ABSTRACT More than 1.25 million lives are cut short due to road traffic injuries. They are the 9th leading cause of death with 2.2% of all deaths globally for persons aged between 15 and 29 years. Developing countries have around 54% of the world’s vehicles, but have 90% of the world’s road fatalities. These crashes … Read more

Sociotechnical debate in information systems

The sociotechnical debate in information systems literature is concerned with the role technology plays in driving human evolution. When discussing this topic, writers often draw from two opposing viewpoints: technological determinism and social determinism. Technological determinists cite technology as a magic bullet in society, acting as a catalyst for all social change. American sociologist and … Read more

Socio-economic development

Socio-economic development having said that is a system that tries to distinguish both the social and the economic necessities of any community and attempt to make programs that would deal with those necessities in ways that are useful and to the greatest advantage of the populace in the mean time. The central notion is to … Read more


From ancient times, terrorism—random and systematic intimidation, coercion, repression, and destruction of human lives and property—is used by groups and states as an instrument of psychological and physical violence in the struggle for power within and among nations. The misuse of viciousness by both powerless and strong actors looking to progress practical or nonexistent political, … Read more

Causes and consequences of migration

Introduction “It is important to theories on causes and consequences of migration in order to develop an understanding of migration as a dynamics process which is in constant interaction with broader change process in destination an origin societies” (Castle, de Haas & Miller, 2014, p. 27) Some researchers argue that migration is driven only by … Read more

Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

America is clearly a melting pot, not a melting screen. Founded on ideals of freedom, in the United States there are dreams to be chased—equal opportunities and upward social mobility offer a lot of promise. But for some races, the “equal opportunities” they receive turn out to be less equal than that of other groups. … Read more


ABSTRACT The link between socio-economic development and rising insurgency in Africa in general and Nigeria, in particular, has been well discussed. This research paper argues that ill-advised socio-economic policies may be a catalyst for domestic terrorism. Social policies related to inequality, poverty likely affect terrorism in many ways. This work envelopes point of view and … Read more

Turkey’s cultural sphere – Ottomania

Over the last decade, Turkey’s cultural sphere has witnessed a motto of Ottomania—a term describing the recent cultural fervor for everything Ottoman. Although this neo-Ottoman cultural phenomenon, is not entirely new since it had its previous cycle back in the 1980s and 1990s during the heyday of Turkey’s political Islam, it now has a rather … Read more

An assessment of cyberbullying and cyber addiction among adolescents in Ekiti State

CHAPTER ONE 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The internet is a worldwide communication of millions of electronic machines called computers in a single network (Joanna, Melinda, Lawrence & Jeanne, 2014; Block, 2008). The Internet was developed in the 1960s by American Department of Defence (Schneider, Evans, & Pinard, 2006). Since then, the constant improvement of … Read more

Idiosyncratic rituals amidst anomic times: la D’rive as an urban therapy

This paper will explore the relationship between rapid socio-economic development and the ‘invention of ritual’ in the streets of post-war Western Europe. I will address here the question of social disorientation in anomic periods of instability and change, and the ways in which the resurgence of ritual can serve not only as a medium for … Read more

Queer theory

This segment consists of the information (statements) on what led the investigator to launch the study, presents the statement of the problem, the roof of the problem presented or how this problem starts and its causes, underlying factors on this particular study. This particular topic discussed in this study. Also, historical background will be given, … Read more

Lemert – social theory

Lemert introduces his ideas on Social Theory by comparing it to poetry. Questioning what is poetry itself, he asks, “Yet it is fair to ask, for example, whether rap is poetry or music of the same order as, say, the Davidic Psalms or Shakespeare’s sonnets? For which the sensible answer is that they are not … Read more

A person’s habitus

As the world constantly advances the population also increases, and at the same time social environments also begin to adapt and change. It is through the compresses of social constructions of people, institution, groups, network systems and forms of organisations that shape Individuals lives on the way how they perceive themselves and how the wider … Read more

Gender in the US Military

Based on a thorough review of scholarly and popular articles, it is widely suggested that the U.S. military’s policies are strongly dictated by gender binary. Researchers from UCLA found that transgender Americans are twice as likely to serve in the military as the overall population, however, discriminatory practices within the service oppress transgender military members … Read more

Abortion in urban and rural areas

Introduction Abortion has become increasingly common in contemporary American society, however, rural areas, have significantly lower abortion rates compared to other urban cities. This has indubitably sparked conversations in regards to what factors might correlate with the variety of abortion rates across the nations. In particular, there has been an abundance of concerns that continued … Read more

Feminist approach (Bhumika) (notes)

The socialist feminist research has been stimulating and challenging of established notions and ideologies. ‘Feminist’ social policy has done an important job in developing new concepts for studying welfare state variation. The idea of children as just dependents versus the idea of children been understood as individuals with their own set of rights began to … Read more

Error and Accuracy

Error is as valuable as accuracy in the production of knowledge? In this stringent Indian society that I belong to making a mistake in life is considered as a ‘sin. In most of the typical and archaic South Indian families, pursuing liberal arts is considered as an ‘error’ because becoming an engineer or a doctor … Read more

Social groups

Outline The prescribed question for this written task is “How and why is a social group represented in a particular way?” and it explores the persuasive techniques being employed in Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech. The task refers to part 1 (language and power) of the course. In this task, the representation of different social groups … Read more


Poverty is a complex societal issue affecting many individuals around the world. According to the 2016 Canadian Census, 4.8 million Canadians are living in poverty (Statistics Canada, 2017). Anyone can experience poverty, however, vulnerable groups such as individuals living with disabilities, single parents, elderly individuals, youth and racial minorities are more susceptible to living a … Read more

Sexology research

Introduction:   1. NATURE VS. NURTURE DEBATE a. Gender and sexuality being related to the brain, chemicals, and genetics i. gender and sexuality as predisposed and undeniable aspects of human behaviors (Diamond, 2008; Gagnon & Parker, 1995) b. Gender and sexuality being related to how men and women are socialized i. taught to behave differently … Read more


Communication has a universal way of conveyance. Standards and methods or tools of   communication may vary from one place to another. However, the universal process of communication remains intact. There need to be participants who send or receive the message. The medium of communication must also come into play. The barriers to effective communication … Read more