Essay: The Equality Illusion Reflection by Kat Banyard

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  • The Equality Illusion Reflection by Kat Banyard
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The Equality Illusion:The truth about women and men today by Kat Banyard deals with the ideas of inequality due to sex.Banyard used interviews from different women and girls to give support and real life examples of what women and girls go through to this day because of their gender.I like the particular way the book is structured by going through the course of the day and how during theses time it gives insight into the sexism and inequality that exists during that particular time.I believe that this is a good book to learn more about the inequalities women face and feminism.
While starting off with the section titled Introduction An Alarm Call I think it wakes us up to the shocking facts and details of inequalities which still are relevant to this day.Going on to the structural times she used to break up the stories that dealt with issues on body image,sexism experienced at school and work,sexual violence,reproduction rights,the wage gap and the sex industry.The equality we think is there between men and women is this sort of illusion Kat Banyard calls it and explains with these interviews she has conducted.Throughout each section I think it really stood out to me that women and girls appearance is a huge aspect that played into their struggles from the time they woke up dealing with body image and eating disorders like Ellen experienced in Part one titled Mirror Mirror on the Wall Waking Up to Body Image, to The Booty Myth A Night Out in the Sex Industry and hearing the experience of Lucy and how her appearance was important aspect of her job at the lap dancing club.On page 135 of the text it states “shaves legs,armpits and pubic hair.Then apply fake tan,fake nails,straighten hair,put make-up on” all which attributes to the idea of women being sex objects and following the social trends of the beauty industry for male excitement.Even in the second section in Part One Hands Up for… A Gendered Education we can see the story of Jena and Alec and the comment “boys will be boys” as a response for his inappropriate actions towards Jena.The way in which media socializes women as objects for men at such a young age and in a environment made for education shows the depths of the gender equality that still exist today.Our rights and ways of life has been subject to men’s approval of our decisions affecting our everyday lives in the workplace, school and just our daily lives in general as shown uniquely through the authors choice of using times of the day to section off the parts of the book.In Bedroom Politics Reproductive Rights and Wrongs on page 193 it states “that the greatest predictor of weather women will use contraception is weather their partner approves” this goes to show how this equality exist in many stages of a women life.
In the end the book leaves you with a well rounded view based off individuals experiences as a women that many women sadly face.Overall I believe that Kat Banyard The Equality illusion was a good read and a read that made you think as well as a call to action for a problem that has a long way to go before we are equal.

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