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The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn is a book written by Peter S. Beagle that depicts the life of a unicorn who may be the last of her kind left. She battles with a magician against a king who is out to get all of the unicorns. The story stars with two hunters searching through a forest. As … Read more

Brandon Christ

English 101 Samual Raleigh 4 April 2018 Heart of Darkness Through New Historicism Question: How does Joseph Conrad portray his generation’s standpoint on these historical events of colonialism, and how does he take a step to reshape their understanding of it? Thesis Joseph Conrad has a very distinct view of colonialism than the Europeans in … Read more

Back to Australia

Out of all the airports in the world you could be stranded in, Malaysia is not the ideal place. With all your flights cancelled, you feel panic in your brain, butterflies in your stomach and the sense that you may not be at home tomorrow. One week ago, my family and I had gone to … Read more

Gabby DiBacco

Mr.Balda Period 4 Survival of The Fittest According to Darwin’s theory the animals best prepared for their environments will live longer and their genetics will be passed down. This theme of survival of the fittest is explored in both the novel Lord of The Flies by William Golding and the film “Gattaca” directed by Andrew … Read more

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Change can be very confusing and scary, especially when growing up. One can feel lost and alone in the midst of all these new changes and question who they are. In Lewis Carroll’s children book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, he addresses these fears and feelings. The reader follows Alice’s, the main protagonist, “curious” dream of … Read more

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard – Greatness

American author and founder of the Church of Scientology, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, explores the topic of greatness and what makes one great in his essay “What is Greatness?” Hubbard states that “greatness does not stem from savage wars or being known. It stems from being true to one’s own decency, from going on helping others … Read more

Kindred by Octavia Butler

The central character in the novel Kindred by Octavia Butler is Dana, an African American woman who lives in Los Angeles, California. Throughout the novel, Dana travels through time multiple times to pre-Civil War Maryland. Readers first witness Dana being transported when she is assisting a young boy in a river bank in Los Angeles. … Read more

Unrealistic heroes – Ayn Rand

Katniss Everdeen. Frodo Baggins. Harry Potter. All of these characters are the heroes of their own books, and they are considered to be the most recognizable literary heroes of their time. However, what gives these so-called “heroes” leverage over others such as Howard Roark? Nothing. Ayn Rand is often criticized for her creation of heroes … Read more

Literary plan

Chapter 10: Never Stand Next to the Hero In the novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, Offred often thinks about before everything happened as well as when she was at the center where they were trained as handmaids, and one person, besides her husband and daughter, who is often referenced is Moira. Shortly after her character’s introduction, … Read more

Krakauer – Christopher McCandless

In just the first pages of this book, Krakauer introduces our main character, “Alex”, aka Christopher McCandless, through the eyes of Jim Gallien, an Alaskan union electrician. Seeing McCandless hitchhiking along the road, Gallien stops and kindly offers McCandless a ride to wherever he needs to go, which in this case is Denali National Park, … Read more

Sophie’s World Terms Task

The Myths: From the time of Jesus Christ, religious explanations, myths, were handed down from generation to generation. Gaarder explains,“Over the millennia a wild profusion of mythological explanation of philosophical questions spread across the world” (Gaarder 24). By writing letters to Sophie, Gaarder explains and tries to make Sophie understands how the early philosophers thought … Read more

Tragedy in literature

Tragedy is one of the main types of literature.  Tragedy is the form of drama that describing the human suffering. It is not easy genre for perception and causes a lot of debates.   Some people adore tragedy; others do no perceive it at all.  The paper deals with the main characteristics of tragedy and the … Read more

Hanief Kureshi’s “My Son the Fanatic” and Kamila Shamsie’s “Salt and Saffron”

The Clash of Civilizations: Internal Conflict and the Inner alienation of diasporic characters in Hanief Kureshi’s “My Son the Fanatic” and Kamila Shamsie’s “Salt and Saffron” Abstract: This study aims at highlighting the Inner conflict present in the minds of expatriates. This paper also explores the lacking in adapting the new cultures by the Diasporas … Read more

An I For An Eye by LivLaing Bradford

In the piece An I For An Eye by LivLaing Bradford there is asymmetrical balance, organic and biomorphic shapes, and the use of emphasis,subordination, rhythm, and repetition. This piece contains asymmetrical balance because asymmetrical balance is when “The left and right sides are not the same” (Frank 64), so with the use of a human … Read more

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

In T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, it speaks of a middle-class male who is trying to deal with internal issues he has with himself. The character in the poem (Prufrock) is portrayed as being self-conscious, shy, and having a fear of rejection. Throughout the poem Prufrock states many excuses for himself … Read more

Actor-audience relationship in the Restoration plays

This paper describes and analyses the relationship actor-audience in the Restoration plays .Converse’ with the audience within the Restoration theatre was ruled partially by the planning of that theatre.   Unlike the other open-air playhouses the theatres were indoors, lit by candlelight and the audience were seated. It was of compact style, holding in spite … Read more

Reunion by Fred Uhlman

Appetizer Heroes 1XP I think Konradin von Hohenfelds is the hero in the book. It is hard to explain and understand why I believe he is a hero for the simple reason that he is also a follower of Hitler. Konradin is the son of a very rich and aristicratic family in Germany. The background … Read more

Louie Zamperini

Louie Zamperini, the ‘Torrance Tornado’, led a life full of laughter and compassion before his death in 2014. Within the first forty years of his life, Zamperini traveled and experienced unbelievable events ranging from the Olympics to the starvation of Allied soldiers. His story resides within the novel Unbroken: A World War II Story of … Read more