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**25.03.2024: We apologise for the recent delays and we would like to confirm that we are currently up-to-date with removal requests. Please ensure you use the form at the foot of this page and not our contact form**

If you should find an essay on this website that belongs to you and should not be here, please use the form on this page to request removal.

Please read our content policy for more information if you are not sure why your essay is here.

Before you ask us to remove your essay, please consider that this site is a FREE resource that we put up in our own time without pay, and a valuable lifeline to thousands of students across the globe who don’t have access to academic journal databases. As explained by the Right to Research Coalition, many schools don’t have the financial resources to keep up with soaring journal subscription fees, so they’re forced to make choices – choices that mean students lose access to core disciplinary journals and must base their education on what’s available rather than what they need. Please, if you can, allow other students to continue reading your work. We receive hundreds of messages from struggling students thanking us for providing these essay examples without charge – it really is a lifeline to many, especially in poorer countries.

If, rather than removing your essay, you’d like us to add your name and location as a credit (or any other information within reason), we’d be more than happy to do so – just send us the URL using the box below but make it clear that you’d like a credit instead. For example:

“CREDIT Alice C. Summers, University of Colorado”

For removal requests, please note – we get a handful of requests that don’t have the URL of the essay included! You MUST send us the URL of the essay that needs to be removed – otherwise we cannot possibly remove it! 🙂

Please do bear with us as sometimes we have a little backlog of messages to work through.