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Themes, influences and wider context of William Kentridge’s The Refusal of Time

This essay will analyse the themes, influences and wider context of William Kentridge’s ‘The Refusal of Time’, first created in 2012 and exhibited at dOCUMENT (13), Kassel, Germany. The Refusal of Time projects a barrage of Kentridge’s personal interests and themes amongst these are theatre, the origin of time zones, perception of time, Einsteins theory … Read more

Pride and Prejudice and The Importance of Being Earnest

Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice and Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest, present opinions on society through irony, wordplay and characterization. The central themes of society that influence both texts include the significance of hierarchy and societal class, how love and courtship is either financially beneficial or true passion and how first … Read more

The Poetics of Aristotle

Though written in a remarkably distant past, The Poetics of Aristotle extraordinarily hold value and relevancy in modern criticism and analysis of art and aesthetics. Aristotle’s views on comedy and tragedy, as well as his description of the structure and shaping on narratives can be seamlessly applied to a modern analysis of film, as well … Read more

Food in society and culture

Eating is the most important thing that people do everyday. Eating brings people together and give people satisfaction by getting away from the hunger. Every living creature will eat, but human are the only one who will cook the food. Being able to cook make the food become one of the most important cultural identification … Read more

Narrative techniques in Pride & Prejudice/The Great Gatsby: heroism in the protagonists

Through analysing the narrative techniques used by Austen in Pride and Prejudice, and Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby we develop a true sense of heroism in the protagonists, Darcy and Gatsby. Jay Gatsby, the hero of The Great Gatsby is a mysterious representation of wealth and status living in West Egg, Long Island, in the … Read more

Jane Austen’s elevated form of diction reflects the time & decorum she appears to dislike

Jane Austen is an author noted for being ahead of her time in literature by shying away from the romanticism of the time and setting the stage for the realist movement. She uses concrete, polite language, oddly crafted sentences, characterization through their effect on others, and meaningful dialogue structure. All of these elements helped Austen … Read more

The gaze – a significant tool of Charlotte Bronte to construct new masculinity in Victorian society

The gaze is a significant tool in the hands of Charlotte Bronte to construct her new masculinity in the Victorian society in general and the Victorian literature in particular. The gaze plays a role in the power dynamics between men and women; between the gazer and the gazed. The gazer is considered the subject and … Read more

Bronte: masculine dominance of the Victorian society

The Bronte sisters are of literary origin. Charlotte, Emily, and Anne created fantasy worlds which created the starting point of their ventures into fiction. Anne Bronte teamed up with Emily Bronte and developed the idea of imaginary country called Gondol. Charlotte and her brother Branwell created an imaginary country called Angria. Charlotte Bronte struggled to … Read more

Why the poetry of T.S Eliot is musical

In this essay I will be discussing why I whole heartedly believe that the poetry of T.S Eliot is particularly musical. The modernist poet employs many poetic methods to create melodic and dulcet musical sounding tones through his poems. I will explore Eliot’s poetic canon and detail the musical techniques featured in various poem. Firstly, … Read more

Utterson state of mind

In this extract Utterson is presented by Stevenson as an individual in a contradicting state of two minds, who is also very concerned for his close friend Mr Jekyll. Stevenson describes Utterson’s imagination as ‘engaged, or rather enslaved’ as his mind is restless from thinking about this ‘human Juggernaut’ in the name of Hyde. This … Read more