Why my vote matters (USA)

The United States of America is the oldest existing nation with a constitutional government where the people elect their own representatives. A feat even our own founding fathers once considered impossible. They feared democracy would, with time, corrupt the nation. However, democracy prevails. For over two centuries, American citizens have used their voices to direct … Read more

The Syrian conflict

The Syrian Arab Republic came forth as an autonomous country during the Second World War after a period of French rule and nationalist agitation in the wake of the First World War. Before that, the dominion that now consist Syria was allotted by the Ottoman Empire and had initially been a significant stage for major … Read more

Cause and effect

Back when our ancestors came to these lands, there were millions, if not billions, of unexplored territory filled with open opportunities. But back then there were also, over tens of thousands if not more of thriving common and also unknown species of wildlife yet for them to discover. However, there is much regarding the Bureau of Land … Read more

Checks and balances in the US

Before moving into the various ways that within which the passivity of the Legislative and Judiciary branches allowed the President of the u. s. (POTUS) to grow in power, disproportionate to what would be a perfect equity for checks and balances, it absolutely was imperative to say however Andrew Rudalevige begins his final chapter. He … Read more

Which concepts of populism exist and how do those concepts fit in the political landscape of Turkey today?

A. Introduction Populism is a widely used codeword for describing the political landscape of the early 21st century, be it in scientific or popular literature or in newspapers. But oftentimes, it is not quite clear what is actually meant by the term. Populism comes in many variants, from the left-wing Populism of Venezuela, over right … Read more

How Important Is The Legacy Of Colonial Rule In Understanding African Politics Today?

Introduction The legacy of colonial rule is still extremely important in understanding African Politics today since the configuration of the economic and political relationships that characterised the colonial state have been sustained by the norms that govern the international system. “Colonialism integrated Africa into the global economy…as unequal and dependent counterparts” (Taylor 2018:21), and the … Read more

To what extent did the FARC take advantage of the black market in Colombia in order to carry out and eventually achieve their Marxist/Leninist political goals

Introduction Drugs, kidnapping, violence, success. Usually it is the first three words that are supposed to go together excluding the fourth one, but the world is a peculiar place where no amount of logic or reasoning can truly break down why seemingly contradictory things happen. To what extent do these things work together and why … Read more

Adversities of Syria

CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION ‘Syria has become the great tragedy of this century.’ ‘ Antonio Guterres Adversities of Syria are not hidden from the world. In March 2011, the cataclysm day for Syria when it acknowledged the brawl of Syrian civil war since then it has been the controversial misery of Syrians who are swapping away … Read more

Policy formulation in Malaysia

It is essential to clarify how the country’s political and social structures work to understand the policy formulation in Malaysia. Though Malaysian political system has its roots in Parliamentary democracy, it is ruled as Constitutional Monarchy By Majesty the Supreme Head of the country who is Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. The social and the political systems … Read more

Does ‘Defensive’ or ‘Offensive’ Realism provide the most compelling account of interstate behaviour?

Denfensive realism, a variant of Structrual realism was founded by theorist Kenneth Waltz. Waltz was very much interested in the outcomes of states and great powers instead of the behaviour. Defensive realists like Waltz maintain that it is unwise for states to gain total power and should share it between states as the system will … Read more


ORIGIN OF CRISIS, VIOLATION AND OPPRESSIONS IN THESE COUNTRIES, RIGHTS AND JUSTIFICATIONS (if any) FOR THE INTERFERENCE OF UNITED NATION’S The Afghanistan crisis has a long history and sources describes the crisis as the greatest to have plagued any Arab nation. On the 27th of April 1978, the people’s Democratic party of Afghanistan (PDPA) took … Read more

Self determination

“All people have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development. ” – The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The UN Charter emphasizes that the universal recognition of the principle is fundamental to the maintenance of developing … Read more

Anti-precarity organizations in challenging dialogue with trade-unions

“They want us precarious, we will be rebellious” 1. Introduction The introduction should state explicitly: The general relevance and importance of anti-precarity organisations, and/or the relevance and importance of the particular anti-precarity organization under review The relation between anti-precarity organisations and attempts to develop and/or usher in alternative horizons, i.e., new and better futures The … Read more

The Impacts of the Name dispute between Greece and Fyrom in the Europeanization process of Macedonia

TABLE OF CONTENTS Abbrevations EU: European Union SAP: Stabilisation and Association Process FYROM: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia SAA: Stabilization and Association Agreement IPA: Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance ECHO: The Humanitarian Aid Office of the European Commission ASNOM: Anti-Fascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia Abstract I) INTRODUCTION II) HISTORY OF MACEDONIA III) EUROPEANIZATION … Read more

Public Procurement Regulatory Authority

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The main purpose of this research is to examine the facts revolving around if the Federal PPRA & Provincial name sake Authorities work in tandem; Rules/regulations on many left over areas like Contract Management, Auction, Monitoring & evaluation and Inspection can also be framed uniformly. Many provisions such as Procurement Committee, Grievance Redressal … Read more

Machiavelli and Cicero

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Cicero’s writings or his historical significance as an example in politics and in rhetoric for Italian Humanist and Renaissance culture. Machiavelli, well-educated in the classics, drew from Cicero the inspiration for embarking on a project of education of a new ruling class: Machiavelli’s “principe nuovo” is new … Read more

Concealment: Theoretical Background

Introduction Interpersonal communication is vital in everyday’s lives of people. People have to communicate to transmit their ideas, intentions, and information to each other. To accomplish this aim, they adopt various means both formal and informal. Interpersonal communication is not as simple as saying what one means; what one means and how one says what … Read more

Political Thought of Al Mawardi

Abstract: The political theory of Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Habib al-Mawardi (c. 972 – c. 1058) has been analysed and summarised in the form of a research essay. Al-Mawardi, is known as one of the greatest and important scholars regarding the analysis of the caliphate theory and its positions. He became the chief … Read more