Free speech on campuses

It all started in the 1960s. William F. Buckley was one of the first to raise concerns about political life on college campuses when he published his now famous book God and Man at Yale. In his book, he criticized Yale University and its faculty for doing more to impose a collectivist ideology on its … Read more

America – freedom of press

America’s strong belief in freedom of speech has allowed it to become the hub of political debate, criticism and ultimately – change. Being the “go-to” source of information, the media plays a key role in shaping political ideas and thought. Most, if not all, of one’s information comes from some sort of media, whether in … Read more

Lagaan: Once upon a Time in India

In a country which speaks over 780 languages and practices more than five major religions, it’s a difficult task to identify the unifying factors that played as the source of India’s nationalistic fervor. The precipitate of this uncertainty can be seen plainly even today, with consistent infighting and discrimination being a common sight within the … Read more

Media use of pathos

In the current news-world of today, every author would tend to have their own opinions or personal bias when writing an article or engaging with any facts. Recently, former CIA director John Brennan had his security clearance revoked by President Trump after he spoke out against him on television and Twitter. Retired Special Ops Commander, … Read more

Mental illness in Film

Lit review 3,500 Mental illness in Film 1.1 The effects of mental illness portrayals in film Fictional portrayals of mental illness are both frequent and potent. Since the 1920s, whether directly or indirectly, mental illness has made its way into the plots, subplots, and characters of films. (Livingston 2004: ) The film industry has a … Read more


The BBC is a public service broadcaster that is highly regarded by British viewers. When the BBC was created in 1922, it had the main responsibility of providing impartial public service broadcasting in the United Kingdom. However, many things have changed over the years and the future of the BBC is now unclear and there … Read more


Modern cinema is a result of long work, planning and unique idea, which is embodied in the play of the actors. Planning the process of creating a certain film often is crucial in the creation of a movie worthy of attention. “Thunderheart” tells the story of the Native Americans who are forced to confront the … Read more

Social media language

Social media language is a new phenomena in our society and it has been brought about by the prevalence of social networking sites which have brought about new channels of communication. At the center of the language used on social media is morphology as new words are being formed and used on social networks and … Read more


THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK OF MEDIA AND POLITICS The relationship between media and politics can be considered as one of the most debatable topic in political science literature. In this study, this relationship will be covered under several models and approaches to describe the relationship in various aspects of understandings. In the first place, the role of … Read more

Gender issues in Cinemalaya Gender films

CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELEVANT LITERATURE In this study entitled “Content Analysis on the Presentation of Gender Issues in the Top 11 Cinemalaya Gender Films”, the Researchers compiled a number of different literatures which seeks to provide clarity to the study’s concern which is the Presentation of Gender Issues in 11 Cinemalaya Gender Films. GENDER … Read more

National identity: an analysis

National identity can be defined as one’s identity or sense of belonging to one state or to one nation in particular. The Oxford English Dictionary defines National Identity as the sense of a nation as a unified whole, as represented by distinguishing traditions, culture, language and politics. National Identity may refer to the subjective feeling … Read more

Do documentarians struggle to stay objective throughout making their documentaries ?

“The European intellectual tradition has grappled with the difference between subjective and objective knowledge since ancient times” (Chapman, 2009) It’s statements like the above from “Issues in Contemporary Documentary” by Jane Chapman, that have led me to investigate the way documentarians should try and stay objective whilst making a documentary and whether they do. Everyone … Read more

Exploring changes in representations of women in modern romantic cinema and their reflection of the culture of the time and how they have influenced the current genre.

in this essay i will be exploring the way in which women are represented in romantic cinema; focusing on romantic comedies and whether the modern day has brought about change in how women are portrayed in this genre. As it is commonly acknowledged the role and treatment of women in society has changed over the … Read more

Corporate Sponsors in the film festival arena

Unlikely Partnerships: Corporate Sponsors in the film festival arena. Is the gain mutual? Film festivals, places of convergence where creativity and business merge and industry professionals seek mutually beneficial partnerships, have much in common with and have often referred to as Field-Configuring Events (FCEs). This term was first introduced by Meyer, Gaba and Conwell and … Read more

Repercussions of social media

1. Abstract The purpose of this research is to examine the repercussion of social media and how it has carved the life on mother Earth. The social influence on the people is now being transmitted online. We recognize the dynamic nature of the social media and the content contribution that people are looking forward, anticipating … Read more

Film tourism activities

LITERATURE REVIEW INTRODUCTION This chapter presents theoretical and empirical literature review related to film tourism activities. Specific focus was placed on Tanzanian cultural heritage tourism destinations cases. It also presents theoretical frameworks and theories related to film tourism. Other subtopics presented included literature on tourist visitations, income growth and film tourism impact on destination areas’ … Read more

Movie – High Rise

Adapted from James Graham Ballard’s visionary dystopian novel by screenwriter Amy Jump and director Ben Wheatley, the movie High Rise portrays the lives of people from different socio-economic and different backgrounds living in an apartment of 40 floors where the floors divide the social class of the residents.The higher the floor the wealthier and privileged … Read more

Mechanical determinism

The expression “mechanical determinism” is accepted to have been begat by American financial analyst and humanist Thorstein Veblen. Gone up against its own, determinism is the precept that all occasions happen because of an immediate, earlier reason. As needs be, at the broadest conceivable level, mechanical determinism is the calculated structure in which social, cultural … Read more