Islam and Germany – misconceptions and perception

• Islam’s presence in Germany, misconception and perception – Is fear of Muslims justified? – analysis of perception with appropriate explanation. •  Islam in the German Media – Is the German Media negatively biased against Islam/Muslims? – a look at positive and negative aspects of German media articles. Chapter I: Introduction The world has changed … Read more


Since the beginning of time, flooding has been and always will be a worldwide epidemic. Credited to mankind’s science and technological advances, the human race has acquired knowledge concerning flood occurrences; substantiating deluges are due to weather and climate changes. Excessive rainfall and winds, brought on by hurricanes or storms, can cause rivers, lakes, and … Read more

Religion Has Provided Benefits to the Development of Science

Religion and science have always been viewed as two different fields of study since antiquity. The relations between religion and science can even be regarded as ‘enemy.’ From their characteristics point of view, science is more objective, logical, and often focuses on evidence which is based on observation or experimentation, while religion primarily relies on … Read more


Messianism has continued to evolve throughout centuries, but the contrasts between Jewish and Christian concepts of redemption have remained the same. As opposed to the Christian internal perspective of redemption, Judaism views it externally as a communal event shown in public to the visible world. The Jewish community continues to strive towards its end goal … Read more

The Protestant Reformation

The Reformation, now and then known as the Protestant Reformation, was an occasion that part sixteenth century Western Christianity, extraordinarily modifying the way of Christianity. Preceding this occasion, Christians in the West saw the Pope as their otherworldly pioneer, taking after the principles of Roman Christianity. Subsequently, a combination of Protestant chapels ascended contrary to … Read more