What is it about service and about being a Bonner Leader, in particular, that appeals to you?

Our society is not one which provides equal opportunity to everyone. Achieving success is often difficult for certain people based on factors they cannot control and barriers that are difficult to break down without guidance and support from others, and I want to be able to help others with their struggle against those barriers while … Read more

Individuality of hairstyles

Different hairstyles have been around since the beginning of time. In the past few decades hairstyle has changed dramatically. Hair has gone from classy to simple to wild and now to chic. Hairstyle is a medium that portrays a society and also shows the choices of an individual. For instance, it helps people display their … Read more

Urban Sprawl

What is urban sprawl?   Urban sprawl is the sudden uncontrollable growth of the urbanization in an area. Urban sprawl usually occurs in the cities’ rims, oftenly the rural areas as the cities expanding. Urban sprawl can lead to many problems such as the lack of public services and concentration of the population. If the … Read more

Communication styles between men and women

Introduction   Communication can be either verbal or nonverbal. Nonverbal communication can be delicate to correctly perceive. The major difference in the retrieval of nonverbal communication comes from the way men and women interpret it. Men and women use, interpret, and respond differently to nonverbal speech (Reiman, 2011). Understanding the differences in how men and … Read more

Insane asylums

Insane asylums are a thing of the past that are possibly trying to bring themselves to present day society. These were used to house mentally disordered individuals that were not safe enough to have in society. After recent events have arised of multiple shootings at schools, music events, etc Donald Trump believes that it would … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most famous American-television personalities, as well as a comedian and human rights activist. She is a role model in the LGBTQ+ community. In November of 2016, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by 44th President, Barack Obama for her contributions to the arts. I believe that Ellen … Read more

Issues on race, religion and socioeconomic status

Mehrotra and Wagner (2009), state that there are six aspects of diversity: gender, race/ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, community location, and sexual orientation. In the movie Driving Miss Daisy, the issues of race/ethnicity, religion, and socioecomic status are bought to light. The movie delves into the relationship that is developed between Miss Daisy and Hoke contrary … Read more

Raised in culture

The cultures in which people are born into or raised with contribute greatly into the people they become. Culture is something that signifies both unity and individuality. For many, there is a dichotomy between the culture they were born into and the culture their family raised them in. This contributes to an advantage in understanding … Read more

Finding your path to the Good Life

Difficult decisions are inevitable on the path to achieving the good life. Antigone, in Antigone by Sophocles, and Siddhartha, in Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, demonstrate the true strength that is necessary for defying societal norms in order to endure the journey of attaining the good life. Their true strength is represented by the things that … Read more


Cultic groups have been known for many years to pose a dangerous threat to society, as they tend to exert control over and exploit their members to further the agenda of the leader. It has been therefore assumed that only those of a troubled mindset would affiliate themselves with these kinds of groups. However, evidence … Read more


Morality is the set of rules or precepts, obligation or prohibition relative to the conformation of human action to the uses and customs of a given society. Although etymologically narrow, morality differs from ethics which is defined as a fundamental reflection on morality that will establish its norms, limits, and duties. Morality is born of … Read more

Equality and diversity

1. Important of equality and diversity in UAE. Equality and diversity are two interrelated concepts. Equality in workplace means that all employees are treated equally without any kind discrimination and given the same opportunities despite of their age, gender, race and sex and diversity means that the organization actively welcomes employees belonging to various backgrounds … Read more

Did gender equality in advertising take a step forward in the 1980s only to take a step backwards in the following 30 years?

In advertising women have consistently been exposed in clichéd ways, and more often than not, the use of female imagery in advertising has been used as bait to sell a product or brand. Although, the modern mindset on gender is moving much faster than it ever has and the way the public and media view … Read more

Korean popular culture

Over the past few years, Korean popular culture, such as K-pop, television dramas, movies, online games, fashion, and Korean stars, has increased its popularity and been widely embraced among people in neighboring Asian countries (Shim, 2006; Han & Lee, 2008). Korea government and their television stations have greatly put a lot of effort into the … Read more

Marxist anthropologists

Assess the validity of this claim: Even though very few anthropologists today would identify themselves as “Marxist anthropologists,” Karl Marx’s work has much to offer anthropology in terms of its approach to issues of power and materialism.   The work of Karl Marx revolves around the idea of class conflict and the belief that the … Read more