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Weber’s influence on sociology

At its most fundamental level, sociology is the study of how societies form, function, and fluctuate. This type of analysis largely originated with a rising interest in understanding the many effects that the industrial revolution had on society. As sociologists began to study these effects, many branched off into focusing on aspects of society that … Read more

The importance of romantic relationships

Why get involved in a romantic relationship? What benefits do they have? People commonly ask these questions when faced with the decision of getting involved with someone. Romantic relationships provide comradery, courtship, and love. All of these contribute to building a lasting bond between two people. Friendship is the foundation, courtship preserves the romance, and … Read more

Ibn Khaldun and Durkheim

Ibn Khaldun and Durkheim were sociologists who have had ideas and theories that each is still relevant and used until the current era. It is important to know the biographical background of ibn Khaldun so his thoughts can be compared to Durkheim’s thoughts. Abd al-Rahman ibn Khaldun was a historian theoretical Muslim Arab philosopher who … Read more

Impact of racial stereotypes/racism on, self-esteem amongst African-American students regarding standardized testing

How do racial stereotypes/racism effect self -esteem among African-American students through standardized testing throughout the school year and how racism affects the social consciousness as of society when it comes to immigrants and deportation The focus of these proposed studies is to attempt to 1) identify racism and its effects on education and the social … Read more

Politics of bodies and the standards of beauty

Essay Outline The environment in which individuals learn about the politics of bodies and the standards of beauty are saturated within society and institutions (Poran, 2002). The norms that define beauty are socially and culturally constructed and through the process of socialization learned and passed on by individuals of all ages, races, and nationalities (Poran … Read more

Female representation versus male representation

Female representation versus male representation across society has been an ongoing, and prevalent issue for many years. The gender wage gap and job discrimination between females and males has been and continues to be an unresolved problem that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Although breakthroughs in women’s roles have been made, the standards … Read more

Multicultural society

Walking the streets of New York City, you can see a variety of different people of diverse races and ethnicities, speaking different languages, and dressed in a multitude of ways. From Chinatown, to little Italy, to fifth avenue, one street might look wholly different from the next, with different cultures represented everywhere you look. This … Read more

Scams and corruption

Now days it has become very common to hear the terms mentioned above. In India only we see a number a number of cases of scams, corruption and cheatings. And the worst part is that most of these things are done by the people who have the responsibility to prevent these events. They are very … Read more


Prejudice is an evil, fearful thing. Prejudice is when you make a preconceived opinion on someone, based not on actual experience or reason. Prejudice is extremely common today and people are being prejudice without even realising. An example of prejudice is if a black man walked into a store, grabbed an item and went to … Read more

Society being desensitised to violence

Over the years, our society has become numb to a lot of things. Violence has progressively become one of societies desensitized issues. When finding a source to the problem, televisions was found to be a major contributor. In If the Television Program Bleeds, Memory for the Advertisement Recedes, Brad Bushman and Colleen Phillips used a … Read more

Social Theories

1) What are social theories and of what use are they to us? Your text explains that there are three common themes that are embodied in classical social theories, what are they? Are these themes relevant today and if so, how and why? Social theories allow us to view things in way that teach us … Read more

The Humane Way

  The article written by Ashley Capps, “12 Important Reasons To Go Vegan Today”, gives information on why a plant-based diet is better than one that contains dairy, eggs and meat. Most people were raised and taught that milk makes their bones strong and that meat and eggs are the best source of protein, when … Read more

The Olmec and Chavins civilisations

The Olmec civilization started living in the lowlands of south central Mexico, which is present day Veracruz and Tabasco. They were one of the first civilizations to live in Mesoamerica and they later influenced the Mayans and the Aztecs. The Chavin civilization was built around a large temple at Chavin de Huantar. Archeologists have found … Read more

Embracing My Sin

I believe that all African Americans are created equal regardless of the color of their skin. At a young age, my mom instilled the idea that God created all humans the same. I’m constantly reminded of the scripture saying that humans are created in the image of God. This makes no sense when African Americans … Read more

Constructivism Explaining Why Cyber-warfare Occurs

James Adams (realist) rightly considers “the internet as an anarchic system” (Inquiries Journal, Constantine J. Petallides 2012, pg 1/1). The internet has no governing body and no police force, this clearly underlines the realistic concepts. In cyber warfare, every state has a selfish thought and focuses only on their national interests because of the impossibility … Read more

Ireland: the invention of tradition.

In this assignment I will be looking at Ireland: the invention of tradition. While going through this essay I will be going through important points like the struggle for Irish independence under the ruling of the British empire in the 19th century, and how Irish past helped the nationalist in their cause. During the 19th … Read more

Public Relations

Public relations has multiple definitions but largely revolves are two key terms: engagement and relationship building. This communication process requires building and maintaining the relationships between organizations and their publics. Public relations specialists must develop and pursue a variety of tactics that will create a strong business objective in order to convey the organizations message. … Read more

The Gettysburg Address

Arguably the most famous speech in American History, the Gettysburg Address, given by Abraham Lincoln, highlighted the continuing mission of equality and the fight for a united nation. By using the Declaration of Independence and ideas from John Locke’s Second Treatises of Government, Lincoln is able to evoke liberal themes that focused on America’s rebirth … Read more

Nostalgia in the world

Whenever I hear the word “Nostalgia”, I think of longevity. As we grow and develop, whenever we go out see movies, buy toys and video games from businesses like Marvel, DC, Disney etc.. We’re left with generally the same thought “Wow this is awesome.” Movies took us on an experience that gripped our hearts and … Read more

Societal Views of Marriage

In Sociology we define a family as a group of people who define themselves as being related to each other, either by marriage, blood, or adoption. Within a family there are other factors such as socialization and reproduction of a culture. Socialization is very important within a family because these interactions define who a person … Read more