victims, NGOs, government etc.) to navigate, gather information, … Read more

Internet memes

Paste your essay in here…The coming of web-based social networking has brought internet memes, an extraordinary social sensation, to the front phase of the Web. Memes can broadly be considered social or cultural ideas or symbols that are virally transmitted via the Internet. Memes are normally jokes, urban legends, viral recordings, funny pictures or infectious … Read more

Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET)

Abstract: Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a dynamic, infrastructureless, Self Configuring network. Due to its natural characteristics, a MANET is vulnerable to many security threats. Blackhole attack is one of such attacks, that attempts to degrade the performance and reliability of the network. Since nodes are allowed to move freely within the network, it … Read more