Alan Turing

Alan Mathison Turing, a 20th century mathematician is commonly known as the father of modern computing. Born June 23, 1912 in Maida Vale (a residential area in London), England. Before his death in 1957, Turing would make some of the greatest mathematical breakthroughs in the technological age. His discoveries would go beyond computing alone and … Read more

Does cloud computing make large corporate databases unnecessary?

In the field of computing, storage of shared data has traditionally been undertaken using “centralised data management and processing servers” (Gorelik, 2013), referred to in this report as corporate databases. The storage of data sources in the 21st century has developed beyond the corporate database to include mobile devices, e-mail and social media output (Villars, … Read more

Analysis of information flow system

Introduction Along with the technological advancement of recent years and due to the electronic environment of transmitting, storing and managing information in the present century, a century of speed and globalization, the issue of the security of the organization’s information system is becoming more and more common. In order to maintain the highest level of … Read more

Integrated Application for Caller-Identification System – Software Requirements Specification

1) Introduction: A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a description of a software system to be developed, laying out functional and non-functional requirements. Software requirements specification establishes the basis for an agreement between customers and contractors or suppliers. The software requirements specification document enlists enough and necessary requirements that are required for the project development. … Read more

CCNA Certification

CCNA Certification: CCNA certification is the learning-pyramid by which the abilities of network professionals are recognized who can work with Cisco related networking technologies. Course Features and benefits: Students have enrolled in CCNA certifications programs; get the subsequent features and benefits: • Learns basics of networking and above-board knowledge to prepare for the CCNA certification … Read more

International space and counterspace programs, security

While much of the technological world focuses on the advancement of artificial intelligence, another frontier is that of space based technology. Ever since the beginning of the second space age, characterized by the fall of the Soviet Union, China has began to increase its extraterrestrial presence through its expanding space and counterspace programs. It is … Read more

Artificial intelligence techniques

Introduction In these days, Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques have become widely used in power system problems. AI techniques work in off line and have the ability to give better results. The increase in size and complexity of electric power systems along with increase in power demand makes it a great need to use AI techniques. … Read more

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is something we have tried to manage for decades, and we are getting better and better every day. Overall you can describe artificial intelligence as we are trying to combine the human brain with a computer, we want our computers to be able to think by them self and think like humans. In … Read more

Structure of the penetration test / concepts of the Internet of things and the methodologies proposed to perform penetration testing with selected resources

Abstract Penetration testing is a process to conduct a security assessment that provides the solution for the cyber environment vulnerabilities. The details of finding during the penetration testing process have followed by common ethical hacking methodologies. Cyberspace faces problems as its usage increases in this electronics world. The potential for the problems with the latest … Read more

Data Analytics analysis example

Q1. Explore the data. Plot and produce summary statistics to identify the key characteristics of the data and produce a report of your findings. Ideally, I would expect between 5 and 10 tables or figures accompanied by a description of your main findings. Among the topics that you might choose to discuss: identification of possible … Read more

Analysis of vulnerabilities applicable to websites and Microsoft Windows operating systems

Abstract— In order to be able to make an analysis related to vulnerabilities applicable to websites and Microsoft Windows operating systems it was needed to install Kali Linux on a virtual machine to be able to use Metasploit Framework and Burp Suite to start penetesting websites using vulnerabilities that are the most common.Vulnerabilities that are … Read more

Randomized Optimization: Analyzing Popular Techniques

Introduction Randomized Optimization involves a collection of optimization techniques allowing the computation of global minima in otherwise non-straightforward functions. Making these algorithms unique are tweaks which invoke randomness to expand the search space, preventing their halting when finding local minima. In this paper, we will discuss four common randomized optimization algorithms: randomized hill climbing, simulated … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?

Ever since the invention of the computer, mankind has always been determined to strive forward and innovate with gadgets, technology and lifestyle, including the creation of artificial intelligence (or colloquially, AI). Our renowned scientists all around the world specialising in software engineering have been improving AI and making it user friendly for the public or … Read more

AI and its positive effect on society

The idea of new technologies such as AI, Deep and machine learning, sensing cities, artificial embryos, and more might sound scary to a lot of people. Many fears the rise of the machines like in “Terminator” and believe that this new wave of technology is the beginning of the end for the human-race, but that’s … Read more

Will AI surpass human intelligence?

The controversy over whether artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence will perpetually be a topic of debate that splits evenly down the middle. This feud led all the way back to the 1950’s when Alan Turing, an english computer scientist, coined the “Turing Test” which was a primitive way of determining if a computer could be … Read more

Industrial Control Systems

1: General Context Industrial control systems which are also known as ICS are generally used for controlling the various Industrial processes. These systems include many complex connections and the architecture for running the production in the Industry. These generally include Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) along with distributed control systems … Read more

Project Plan for Creation of App

This introduction will prepare and inform, once read, there should be a better understanding of the project. It will also include the aims and objectives of the project, which will be discussed to provide clarity. The aim of this project was to create an app that locates coffee shops for a user that are in … Read more

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