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Essay: Mean streets – crime in Britain

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The current situation in Britain is not well. The crime rate is increasing and a lot of young people start committing crime at a much younger age than previously. Violent offenses by British minors rose to about 37% in the three years to 2006, which is not very well for Britain. There have been a lot of gruesome situations where extreme violence has been used. In September a guy named Gavin Waterhouse, died from an assault by two young boys. In January three teenagers were convicted of kicking a man to death, because he tried to stop them from vandalizing his cat. These are just a couple of examples of the bad behaviour that is happening in Britain right now. The prime minister said: ‘Kids are out of control. They are roaming the streets. They are out late at night. There is an issue about gangs in Britain and an issue about gun crime as well as knife crime.’ So the British know that there is a problem, but they don’t do anything about it. Youths in poor areas often have few facilities and little to occupy them. The British children have developed a youth culture all their own, one of which adults are often distanced from.
By looking at statistics that clearly depicts that Britain, is way worse than the rest of Europe.
Compared to i.e. Germany, 15 year olds who have been drunk 20 times or more are 15% more in Britain. Britain is on top of a bunch of other bad lists such as cannabis smoking and sexual intercourse as 15 year olds. Adults don’t really care that much about their children in Britain, which could be a reason that they act so badly. If the adults never yells at them or tells them what to and not to do, they will never learn the rules. This will make them behave, as they want to, which they do right now. It is not only bad for the kids that the kid’s acts as they do, but it has a huge impact on the way others upon Britain. When we see the news, that youngster have started a riot or killed innocent people, we think that Britain is a bad country that can’t handle their own youth.
Unfortunately violent teenage gangs are not new to Britain. In 1953 a group of boys stabbed a 17-year-old to death. Britain is also ‘famous’ for their hooliganism culture and their extreme violent tendencies. High consumption of drinking alcohol and fighting has always been taking place at the British stadiums and in other countries when the English national team is playing.
The British government do of course need to do something about this increasing problem. They could possibly make some new laws, or deploy more police on the streets.
They could also try to separate the bad areas, so that they are not all gathered in one place. If they are spread out a bit more, there might not be as much trouble as if they were gathered in a larger group. An even better way could be to keep the youngsters occupied by something. Give them something to do, so that they are not bored and start making trouble and make bad decisions because they have nothing to do. If they are busy with something else they will not get into trouble, but instead spend their energy on their new hobby. A solution could be some social clubs, where the young people could go and meet up some adults who want to spend time with them and teach them how to act properly.
Currently football is a very popular sport in Britain, so that could be a solution too, perhaps starting some football clubs in the areas where crime levels are increasing.
Finding jobs for the young people who are causing so much trouble could be another great solution, because it would keep them busy and give them some money, so they wouldn’t have to commit smaller crimes to make a living.


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