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Essay: The importance of academic qualifications

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In many countries, education is being considered the step towards success, but in some countries it might need social skills and computer skills before applying to the jobs. In a developed, modern society in particular, it is essential to have some sort of academic qualification, as this is the first thing potential employers will look at. Academic qualifications are the only easy and reliable way to find an efficient, dependable employee. Therefore, ‘an academic qualification ensures a successful career’. This is because firstly, academic qualifications provide more alternatives to avail career promotion; secondly, an academic qualification ensures success in life by getting a good job. In that case, they usually have determination on solving concerns and fascinating new knowledge which can sustain encouragement and job achievements, the most essential part to develop a successful career.
Academic qualifications can boost the professional career by providing more career options and wealth of opportunities. Because, academic qualification is the evidence of the possession of knowledge and experience. Academic qualifiers usually have problem solving skills which helps them in achieving prominent positions. Firstly, academic qualifications can encourage having more knowledge and problem solving skills, to exhibit their potential in order to avail career promotions. According to Hegarty & Walsh (2011, pp 480-482), that a better qualification can help one to gain more knowledge for the professional development and building critical thinking model. In addition to that it will equip them with confidence and motivation to gain scientific training and compete to higher position. It is obvious from this evidence that academic qualification is important not only because of have a plenty of knowledge but it can also provide you with additional benefits for career promotion. Secondly, academic qualification can hand over specific skills which are necessary for professional promotion. According to the research C Clark (2013,pp 227-231), the possible professional promotion depend upon good deal of condition, along with the specific qualifications and also other meaningful character which can be anticipated during the growth and gaining the formal qualification such as administrative qualities, social and associate skills. This evidence shows that to contend for a professional promotion, the importance of academic qualification may not be avoided, for those who have satisfied the qualification requirements, they have already accomplished how to gain better performance on common skill and academic discussion, and therefore they have more opportunity to earn career promotion. Over all, academic qualification enables to play the vital roles of an organization resulting in the career’s success and satisfaction.
Academic qualification is thought as a road to success in life as it privileges with inter-disciplinary skills which makes a strong and distinguished candidates to achieve a prominent position. More academic qualification expands and widen mind horizon in a specific field of study which result in having a strong hold and command over that field. Based on number of studies it is obvious that there is in inter-relationship between the academic levels acquired and objective career success (Dierendock Dv & Gaast ED, pp 695), Academic Qualification ensures success in life by getting a good job and getting paid well. Academic qualifications displays that a person has the basics in learning. If their basic grounding in Math, Science and Language is strong, then one can get success in life because mastering these subjects allows a person to calculate, to innovate and to communicate. These essentials for success cannot be learned without professional help like in schools and colleges. In order to prove that someone has acquired this knowledge, one is tested. If a person’s learning is satisfactory, then they are given a certificate to indicate their competence as an academic qualification. These are the necessary things to get a good, very well paid job or career, so this is obvious that academic qualification plays a major contributing role in building y the career by securing a good and healthy job. In short, academic qualification is the pre-requisite to ensure success in life by seeking a good and reliable job.
In conclusion, academic qualification is an essential requirement of a progressive and developing career which provides many opportunities to get promotions and effectively build the career. Moreover, academic qualification guarantees a prosperous and successful life by securing a good job and attractive salary packages. Therefore academic qualification is of sole importance to be ahead of all in the race of life. So for retaining a unique position, advancing career, reliable designation and better source of income academic qualification is the key factor for availing all the benefits associated with it. That is why it is necessary for everyone to acquire more and more knowledge, skills and concepts while mastering and qualifying the highest possible levels of qualification in their specific fields of knowledge and research, which will lead to progression, development and innovation.
Dierendonck DV & Gaast EVD, 2013,’Goal orientation, academic competences and early career success’, career development international, Vol 18 pp.694-711

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