How we care for our clothes

This research paper will address a dynamic problem within the textiles industry: How we care for our clothes, with a focus on inspecting the way in which we dress and undress our bodies. Through looking at artists and creators who document the process of dressing and undressing, I hope to provide analytical feedback and survey … Read more

Theory of Art

This essay will firstly elucidate the various theories that discuss art and culture. Broadly, they are: (1) Kant’s Aesthetic Judgments, (2) Danto’s Art World, (3) Bourdieu’s Art and Modernity, and (4) Adorno and Horkheimer’s Culture Industry. These discussions are crucial to understanding: (1) the shifting definitions of art and culture, (2) the historical trajectories of … Read more

Artistic minds

“You Can Make Everything Out of Anything” Friday, November 17, 2017 “Our first project this year has been a very progressive, multi-step, multimedia project that has evolved as we created! Our first project, when we got back from hurricane Harvey, was to release some stress with scribbling to music. Students spread out on the floor … Read more

The panorama

19th Century France was one of the most populous countries in Europe. Contrary to England, industrialization found its place in Paris quite late, delayed by the Napoleonic wars. A large sum of the people occupied the country side, but with the rise of industrialization, urbanisation gradually kicked in. France had now transformed from a “country … Read more

Thomas Hart Benton

In a low fake of salt-crusted and tussocky grass in an edge of Menemsha Pond on Martha’s Vineyard an immaculately set flight of stone advances flanked by a holding mass of fitted rocks prompts an easily cleared finding, an enlivened lump underneath a foot-significant pool of wind-knock bubbles. Who shaped this eminent stairway to the … Read more

SCENIC PAINTING – stage design

Scenic painters are people that work under the direction of the set designer and scenic charge artist to paint sets, backdrops, and some props for stage productions. If the design calls for it, the painters also are responsible for the application of certain finishing materials. Scenic designers come from a variety of artistic backgrounds. Scene … Read more


Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, in a family of musicians, at the royal court of Cologne. His name was given after his grandfather, who was Flemish and settled in Bonn in 1732. He was a bass player at court, and later, starting in 1761, he became maestro of the chapel. Beethoven’s father, (undoubtedly talented) … Read more

Contemporary Art in Britain

For the average art viewer, the Frieze experience can be exhausting—a dizzying sensory overload. There is too much to take in, frenzies of people pushing past, startling art, and dealers trying to make a quick sale. Frieze exemplifies the grand, international, and money-driven art exhibitions that characterize contemporary art today. For less than a week, … Read more

Anita Kunz

Anita Kunz is a Canadian illustrator with nearly 40 years of experience who has worked for America’s most iconic magazines and advertising agencies. A renowned artist, her works have been praised worldwide. While she is an artist, she is better described as a social critic that uses art as her medium. Body 1 – Tri … Read more

Artistic work of Dora Maurer

I intend to closely observe and evaluate, how the artistic work of Dora Maurer exploring both spatial and bodily languages translated through photography can be reinterpreted within a contemporary context. As a starting point for my research, I used the work called Parallel Lines, Analyses 1977 by Dora Maurer – the work is currently on … Read more

Baroque Age

(Music) Why I chose this Topic? • I wanted to learn more about more music. BAROQUE MUSIC Baroque/Extravagant music is a style of Western workmanship music formed from around 1600 to 1750. This time took after the Renaissance and was followed thusly by the Classical period. “Baroque” originates from the Portuguese word barroco meaning distorted … Read more

Racism in music

“It seems like we’re more concerned with being called racist; Than we actually are with racism”. A concept which artist Ben Haggerty, better known as Macklemore, illuminates in his piece “White Privilege II”. The white rapper uses his music to reach through aux chords and speakers and radio stations and grip his audience for a … Read more

Pink Floyd

In the 2012 documentary titled “The Story of Wish You Were Here” Director John Edington provides insight into Syd Barret, the founding member of Pink Floyd and his ordeal with schizophrenia, most likely caused by his psychedelic drug use, leading all the way into his subsequent departure from the band. Pink Floyd was well known … Read more