Innovative practices cannot be determined until the theological nature of communion has been established

Introduction Rather than polemically reviewing every Christian tradition’s approach towards the theology and understanding of communion; this paper takes a logical approach starting from the early apostolic church; Roman Catholicism, Reformed traditions and finally into Pentecostalism. Ex-biblical and post-apostolic support will be drawn upon within the expression of each tradition, adhering to specific terminology in … Read more

The role of religion in the American republic

The role of religion in the American republic has been a source of controversy since the nation’s inception. Debates are particularly fierce when they concern religious liberty and the proper relationship between church and state. Arguments on these questions are often framed in the light of the Founders’ intentions, but unfortunately, their views are often … Read more

Sexualized rhetoric

Modern rhetoricians use sexually charged arguments to defame their opponents since favor is dependent on character. Similarly, early Christian authors found it useful to portray their opponents as sexual assailants who do not live a wholesome life. Sexual slander revealed to early Christians about the character of the opponents and created a fear behind sex … Read more


Seeking meaning in a purpose driven life is a part of human nature. Humans attempt to find meaning through value and positive social afflictions. Judaists in particular base their meaning of life, in a primary belief in God, As Karen from the Jewish board of studies NSW says that Jewish adherents “Belief that there is … Read more

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth: Kashmir Paul Shield Prof. Brian Kupfer RELG300M 31MAR18 Having been described by Sanskrit poet Kalidas as “more beautiful than the heaven and is the benefactor of supreme bliss and happiness”, Kashmir is a geographic region that is located in the northwestern corner of the Indian subcontinent. Regrettably, Kashmir has been an area … Read more

Theravada Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism has been a state-sponsored religion since the reign of King Rama V, who adopted the Sangha (Buddhist body) without rejecting premodern indigenous supernatural beliefs (Malikhao, 2017). This was the beginning of hybridity in Thailand. Hybridity is defined as a cultural event where “many beliefs and practices converge and produce new forms of amalgamation … Read more

François-Xavier Durrwell

François-Xavier Durrwell was a 20th century theologian who sought to bring together the disciplines of biblical studies and systematic theology. His work was groundbreaking and blended Scriptural studies, Patristic sources, and the work of 20th century theologians. In his studies he noticed that very few theologians were discussing the theological significance of the Resurrection, an … Read more

Islam and Germany – misconceptions and perception

• Islam’s presence in Germany, misconception and perception – Is fear of Muslims justified? – analysis of perception with appropriate explanation. •  Islam in the German Media – Is the German Media negatively biased against Islam/Muslims? – a look at positive and negative aspects of German media articles. Chapter I: Introduction The world has changed … Read more