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The book Big Fish is about a man who named William Bloom and his father Edward Bloom.
When William is at the deathbed of his father he wants to know what was true and what a lie was. Edward was always telling William lots of tales of his life and events that happened to him. This tales are very extraordinary and very unrealistic. Edward was born in Ashland, everybody knew each other and it was a very nice town. When Edward was in Blue River he saw a naked pretty woman. A poisonous snake was trying to grab her and he knows that a bite from that snake was deadly, so he saved her from the snake. She asked his name and Edward said his name. Then the woman said; okay Edward from now on this is your place. We’ll call it….Edwards Grove. Edward met a giant who named Karl; he destroyed parts of his hometown. Edward takes care that Karl search for his food in another place instead of his hometown. These stories are very unrealistic, giants don’t exist and saving a lady is a bit unbelievable. When Edward was growing up and he was around his eighteen’s life year, he realizes he wants to leave his hometown Ashland. When you leave Ashland you must go first to a place which has no name. When you want to leave that place you have the permission of the dog to leave that place. Almost nobody gets that permission. After a while Edwards gets the permission to leave that place and goes to a whole new world for him. In this place he is a wanderer, Edward has no money and he sleeps underneath the stars. One night he was robbed by two mans and they have stolen all his money. The next morning he walks slowly through a place, he didn’t knew where he was. He ended up in a small store; the owners of this store were very kind. Edward work for a while in this store and when he has a little money he left and get further with his journey. Edward ends in Auburn he was very exhausted and ended up in a house by an older lady. Edward stays in this house for a couple of days. The lady didn’t want to get paid by Edward; she wants that he do something for her. She had a glass eye that was stolen by a group of kids who had broken into her home.
Edward succeeds to get the eye back. It didn’t go easy. Don Price had the eye and he didn’t give the eye effortless. While Edward was in Auburn he saw a really beautiful woman, Sandra Templeton. He was for the first time in love and he knew it was the woman of his life. Pretty soon he asked her to go on a date, before he want to do that he finds out that she was having something with Don Price. But that can’t bother him, he asked Sandra on a date and she agreed. When Don finds out his future wife and Edward went on a date he was very angry. Don was trying to do everything about it that Sandra was going to hate Edward but he failed, Sandra and Edward married. Everything went very well and soon they having a baby, William. Everybody was happy but Edward wants more. He felt in love with a new town called Specter; he decided to buy the whole city. In this city he met a woman named Jenny Hill. Edward falls in love for the second time but he’s married with Sandra. Her house was the last part of the property that Edward was going to buy. But she wouldn’t that. The house was very old, so Edward and Karl snapped the house. And even later she wants to buy it. Then Edward went back to his family and it took a long time before he goes back to Specter. In the time he wasn’t in Specter Jenny became very depressed. Edward goes back and wants to help her; this didn’t work so he goes back to his family. When he is back he isn’t happy as usual and he became very sad. Edwards’s health became very bad. Is illness spread through his whole body? When he was sick he was at home, he places a swimming pool in the garden and he swims every day. When he swims in the pool William thought he saw a big fish.
One day Edward swim in the water and his lungs filled with water. He went to the hospital. But he had only one wish left that he must do, Edward wants to swim in the Edwards grove. Edward and William sneaks out of the hospital. When Edward jumps into the water he changed into a big fish and he left. Nobody believes the stories which are told by William.

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