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  • Romeo and Juliet
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I believe that all four suspect the young lovers, the family, the state and the church all can be blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare has betrayed Friar Lawrence is a caring, loved by many and wise character that did whatever he could to help Romeo and Juliet. However, if you interrogate he in more depth, you soon realise he has made some major mistakes.

Firstly, I strongly believe that Friar Lawrence is guilty for the death of the young lovers, Romeo and Juliet. The case goes like this; Romeo immediately falls in love with Juliet after seeing her at her family’s masquerade party. Juliet feels the same way about Romeo and soon enough they are head over heel for each other. This is where I believe Friar Lawrence was blamed for the death of the young lovers. “I’ll thy assistant be, for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households’ rancor to pure love (2:3:90).” Friar Lawrence gives advice to Romeo about Juliet and Friar Lawrence decides that Romeo and Juliet should marry. “These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder” (2:6:9). In Catholic religion it is required for couples to be engaged for a least six months before married but Friar Lawrence disobeys is rule, even though he is a very religiously wise men. He still marries Romeo and Juliet in secret within less than 24 hours. Friar Lawrence’s intention with Romeo and Juliet married is to bring peace with their family, not knowing that it only made things worse. Therefore, I believe that Friar Lawrence is blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet by influencing them to get married quickly and in secret.

Secondly, Friar Lawrence and Friar John are both guilty for the death of Romeo and Juliet by giving Juliet a powerful potion that would make her appear as if she were dead. The evidence goes like this: Friar Lawrence gives an important and urgent letter to Friar John to give to Romeo the letter never gets to Romeo. Romeo never receives the letter for Friar John. This is why I believe that Friar Lawrence and Friar John are blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death. Friar Lawrence could have gone to give Romeo the letter himself firstly, so that Friar Lawrence could make sure Romeo was aware. Friar John was unaware that the letter was important and urgent. “I’ll send a friar with speed to mantua, with my letters to thy lord.” (4:1:124-5). Friar Lawrence tells Juliet that he will send the letter to Romeo as fast as he can but we soon find out that Friar John was unable to give the letter to Romeo. Therefore, it is strongly prove that Friar Lawrence and Friar John are both blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet because of the letter never got to Romeo in time.

Finally, when Juliet wakes up out of her deep sleep both Juliet and Friar Lawrence find Romeo dead. Friar Lawrence displays selfishness though leaving the tomb yelling “I dare no longer stay” (5:3:171). Friar Lawrence vanish as he knows what he has done wrong and even illegal. This proves that Friar Lawrence is guilty for the deaths of the young lover because of a display of selfishness of leaving. “Come, go, good Juliet.” (5:3:171). Friar Lawrence suggest for Juliet to flee too but Juliet will not abandon Romeo. By Friar Lawrence leaving Juliet in the tomb Friar Lawrence gives Juliet the chance to grab Romeo’s dagger and kill herself. If Friar Lawrence had of stayed with Juliet and not left, Friar Lawrence could have prevented Juliet from death. Furthermore, if Friar Lawrence turned up to the tomb before Romeo, he could had prevented both deaths from happening. Therefore, Friar Lawrence is to be blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet because of selfishness.

Therefore, to conclude, it has been clearly stated the Friar Lawrence is certainly guilty for the death of Romeo and Juliet. The man who seemed to try “his best” to make Romeo and Juliet happily wedded lovers. He rushed Romeo and Juliet to getting married, giving Juliet an incredibly powerful potion and failed to communicate to Romeo his plan and selfishly leaving Juliet when she needed Friar Lawrence the most. Was he really as caring as what Romeo and Juliet thought he would be? Was Friar Lawrence rather just insane and selfish?

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