Consumer Behaviour Essay

Consumer behaviour is the study of how individual customers, groups or organizations select, buy, use and dispose ideas, goods and services to satisfy their wants and needs. People that study consumer behaviour benefit greatly from it as it tells them what their target customers will want and how they should go about securing the customer. … Read more

Unrestricted Society’s marketing strategy

This report will provide an overview of Unrestricted Society’s current marketing strategy and the five year marketing plan for the company. It will provide an in depth analysis of the brands strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within their chosen market. It studies the product, price, placement, and promotions practiced by the brand. It compares Unrestricted … Read more


ASSIGNMENT ON ADVERTISEMENT ANALYSIS BRAND: MAX LIFE INSURANCE PRODUCT – MAX LIFE TERM PLAN SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED TO: Name :Aarushi Raina Dr. Ruhi Lal Program :MA (J&MC) Assistant Professor Batch :2016 – 2018 Enrollment No:A2080016010 SELECTION OF ADVERTISEMENT AND REASON For this study , I have chosen the Max Life Insurance ad campaign i.e “ … Read more

The customer’s trust in a retailer will grow through a series of successful transactions

The customer’s trust in a retailer will grow through a series of successful transactions, which include returns processing (Hjort & Lantz, 2016). Literature points out that only a handful of firms have well-performing strategies to handle returns, and many retailers tend to ignore the customer returns strategies, especially firms with a traditional supply chain approach … Read more

Marketing in Service Industry

2. Marketing in Service Industry In most of the developed countries over the world service industries have outgrown the production industry in terms of their contributions to national income. The reasons can be varied related to the growth of service sector; our study is in the marketing context. Service industry is important and worthwhile to … Read more

Marketing communication

Marketing communication is a critical intermediary process linking a company’s proposals to its intended audience. In recent years, with the help of the technology marketing communication has become a much more complex and comprehensive thing for marketers that providing many possible channel to communicate with the public and get responses from target audiences. At the … Read more

Vestiaire Collective

This report is written for the purpose of presenting how the internet world sees the luxurious resale website called Vestiaire Collective. On you can purchase and offer the most upcoming clothes and accessories for ladies, men and kids. It is then important for them to know how to manage their customers and make sure … Read more

The marketing process

1.1 INTRODUCTION Marketing is the process whereby you let consumers know why they should choose your product or service between two competitors. You should do that in other to be called a marketer. All you need to do is to find the right marketing methods of formulas for the right product and services for your … Read more

New marketing activities – plan

1.1 General objective This marketing plan will propose new marketing activities to be implemented for Edinburgh Curling Club to attract and then retain at least 200 younger members tothroughout the period of September 2018 – August 2019. The proposed budget is £3,000. 1.2 Specific objectives ¥ Increase profit during off-season period by maximizing use of … Read more

Holistic marketing concept

The holistic marketing concept is mainly the idea where management board in a particular business considers the entire business as one. The business will have no different departments. In this concept, a different staff in the firm have to decide and come together in which they will discuss and project different and positive ideas that … Read more

Green marketing

Green marketing has become a very important marketing concept now and is proving instrumental to promote and reinforce the idea of environmental protection and sustainable development both to the customers and the firms. Most of the marketers in diverse businesses are now successfully implementing green marketing practices. Various studies indicate that people are getting more … Read more

Impact of digital marketing in consumer behavior & corporate model restructuring

To Analyse the impact of digital marketing in consumer behavior, corporate model restructuring and identify the role cyber space in digital marketing. 2. Background: The marketing business functions are mostly misunderstood for different things to different people. Some thinks its promotional activity to create revenue for the company and convince the consumer to buy the … Read more

Design in marketing

“While the marketing message previously was to ‘sell, sell, sell’, today we are bound to an entirely new philosophy” (Beedasy). Companies use a variety of elements to make up a marketing campaign. Design can be found in logos. “Marketing is an intensely image based business where appearances are everything” (Marketing and Advertising Logo Design Spellbrand®). … Read more

Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations

Marketing is the administration course in charge of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer wants successfully. (Own words) Product Portfolio: Coca-Cola • Sprite • Fanta • PowerAde • Smart water • Fresca Nestle • KitKat • Buxton • Nescafé • Nesquik • Breakfast Cereals Cadbury • Wispa • Crunchie • Twirl • Flake • Boost Marketing … Read more

In scented environments, can consumers demonstrate higher recall of brands?

1. Introduction The retail market is becoming increasingly complex a space, where only the most innovative and vigorous brands are able to survive. (Grewal, Roggeveen and Nordfält,2009). Customers in this generation are looking at investing in more than just a product or service. They are looking at putting their money into experiences. For a retailer, … Read more

Marketing – national branding

Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction Nation branding has gained vital attention of academicians in recent times mainly because of enhanced thrust upon the globalization (Kaneva and Popescu, 2011). The concept of country’s image on product is prevalent for many decades (Papadopoulos and Heslop, 2002; Shimp, et al, 1993) but nation branding is a relatively new … Read more


ABSTRACT Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites have become part of the everyday life. To address the current trend, organizations are moving away from the traditional mode of marketing to manage their customers online, or to have a mix of both. The effectiveness of social media marketing cannot be understated as portrayed by … Read more