Politics in the Olympics

These are the words of the Committee on Fair Play in Sports, and could not more accurately describe the negative impacts of the politicization of sports. Prior to 1936, the Olympics remained separate from political institutions, and was a place where many countries could unite and be involved in friendly competition, however with the rise … Read more

Karishma Mahajan

Professor Morgan Sheehan Bubla English 118 22nd March, 2018 The weapon of knowledge Despite being shot in the head by the Taliban for wanting an education, Malala Yousafzai has not only recovered but has become one of the most influential people in today’s day as a human rights activist promoting education for women and children. … Read more

The Revolution of 1905

Tsar Nicholas’ use of nationalism to reinforce the social structure, as well as encouraging loyalty and order from Russian citizens was another significant push towards the 1905 revolution. Since the beginning of the Tsardom in 1547, the Tsar’s of Russia believed that nationalism and patriotism was essential for building a powerful empire. This was important … Read more

Adriana Bosco

Professor Grossman PS 280 2 April 2018 What should be the United States’ strategy regarding North Korea? Addressing the question of what the United States’ strategy regarding North Korea should be is tough considering the long past between the US and North Korea. As the issue continues to go unresolved, we are more and more … Read more

The Progressive movement

Progressivism is the term applied to the Progressive Era. Progressivism is used to describe the responses to economic, social, and political problems that industrialization caused in America. Even since the Civil War, political corruption has been seen throughout the country of America. During the Gilded Age, the government could not keep up with the new … Read more

Blythe Serrano

ENG 102 Professor Moeckel-Rieke 27 March 2018 Lincoln and Whitman: Free Writing/Thesis Setup Concept 1: Family/Background and How They Present Themselves – Whitman: Born on Long Island in 1819, moved to Brooklyn in 1823 because of lack of money – him and family had to move many times for that reason. Father was a “common … Read more

What is meant by the term social policy?

Due Date: April 13th 5pm (Thursday) % of Grade: 25 Word Limit: 1500 (including footnotes and bibliography) Topic: What is meant by the term social policy? What are some of the main influences on social policy in a New Zealand context? ________________________________________________________________________ Social policy is ‘…concerned with the ways in which well-being is influenced by … Read more

Haosong Zheng

Pro. Rowley Cover Letter The title of my blog is known as “Public Policy 101”. This blog aims to educate as well as inform people about various issues concerning government policy. In a nutshell, it aims at communicating in the simplest way possible the existence of the social and economic policies formulated and implemented by … Read more

Communication in the U.S organizations

PURPOSE OF THE STUDY i. to identify the nature of communication in the U.S organizations ii. to find out the opinion of U.S. employees over the method of communication adopted in their organizations iii. to find out the effects of communication process on the output of the U.S organizations Hypothesis This is the statement created … Read more

Federal states

Federal states and unitary states are known to be different systems, but recently we have found that the distinction between seems increasingly hazy. The main question we ask is where does a unitary state end and a federal state begin? ‘Federal systems are based on a compromise between unity and regional diversity, between the need … Read more

Democracy is unarguably one of the most extensively discussed and researched topics…

Within the global contemporary society, democracy is unarguably one of the most extensively discussed and researched topics. There is hardly a research or discussion arena about governance and authority that does not incline towards or feature democracy as a topic of discussion. The importance of democracy as a topic in the contemporary society is presented … Read more

According to The World Bank’s International Comparison Programme, People’s Republic of China overtook the size of the American economy by GDP (PPP) towards the end of 2014.

According to The World Bank’s International Comparison Programme, People’s Republic of China overtook the size of the American economy by GDP (PPP) towards the end of 2014. [15] India is out of league to alone be a legitimate competitor to China, unless we go back to the early 70s. It is very clear that Indian … Read more

National security in the United States

National security in the United States is a fundamental interest which is designed to be overseen by the executive branch. However, presidential interpretation of defense policy has evolved significantly over time in accordance with fluctuations in the political and social climate of the country. Historically, American national security has evolved from its twentieth century non-interventionalism, … Read more

American politics

In 1787, the agreement at the end of the Constitutional Convention that the United States would have a two house legislature plan, (with both an upper and a lower house) was far from predictable. The standard narrative is that in the end, both Federalists and Antifederalists came to an agreement in order to make the … Read more


Antiblackness as a political structure began with the middle passage, separating black bodies from their past and rendering their flesh fungible. One of the major theories around the history of anti-black violence is that of social death, that there is no hope and never will be any hope for the black body. To simplify social … Read more


Democracy is standardly defined as the “control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.” Therefore the constitution of the United States cannot be defined as democratic and, consequently, cannot be praised as a triumph of democracy because it did not create a government system lead by the majority of its members … Read more

Terror in the world

Many people in the world live in fear. Many people have begun to think more about the little things when they go outside their door at home. It is most often that we ourselves are part of the blame behind it all. Anyway, it is also the most often because we try to make an … Read more

The Iran Hostage Crisis

The Iran Hostage Crisis was displayed as one of the first incidents that involved radical Islam. The September 11th attacks were some of the first big terrorist attacks on the United States of America that involved Muslim extremists. The first attack occurred at the pentagon around 8 or 9am, by a plane referred to as … Read more