Organic food

Naturally you want to eat food. It is a necessity and a commodity so imperative that your survival depends on it. Without food the human race would cease to exist. We have created an industry around the creation of dishes, foods, and experiences related to food. After all, we have come a long way from … Read more

The potential entrance of the firm Treasury Wine Estates into a new market

Executive Summary The following report discusses the potential entrance of the firm Treasury Wine Estates into a new market in the country Peru. Treasury Wine Estates is an established and well-known winemaking and distribution business that operates in over 100 countries. The country of Peru lends itself to the process of making wine and has … Read more


Background The Tabasco brand is a brand famously known for their hot sauce and has been continued to dominate the hot sauce market for more than 100 years with 30% of the market. In 1865 McIlhenny used peppers from the Yucatan Peninsula to create his first ever hot sauce. He would even walk every day … Read more


Overview Multi-Tech’s mission is “To develop and steward great technology through creativity and innovation.” The company wanted to be able to lead today’s generation through technology that is creatively accomplished and highly innovative. The missions was developed by by starting to look at the image of the company from outside going in. Thinking about what … Read more

In the 1980s, with the arrival of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan’s Nike launched …

In the 1980s, with the arrival of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan’s Nike launched “sneaker culture”. From fitness shoe to street-chic accessory, the rise of sneaker culture mirrors one of the greatest creations influenced by pop culture, music, and sports. Predicted to reach $220.2 billion in value by 2020 (Weinswig, 2016), the obsession for sneakers is … Read more

Cincinnati – baseball

Despite having a rich history of baseball and the oldest professional franchise, Cincinnati has often struggled with attendance, particularly in recent years. Even when the Reds have playoff appearance seasons, the attendance increases slightly, yet the only consistently sell out crowds come with opening day. Once the Reds along with residents of Cincinnati, fans, and … Read more

Children care surveys

Many studies have focused on the uninsured in the United States and in Florida, but few have concentrated on the children. Most of the studies have used national survey data. One of the national surveys’ that was used is the US Census Bureau data collected through the current population studies (CPS) (US Census, 2010). The … Read more

Cineplex marketing

Introduction Section: There are 5.2 million Netflix users in Canada (Zadikian, 2018). This has taken away significantly from businesses in the entertainment industry. Because of easy access to movies at home, Cineplex Inc. has suffered losses in revenue (Annual Report, 2018). Netflix allows users to access movies and shows for a cheaper price from the … Read more

Marketing strategy

Presently, technological advances such as mobile phones and computers through the use of internet create a global network in the world. This global network allows for the crucial existence of businesses and companies on a variety of online platforms, making them accessible potential customers and marketing. On the other hand, the lack of online presence … Read more

Research design

A research design is a framework for the collection and analysis of data. It aims to provide a methodological structure to undertake research. The design of any research advises our selection of participants, method of data collection, site of research, how we process data, analyse it and format our results.   There are various types … Read more

Consumer Behaviour Essay

Consumer behaviour is the study of how individual customers, groups or organizations select, buy, use and dispose ideas, goods and services to satisfy their wants and needs. People that study consumer behaviour benefit greatly from it as it tells them what their target customers will want and how they should go about securing the customer. … Read more

Unrestricted Society’s marketing strategy

This report will provide an overview of Unrestricted Society’s current marketing strategy and the five year marketing plan for the company. It will provide an in depth analysis of the brands strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within their chosen market. It studies the product, price, placement, and promotions practiced by the brand. It compares Unrestricted … Read more


ASSIGNMENT ON ADVERTISEMENT ANALYSIS BRAND: MAX LIFE INSURANCE PRODUCT – MAX LIFE TERM PLAN SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED TO: Name :Aarushi Raina Dr. Ruhi Lal Program :MA (J&MC) Assistant Professor Batch :2016 – 2018 Enrollment No:A2080016010 SELECTION OF ADVERTISEMENT AND REASON For this study , I have chosen the Max Life Insurance ad campaign i.e “ … Read more

The customer’s trust in a retailer will grow through a series of successful transactions

The customer’s trust in a retailer will grow through a series of successful transactions, which include returns processing (Hjort & Lantz, 2016). Literature points out that only a handful of firms have well-performing strategies to handle returns, and many retailers tend to ignore the customer returns strategies, especially firms with a traditional supply chain approach … Read more

Marketing in Service Industry

2. Marketing in Service Industry In most of the developed countries over the world service industries have outgrown the production industry in terms of their contributions to national income. The reasons can be varied related to the growth of service sector; our study is in the marketing context. Service industry is important and worthwhile to … Read more

Marketing communication

Marketing communication is a critical intermediary process linking a company’s proposals to its intended audience. In recent years, with the help of the technology marketing communication has become a much more complex and comprehensive thing for marketers that providing many possible channel to communicate with the public and get responses from target audiences. At the … Read more

Vestiaire Collective

This report is written for the purpose of presenting how the internet world sees the luxurious resale website called Vestiaire Collective. On you can purchase and offer the most upcoming clothes and accessories for ladies, men and kids. It is then important for them to know how to manage their customers and make sure … Read more

The marketing process

1.1 INTRODUCTION Marketing is the process whereby you let consumers know why they should choose your product or service between two competitors. You should do that in other to be called a marketer. All you need to do is to find the right marketing methods of formulas for the right product and services for your … Read more