Demographic change in Canada

Over the past several decades, unbelievably swift demographic change has transformed Canada especially its largest cities. In countries like Europe, comparable change has resulted in riots and cultural tensions that have tarnished the concept of multiculturalism there. Unlike Canada these changes despite many challenges were accomplished by continuing to remain peaceful, positive and productive. Multiculturalism … Read more

Intimate partner violence

This essay will talk about how the legal system works when it comes to intimate partner violence. Victims are able to file restraints against their abusers, though if the abuser is mentally unstable a protective order may do nothing more but infuriate them. This is when people can step in and begin to help the … Read more

NSA Monitoring Civilians

That NSA has been discovered to have been monitoring civilians for suspicious activity. This discovery was largely due in part because of a man named Edward Snowden. Snowden is arguably the face of those against government spying programs. Formarily a CIA employee, Snowden exposed the previously confidential government programs that have been monitoring citizens activities. … Read more

The balance of power between states

By state in the strictly political sense is not meant a government or country, but rather “ a body that exercises exclusive political authority over a population in a specific territory “ (Weber). It can be democratic or of any other regime type. Three conditions follow this definition of state.   First, a state is … Read more

Boundless Vacations, Inc Liabilities

In order to determine whether or not Boundless Vacations, Inc. (or BVI) is liable for the injuries sustained by Mr. Meley it must first be determined whether BVI had a special relationship with Mr. Meley and whether BVI owed a duty to disclose information regarding the motel’s safety. Additionally, if it is determined that BVI … Read more

Examinations Disabilities Act

In 2009, Stephanie Enyart filed suit against the National Conference of Bar Examiners, Inc. following several denied requests for accommodations Enyart found necessary in order to take her Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). In March 2009, April 2009, and November 2009, Enyart applied to take the MPRE and California … Read more

The legalisation of guns

Argumentative Essay: Gun Culture and the American SocietyGun culture is the attitudes, feelings, values and behaviors of a society or any social group in which guns are used. Guns have been around for centuries, and these have had a variety of purposes. According to David Yamane, he divided gun culture into two categories, gun culture … Read more

The legalisation of Euthanasia

Euthanasia, one of the subjects that have globally faced intense debate over time, has been considered with many different views presented in terms of legal and ethical attention to patients and their families. Euthanasia impacts so many people. Instead of legalizing euthanasia, more research needs to be done to develop better treatments and medications. Instead … Read more


Policing in 2017: Changing the Image An Interview with Sheriff Jerry Clayton and Director Derrick Jackson Jordan Dottor Madonna University Policing in 2017: Changing the Image An Interview with Sheriff Jerry Clayton and Director Derrick Jackson In light of the recent issues surrounding today’s police and their relationship with the com-munities they serve, one department … Read more

WOW taxi company legal defence

I. UNDER TITLE VII, BEING FEMALE IS NOT A BONA FIDE OCCUPATIONAL QUALIFICATION FOR BEING A TAXI DRIVER. Women on Wheels (“the Defendant”) a taxi company, candidly admitted to discriminating against Gregory Patrick (“Patrick”), a licensed and fully qualified, taxi driver on the basis of sex. (R. at 7.) WOW wants to circumvent the legal … Read more

R v Collins case

In the case of R v Collins, the defendant would have first appeared in the Magistrates court. This would have been to determine whether he should stand trial in a crow court and to deal with issues of bail and legal funding. The defendant would then have appeared in front of the crown court, where … Read more

Nuisance and trespassing

Elton and Robbie have two courses of action that stand out in stark relief available to them in nuisance and trespass for this case. These would be considered in more detail below end the extent to which these actions can be successful for either or both parties. Issues: • Whether Robbie had a right to … Read more

Unlawful Detainment: An Analysis

Under Georgia common law can Ms. King sue Bauer’s Department store for False Imprisonment where she was unlawfully detained of her personal liberty even though when she paid for the items that she purchased. An action of false imprisonment will lie where a person is unlawfully detained under a void process, or no process at … Read more

The Doctrine of Consideration

The doctrine of consideration is arguably the most controversial doctrine in British contract law since its inception in the twelfth century. Indeed, on the one hand, judges and scholars increasingly criticise the doctrine by deeming it to be unnecessary, and on the other hand, it still remained a fundamental requirement for the formation of all … Read more

Elements of a contract

A contract is referred to as a legally binding agreement between two parties. Within this essay, I will be discussing the elements that are essential in the making of a legally bound contract, the biggest factor being the intention to create legal relations. I will examine the presumptions made in several cases, across two types … Read more

Facets of the English Legal System

The English Legal System (ELS), also known as English Common Law, is split into two sections; Civil and Criminal Law. English Common Law originates from King Henry II, he instructed London based judges to travel around the UK and make decisions in the King’s name. These decisions would be based on local customs, the judges … Read more

Legal services funding

I. Introduction The right to justice is a universal right assured in the Magna Carta and the Human Rights Act. It is considered by many to be the cornerstone of a free society. This means that every person has an equal right to access the law if and when it is needed. However, legal services … Read more

Microsoft v. Baker, No. 15-457

On June 12, 2017, the United States Supreme Court held in Microsoft v. Baker, No. 15-457, that Federal Appellate Courts do not have jurisdiction under 28 USC §1291 to review the denial orders of class certification, as well as orders to strike the class certification, after plaintiffs voluntarily The defendants in the Microsoft case are … Read more

Freedom of expression legislation

Freedom of expression is a basic human right that is in its greatest importance for adequate function for a democratic nation (Freedom of Expression, n.d.). Media freedom is proportionally linked to freedom of belief and expressions, which is now considered as one of the fundamental human rights fixed in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration … Read more