Market environment

According to (2007) it states that the market environment is a marketing term and refers to factors and forces that affect a firm’s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with customers. Factors such as social that deals with people’s values, demographic people’s age and race, economic factor such as income and inflation and technological … Read more

Influencing consumers' purchasing decisions with technology

In the new era of information technology, the rapid penetration of the internet, and the great diffusion of social media platforms create new opportunities for organizations to influence the consumer’s purchase decisions (Petrescu 2012; Yang 2012; Naylor, Lamberton, and West 2012; Gallaugher and Ransbotham 2010; Dellarocas 2006; Schlosser, White, and Lloyd 2006; Sismeiro and Bucklin … Read more

Social Media

In the last decennia word-of-mouth marketing has got a new definition: social media. Every business knows that social media can be important to their success. There are more than 2 billion people using social media today, it allows companies to make those people aware of their brand, engage with them and potentially have a powerful … Read more

Brands in the British bread industry

The British bread industry has always been a battlefield for widespread brands like ‘Warburtons’, ‘Hovis’ and ‘Kingsmill’. ‘Hovis’ is a great British brand, owned by Premier foods. Founded 125 years ago and has been highlighted as a long-standing household name for generations. Hovis is widely known for campaigns activities since brand establishment. Since 2006, brand … Read more

Thesis: Consumer behaviour and perceptions of the people of Kolkata towards popular bathing soaps

Introduction Personal care includes products as diverse as lip balm, cleansing pads, colognes, cotton swabs, cotton pads, deodorant, eye liner, facial tissue, hair clippers, lip gloss, lipstick, lotion, makeup, nail files, pomade, perfumes, razors, talcum powder, shaving cream, skin cream, toilet paper, and wet wipes. Personal Care Products has maintained a strong commitment to the … Read more

To what extent does advertising and sales promotion affect the domestic sales of Nestle India Ltd?

Abstract This essay aims to answer the question ‘To what extent does advertising and sales promotion affect the domestic sales of Nestle India Ltd.’? From the company’s annual report since 2003 to 2013, the annual domestic sales and advertising and sales promotion expense was taken into study. The essay analyses the effects of advertising and … Read more

Fysioooo physical therapists

This essay examines the relationship between online marketing in the physical therapy, focused on the practice Fysioooo, and creating brand awareness and increasing turnover. In the recent years, the number of people who makes use of physiotherapy is decreasing. A lot of practices are in trouble, due to the declining number of patients and lack … Read more

Marketing to teenagers

Teenagers have been a focus for marketers for over 100 years. At the rise of the twentieth century, mass media became widely recognized and children were increasingly targeted. In a period of inconceivable availability, teens have entry to more media outlets than ever before. Media is the number one source for advertising. Advertising is ‘a … Read more

Evolution of marketing

At the beginning of the century, social life was mostly local. It was followed by a period in which commodities were produced on a mass scale. Consumer Marketing operated on mass marketing principles and business primarily concerned itself with how to build the best sales force. At the end of the century, there is an … Read more

Animation in advertising

Three dimensional animations have a significant change in the modern world of 21st century. Initially, it is obvious to position that contemporary animated characters created by Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks studios, have been appreciated at the maximum. This sort of digital human elements appear occasionally in several fields such as, TV channels, films, for medicine … Read more

My marketing internship

Abstract I’m currently in the third year of the Communication and Multimedia Design program at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Because it is required that all third year students do an internship, I decided to do my internship abroad. The reason why I chose to do my internship abroad is the international experience that … Read more


Before starting any debate, discussion or argument it is helpful to define the terminology that the words being used, are generally understood. Typography plays a huge part in design and is the way in which the type is displayed on a page to achieve the best desired visual effect and to convey the meaning of … Read more