“Power” by John Scott

The human experience is based on relationships, relationships between families, friends, communities and nations. In some form or another, all of these relationships involve domination. We can use John Scott’s theory of domination to analyse the power relationships in our personal lives. A typical relationship of domination describes the social relation between two actors; the … Read more

Bilbo Baggins – a hero

Who would have thought that Bilbo Baggins, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, could become a hero? At the start of the book, he really did not want anything to do with things outside of his comfort zone. Once the adventure started, Bilbo was striving to help the dwarves and slowly began to step into the … Read more

Symbolism in Animal Farm

George Orwell symbolized Karl Marx, the founder of communism as Old Major who founded animalism. Old Major was thought to be the wisest animal at Manor Farm. George Orwell cleverly expressed Karl Marx’s ideas in the context of Animal Farm through Old Major’s speech to all of the animals at Manor Farm. This speech laid … Read more

Heroes in literature

The significance of being a hero in real life or in literature are certain elements of their characters such as a belief in certain moral ideals, a voluntary act of concern for someone else knowing there’s a risk to themselves without regard and not seeking a reward for this risk, that bring out the qualities … Read more

The Awakening: Edna Pontellier

Edna Pontellier is a complex character due to her expected roles, of mother and wife, differing from her true desires, thoughts, and actions that are ill-suited to the mold society made for her. Edna’s independent, rebellious, and impulsive nature lead her to awakenings throughout the novel where she eventually discovers the most authentic version of … Read more

To what extent is Thomas Middleton’s A Game at Chess a play for the audience of its time and space?

Thomas Middleton’s A Game at Chess as a critique on the contemporary socio-political events of Early Modern history. Middleton’s revolutionary English History play, A Game at Chess, was the greatest box-office hit in Early Modern London, filling the Globe Theatre for 9 consecutive days in August 1624 before having its license revoked and Middleton and … Read more

The literature of Metamorphosis

The literature of Metamorphosis is one of the frequently analyzed works. This impalpable story, which chronicles the transformation of Gregor Samsa into an enormous insect from a human being, is well known for its ability to inspire diverse mutually exclusive interpretations. Metamorphosis has, for this reason, come to be considered one of the central enigmas … Read more

Shakespeare and Heaney – semantic fields, figurative language and vivid imagery to represent disillusionment

Shakespeare and Heaney both use semantic fields, figurative language and vivid imagery to present the theme of disillusionment. Hamlet appears to be disgusted at the light he now sees his mother in and Shakespeare creates a semantic field of repulsive words to express this. “takes off the rose / From the fair forehead of an … Read more

Henrik Isben’s A Doll’s House

Henrik Isben’s A Doll’s House is set against the framework of an evolving Norwegian society during the late nineteenth century as it shifts the focus from the template that consisted of writing about forces that were larger than the ordinary man towards the problems of the middle class. Due to the rising middle class, he … Read more

Masculinity in literature

Masculinity is still a new and fresh field to be ploughed specially in the field of literature. Many researchers have done abundant researches on femininity. Yet, masculinity has never been studied fully neither as a concept nor as a movement. Terms like masculinist or Masculinism are still rarely to be found in daily used dictionaries. … Read more

She and I – the female self

Margaret Atwood (Lady Oracle, The Edible Woman) and Virginia Woolf (Mrs Dalloway), both twentieth-century female novelists widely acclaimed for their exploration of the creation of the female mind and self, employ the construction of central female protagonists in their novels through which they explore the confines of male-dominated environments. The Male Gaze primarily guards female … Read more

To the Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf

ABSTRACT In twentieth century To the Lighthouse, which are external indicators of inner realities, evoking various experiences and sensations, is representative of modern novel. To the Lighthouse is masterpiece of Virginia Woolf who has significant place in modern period and changes the traditional novel radically. To the Lighthouse helps to understand reality and Woolf’s aspect … Read more