Employment in the health care sector

Every employee working within the Health care sector is responsible for following the Guidelines of Legislation, Policies, Procedures, concerning the individual company working environment. Usually a written contract is drawn up stating clearly the companies’ policies and procedures, there are generally two sides to the agreement as the employer and the employee both of who … Read more

Royal prerogative

As there is no single accepted definition of the ‘Royal prerogative’ various other ones are offered for conflict with each other. One of the main reasons for this uncertainty is that the prerogative has been changing in the developing years. The definition of the ‘Royal prerogative that is widely used and accepted today is that … Read more

Judicial review

Judicial review is the power of the courts to examine and review agency decisions based on the rules, regulations, and orders of an administrative agency. People and entities seek judicial review to obtain a remedy from an agency decision if they feel they have been injured. Before seeking judicial review, the party must complete any … Read more


Causation is essentially the casual relationship between conduct and result and is an important aspect of the actus reus of an offence. There needs to be an unbroken and direct chain of causation between the defendant’s act and the consequences of that act. There must be a novus actus interviniens that breaks the chain of … Read more

International law problem question

The International Court of Justice observed in the Fisheries Jurisdiction Cases that Article 62 ‘may in many respects be considered as a codification of existing customary law’ . For the doctrine to be fulfilled there needs to be a fundamental change of the circumstances existing when the treaty was formed, and the change must not … Read more

The origins of democracy

Difficulties upon understanding the true essence of democracy prevail nowadays as the said concept can be perceived in numerous ways. Democracy’s beginning was traced first from the Greek city states with the system of direct democracy, and to the European’s popular struggle to achieve freedom on 1500’s as the monarchical rule was still the strongest … Read more

Essay on the Danish Case

IL CASO DANESE Introduzione Prima di vagliare il caso danese ?? opportuno sottolineare che l’agenda digitale, presentata dalla Commissione europea nel 2010, ?? un punto cardine della strategia Europa 2020 volta a fissare gli obiettivi per la crescita nell’Unione europea ( UE ), da raggiungere entro il 2020. Obiettivo dell’agenda digitale ?? quello di sfruttare … Read more