Cleopatra in film

For many years film makers have depicted Cleopatra as the typical ‘female fatale’ using her female wiles to pursue powerful men. She was portrayed as a seductress, doomed lover and a smouldering timeless character. Unfortunately in the end she took her own life in an extremely dramatic fashion instead of succumbing to the fate she … Read more

Social network sites and the media

A popular belief exists between cyber optimists who state that the internet has a clear effect on both citizens and resource-poor social and political groups as they use it to gain information and expertise, through an increase in the availability in the range of information which is freely accessible (Bimber, 2002). The Mickensey Global Institute … Read more

How is the neo-liberal capitalist business model of journalism supported by propaganda?

Introduction Taylor C. Boas and Jordan Gans-Morse (2009) said that the term neo-liberal capitalist is now used mainly to develop for privatization, deregulation, free market and the whole reduction in government control of the economy. American scholar Rober W. McChesney talks that the term neo-liberal capitalist, which means ‘capitalism with the gloves off’ is largely … Read more

The impact of media

Media is a very Integral part of the society. It has the power of influencing the viewers thinking and making them think of things or situations which might not even be true. Now days, mass media has grown so vast and the options have increased a lot for the people. Mass media not only includes … Read more

Handling the crisis – Malaysia Airlines

Related essays: Vlucht MH370 The disappearance of MH370 (Malaysia Airlines) The Handling of Crisis Communication Another life altering tragedy occurred, March 8, 2014, Malaysian aircraft MH370 disappeared. As social media outlets flood with the breaking news of the disappearance, it had to be painfully agonizing and breathe taking to realize you had sisters, brothers, parents, … Read more

The disappearance of MH370 (Malaysia Airlines)

Introduction A state-of-the-art jet airliner equipped with the latest cutting-edge flight instruments and multiple failsafe systems vanishing in the sky without any warning might seem improbable in the 21st century. However, a Boeing 777-200ER aircraft with the flight number MH370 under Malaysia Airlines ‘disappeared’ without any distress signal shortly after taking off from Kuala Lumpur … Read more