Essay: Great Gatsby and the American Dream

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  • Great Gatsby and the American Dream
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Each characters unique view on  the American dream is what makes this an intriguing topic. Even though they each had differing perspectives on the idea, their goal was simple: achieve success, prosperity, and accomplish a set goal.

I definitely align with you on Gatsby’s view on the American Dream. Gatsby’s love for Daisy was always the catalyst which drove his motivation to become rich by any means necessary. This explains why he immersed himself in bootlegging, as a means to get rich quick.In doing so, he believed would earn him the passage to a higher social status. I do feel Gatsby definitely devised a plan to get to Daisy. By building his mansion in East Egg, he made it a point to constantly throw lavish party’s, inviting the wealthiest citizens, with hopes of proving his wealth and proving he belonged. This was all done in hopes of attracting Daisy’s attention, and maybe love. Gatsby definitely failed in his pursuit of Daisy (his American Dream). He never stood a chance, even with is new found wealth, because Daisy never considered him to be in the same social status/class as she was.

Furthermore, Daisy’s view of the American dream was obvious for any reader to see, which is why i definitely agree with Sophia on her description of that dream. Daisy’s dream was always to immerse herself in wealth by marrying the wealthiest individual in East Egg, who in this case was Tom. In doing so, she would bear his kids, and live out the rest of her life in a lavish and stress free way. Wealth and high social status was the most important ideology that she adopted, which could explain why Gatsby never stood a chance in winning her heart again. As far as Daisy was concerned, maintaining her high social class status was more important to her, and she could never see herself associating with anyone of a lesser status. This in turn, clearly depicts why Daisy succeeded in the pursuit of her idea of the American Dream. She did marry Tom Buchanan (the wealthiest guy in the city), and she had the kid she always wanted.

I do disagree with you on Nick’s interpretation of the American dream. Coming from the Midwest, where strong values of hard work were adopted, Nick did have a dream which was originally to become a bondsman.This profession, Nick felt was an honorable one, which would lead him to great success and comfort. Nick being being a more reserved individual, felt this success could only be achieved through hard work. Moving to the East in pursuit of this dream, did change his perspective on it as he quickly came to the realization that new jazz era that was readily embraced had corrupted and misguided lots of views on living the American dream. This in turn placed doubts In Nicks mind as to the true meaning of the American dream. This I feel, caused Nick to give up in his pursuit of the American Dream.

Finally, In describing Toms idea of the American dream, you are right in stating that he never felt fulfilled. Tom Buchanan had it all, from wealth, to good looks, and the most desirable wife in the city. Being born into wealth, Tom’s desire for more power and becoming the most prominent high social figure led him to immoral behaviors. For someone who’s got it all, he still felt the need to secretly keep a mistress. Tom was definitely described as already leaving his American Dream.

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