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Republican President Joakim Valeur’s State of the Union 2018 Address

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans:

One year ago, when I gave this address for the first time, it was during a very different period for our country. Our nation was recovering from a foreign trade crises with the European Union. Since then, thanks to highly respectable political work, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between great nations has been renegotiated. I hereby thank the European Union and a special thanks to Mr. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council along with Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. Thank you on the behalf of the American people.

Today in modern American society we face new difficulties. Over the past 2 years I have asked myself what does it mean to be President. What does true inspirational leadership looks like? This is a question i ask myself as I sit in my chair in the office, where so many of my predecessors have stirred our nation through turbulent time. And I, as your elected President, must confront the storm before us. That storm is terror. This is more dangerous and unpredictable that any hurricane will ever be.

Terror has endangered us abroad, endangered us a home and right now more than ever before. Even when given the opportunity to renounce and defeat terror so many refuses. Instead many encourage and support it, this both at home and abroad. Many fellow Americans have been taken hostages in Syria, bright young, and talented journalist. The matter of their lives is never to be forgotten.

But time for conversation is over no matter the consequences. Regardless whether our talented journalists are released or not, rescued or not, killed or not ISS will be destroyed in my presidency. We are a nation at war. This will be a war even more total than anything we have ever encountered in the process of fighting extremism. American soldiers will die, civilian lives may be taken – and there will be suffering. We will be directly confronted with the most horrible and horrific aspects of humanity. But we will triumph at the battlefield. Should we lose our great soldiers then remember this my fellow Americans to grief is not to admit defeat. To grief is to admit humanity.

The obligation of telling the truth is one of utter most important factors of humanity. And for too long we, politicians in Washington have been lying to the American people. You, the voters. We say we’re here to serve you, when we in fact are serving ourselves. Because we are driven, by our own desire to get reelected. Our need to stay in power eclipses our duty to gown. That ends tonight. Tonight, the truth will be told. And only the truth.

The truth is the American Dream has failed you. Work hard, live by the rules and the lawn – but you aren’t guaranteed success. Your children will not have a better education or economic situation than you. More than 15 million of you can’t even get a job, even though you desperately want one. And as your republican President it is my duty to gown, it is my duty to tell you the truth.

We have been crippled by social security, healthcare, welfare, as well as other government based social reforms. These are the very root of the problem. America was built on the spirit of industry, the spirit to build. You would build your future, you would build an economic foundation for your children – it isn’t handed to you. The only thing we should really be entitled to is a job. And these I will secure, with the help of the present congressmen and congresswomen.  

We are all lucky to be alive during the 83rd year of the social security act. This legislative act created our very Social Security system here, in the United States and was signed into law by my predecessor the 32nd President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt. But again, the truth, is that social security is dying. Especially now in its 83rd year it must give way to a new and younger plan, for the future to come.

This plan may be the most radical and efficient job creating plan the world has ever seen. This plan will create millions of jobs for people who need them. People who in modern America are not able to provide for themselves. We will recreate and reintroduce the American Dream. Through expansive fiscal policy and reduced costs in healthcare and social security this administration will make the Americans provide from themselves because only then will prosperity and freedom be achieved.  

I hereby promise you this: In the following year three things will by certainty happen. Firstly, we will pursue and contain the storm of terrorism and extremism both abroad and at home. Secondly, I will ensure that the terror group of ISS is finally destroyed within the next 300 days. And thirdly I will ensure that the American Dream is reintroduced. So that every American may archive the pursuit of happiness and the joy of freedom because this is my duty serving as your sitting President.

God bless The United States of America and all of those who believe in Democracy and freedom.

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