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Surveillance is a necessary evil

Introduction In 1990, when the internet was born, a new era began. Since then, it has grown so powerfully that nowadays most people could not imagine their life without smart phones, computers. These innovations naturally make our life easier, but we do not often think about the enormous amount of electronic records (data) that are … Read more

Gender is a social construct

The concept of gender is as old as humans. George Orwell once stated “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” (Eriksen, 2015). The act of gendering is exertion of power, instilling your dominance or submission onto another. Anthropology is the scientific study of humanity, while the study of gender examines the … Read more

Whom museums are for within posthuman contemporary museological practices

This study explores the possibilities of, and questions whom museums are for within posthuman contemporary museological practices. The understood applied context of posthumanist dialogues within this study specifically hones into a primary focus of object-oriented ontology. This is an understanding of equality between the existences of human and nonhuman entities. Museum spaces and museum objects … Read more

Evaluate Marx’s critique of capitalism, theory of alienation and Historical Materialism

Marx’s critiques of capitalism extend beyond merely an economic basis, rather encapsulating and influencing political and philosophical thought of German idealism. As a result, the influence of Marx should not be trivialised – his works influencing and shaping academia, revolutions and state regimes since their inception. Marx’s dialectical materialism “counters the theory of knowledge as … Read more

Homelessness: Women Aged 55 and Over (critical essay)

The intention of this critical essay is to provide an insight and understanding into homelessness of older women in Australia and to stipulate suggestions to help reduce and potentially resolve this issue, in terms of recognition, access and equality. Knowledge and understanding about the nature of homelessness in older women in today’s society is very … Read more

Is intermarriage a good thing for society?

In his essay “love and race” Nicholas D. Kristof wrote a persuasive essay where he discusses the effects of racism and how the people are dealing with it, he said that the number of mixed race marriages are doubling each decade, he talks about how the people improved with racism and he gives examples of … Read more

Persuasive Essay – Mountain Climbing

Introduction Mountain climbing, also known as mountaineering or alpinism, is an activity for people who like to climb mountains up to its summit. This activity requires perseverance, high technical skills and fitness level, thus mountain climbers often are physically and mentally prepared, adventurous, have high level of confidence and are able to survive and adapt … Read more

The gendered pains of imprisonment

CHAPTER ONE: THE GENDERED PAINS OF IMPRISONMENT. ‘Equal treatment for men and women is a matter of approach not outcome. The underlying assumption is that fairness consists of circumstances being treated in similar ways, but it must be recognised that men and women do not necessarily appear in similar circumstances.’ (Hedderman and Gelsthorpe, 1997: 1). … Read more

To what extent do challenging contexts impact pupil engagement and achievement

This assignment aims to critically evaluate to what extent “challenging contexts” have an impact on pupil engagement and achievement. The two challenging contexts which have been chosen for this assignment are poverty and social class and the affects these have on attainment. In 1999, the Government pledged to halve child poverty by 2010 and eradicate … Read more

Community music projects and engagement

3.1 The Community A Community Music project cannot exist without the vital component of Community. As a transitioning concept, Community Music begins with the people and society surrounding the project; Principally, community is at the centre of the project. Community is a liberated term; thus, it has been defined as; “A group of people living … Read more

Homonormativity, gay villages, safe spaces

The notion of queer and queerness is foundational to this research project, as a gay village is meant to be of service to LGBTQ+ people, as a safe space in which queer people can be protected from wider homophobic oppression (Castells, 1983). Halperin (1995) describes queer as “at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the … Read more

Same sex marriage

Human beings are a complex species and with that comes complex issues. One of the issues that has greatly developed in the past few decades, is marriage equality and whether it is ethical or not. Marriage equality is both same sex couples and opposite sex couples having an equal situation to marry. The argument that … Read more

Weber’s influence on sociology

At its most fundamental level, sociology is the study of how societies form, function, and fluctuate. This type of analysis largely originated with a rising interest in understanding the many effects that the industrial revolution had on society. As sociologists began to study these effects, many branched off into focusing on aspects of society that … Read more